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I have a very old case ~13 years old when I moved from company A in Noida to company B at Bangalore in 2004. Company A had a PF account with Govt of India in Noida while company B is having a PF trust. For several years company B kept on sending reminders/new forms for transfer but the transfer was never effected and money never credited. After several visits to PF office at Noida, I was told that transfer happened in 2005 with details of cheque, amount and date on which encashed and told to check at Bangalore. After visiting all PF offices in Bangalore and told (read shoooed away) that they have not received it, I need to check with other PF offices in Bangalore. None of PF offices had agreed to have received this money neither has the trust in my company had got this money. I had visited Noida office too several offices as could be possible over the years between 2007 to 2010 but every time being to same story. No Annex 13 was given to me even after asking several times to my company A employers or PF office at Noida. After that due to work pressure and further job changes did not follow till ~2013. I have filed complaints at PF grievances site in several times in 2008,2009,2013,2017 none of these were responded to or closed with ridiculous response like "concerned official has been informed"!!!. Since then in 2016 & 2017 I have filed 4 RTIs asking for lost money trail and asked for who had enchashed it but none of the responses gave me any info other than headache. Almost all the RTIs and few of the 1st appeals which I did are also closed telling me the issue is addressed.

What are the options available - filing a case in consumer court?

Are there any good lawyers available with experience in handling such past cases?

I had enough mockery made of my patience, can I get compensated for the harrasement of 13 years?


From India, Bengaluru
Korgaonkar K A
Srinath Sai Ram
Hr Manager

Labour Law Index

Before getting your legal howitzers ready. Kindly take the following steps :-
Write a letter to Chief Labour Commissioner and send via registered post to them along with a copy to labour ministry and PMO. It may seem like a foolish thing to do. But I did this in few of my clients and things got addressed.
Also write a complaint through PG Portal.
Because as the matter is hit by limitation. Now you can file this only in High Court of your state. So do these first.

From India, Kolkata
Dear Labour Law Index, Thanks a lot for your inputs on this. I will heed to this advice and send letters these people/ministries Will add to this thread how it goes. thanks and regards,.
From India, Bengaluru
Srinath Sai Ram

Please Clarify your information that"Company A had a PF account with Govt of India in Noida"You have to communicate with PF Office concerned in Bangalore.let me know to which PF Office in Bangalore your EPF Trust is attached. I have contacts in Bangalore.
From India, New Delhi
korgaonkar k a

PF matter does not comes under the jurisdiction of Chief Labour Commissioner.
Queriest needs to write to RPFC, Noida and copy to CPFC, Delhi, Labour Ministry and PMO stating the hardship faced by him to get back his hard earned money.

From India, Mumbai
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