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Dear friends, Kindly see the new EPFO circular on the above subject. Abbas.P.S, ITI Ltd., PALAKKAD - 678 623.

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File Type: pdf EPF circular on pension for full salary 23.3.17.pdf (1.24 MB, 4559 views)

EPF circular on pension for full salary 23.3.17. Can any body give me the the formula for pension calculation in the light of above circular.Please also advise the calculation for deposit of amount for getting the revised pension.
Formula for pension calculation is, pensionable service x pensionable salary / 70. Deposit may vary depending upon the variation in salary and interest rate for your total service period. Better contact your Sub Regional PF Office in this regard.
whether it applicable for Early pension taken member at the age of 55 Years.
Dear Anil Chander, The above provision to contribute to pension fund on full salary is applicable to for reduced pensioners also. Kindly contact your PF Commissioner’s Office. Abbas.P.S
Hello, can any won tell me how to calculate pensionable service . I joined company in 1982. Scheme came into existence in 1995. I m due for retirement in Sept next year I.e.2018.after puting in 36.5 years of service.
As par Epf Pension Circular dated 23 03 2017 What Will be The new Pension and Who is aligiable for this pension Can anybody tell me ?
Dear Tendulkar,
For those contributed to PF on full salary (i.e in excess of ceiling limit) are eligible to contribute to pension fund on full salary. For those relieved from service and made full settlement can also opt by remitting the difference / arrears with interest.
Pensionable salary of those contributed on full salary will be calculated based on the actual salary. Accordingly the pension amount will be high.
Abbasji What about my request on my question posted yesterday about pensionable service
Dear Tolani Chatru,
If you contribute on ceiling limit, your service will be categorized into three. Service up to 15.11.1995, 16.11.95 to 31.08.2014 and 01.09.2014 to till completion of 58 years (or date of relieving from service whichever is earlier.)
EPF circular on pension for full salary 23.3.17. Can any body give me the the formula for pension calculation in the light of above circular.Please also advise the calculation for deposit of amount for getting the revised pension.

For those employee who has not signed in the potion form for contributions beyond the limit of are 6500/-, can they still get the benefit? Can they sign the option for transferring the amount from their pf fund to the pension scheme?
EPF Rate 13.16% W. E. F 01/04/2017
Break-up of the EPF contribution
12% of the employee’s salary goes towards the EPF. 12 12
Whereas the employer’s contribution is divided as below:
3.67% goes towards contribution for EPF 3.67 3.67
8.33% goes towards contribution for EPS 8.33 8.33
0.5% goes towards contribution for EDLI 0.5 0.5
0.65% goes towards contribution for EPF administration charges 0.65 0.65
0.01% goes towards contribution for EDLI administration charges 0.01 0.01
Dear Mr Brij Mohan Singh, Please note that from 01/04/2017 No Sum is Payable towards A/C # 22 i.e EDLI Administration Charges.From 01/04/2017 Total EPF Contribution from Employer is 13.15%
Dear All,
Can any one suggest me on the following :-
1. I retired on August , 2011 and not claimed my pension till June, 2015. I received the amount of pending period and pension regularly.
2. Can I claim for 4% per year hike in pension as per latest orders?
3. Am I entitle for new enhanced as per decision of Supreme Court of India.
Please suggest.
Please note that you have been receiving pension with retrospective date i.e from the date of Retirement/Aug 2011.You have applied belatedly for pension in the Year June-2015.You have stated that you have already received arrears of Pension also.The Supreme Court pension you are quoting has no relevance to your case.Members of EPS Who are eligible to pension can contribute to EPS for 2 Years after attaining 58 Years or EPS Members Retired at 58 years can defer availing pension by 2 years.Consequently their Pension amount will go up by 8.16%. Please Peruse the attachment, which is self explanatory.

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File Type: pdf Enhancement & Deferment of Pension.pdf (124.7 KB, 363 views)

Dear Abbas,
Sub : The new Circular on 31-05-17 on the new Pension scheme -
What is the implication of the new Circular on New Pension scheme issued on 31-05-2017 ? Almost all PSUs are run by Trust and the PF is remitted to EPFO only...
Whether the new pension scheme will be applicable to such PSUs ? especially for ITI Limited
Satheesh Kumar.P

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File Type: pdf EPFO - Circular - Trust Excemption - 31-05-17.pdf (467.2 KB, 314 views)

latest circular dated 31-05-2017 says that member whose contribution is maintained by their organisations trust known as exempted trust may not be eligible for pension on full salary.

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File Type: pdf Pension-dated 31-05-2017.pdf (466.8 KB, 301 views)

As Per new circular dated 31-05-2017 issued by EPFO employees of exempted trusts are not eligible for full pension although they have contributed to PF as per non exempted trusts.Why this discrimination?
Dear friends,
EPFO's circular dated 31.05.2017 is an interim notification in compliance with recommendation from PEIC (Pension and EDLI Implementation Committee). Final decision has to take Central Board of Trustees (CBT).
Dear Abbas,

When is the CBT meeting scheduled next ? The decision regarding the implementation of the new pension scheme and remitting the due amount in respect of the new pension calculation can happen only after this meeting and decision then ?

1. How is the pensionable service calculated in the new pension scheme ? a) before 1995 b) after 1995 & c0 after 2014 ? How is the service calculated based on these factors ? Is there a additional +2 score added to the service if service is more than 20 Years ? Then the ( No of pensionable service / 70 ) gives you the factor for multiplication with your Basic Salary + DA. Is this correct ?

2. The ( Basic + DA ) for arriving at the pension amount per month - How is this taken ? Average of the last five years or average of the last one year ?

3. EPF proposal for ESI Insurance has been finalised ?

4. Is there a proposal to give a lump sum amount for the EPF retirees as a terminal benefit ? What is the formula for this ?

Satheesh Kumar.P
Dear Satheesh Sir,
I am not aware of the next meeting date of CBT. EPFO will change the interim notification only if the CBT's decision in favour of employees.
1. Generally service will be divided into two a) Past service, i.e. service up to 15.11.95 b) Pensionable service w.e.f 16.11.95. If total service (including past service) is more than 20 years, 2 years bonus/weightage will be added with pensionable service; provided relieving from service is after completion of 58 years of age. If contribution is on ceiling limit pensionable service will be again divided as up to 31.8.14 (6500) & w.e.f 1.9.14.
(Rest of the queries may be addressed later)
Dear Sir, It is not understood on what basis the EPFO has not agreed to companies with exempted trusts as it is clear that all the three aspects are having different status. The Provident Fund Trust might have got exempted but for Pension it is not exempted as most of the PSUs contribute to RPFC. The third aspect on EDLI. If EDLI is exempted then employer can go for alternative schemes. That is why most of the companies do have their own arrangement with LIC or other institutions.
I mean to say that PF Trust Pension Fund and EDLI all have got different status. The individual exempted status can be viewed in EPFO website. But why one is linked to other, is not really very clear. If some one can explain it would be better.
Dear friends,

Exemption is possible for all three cases viz. PF, pension & EDLI. Now EPFO is not ready for full salary option on pension, as it is much expensive. Their circular dated 23.3.17 is in compliance with the Supreme Court direction to give the facility to all. Now I shall come to the point on which EPFO is denying the provision and the courts countering the argument.

Even though there was provision to contribute to EPS on full salary, EPS cannot receive arrears with retrospective effect. To this argument courts says that there is no question of retrospective payment. Whether the deposit is in PF or EPS, it is with EPFO only. Only paper adjustment is needed to transfer amount from PF to EPS. Now EPFO has observed that in the case of exempted trusts, PF amount is not with EPFO, but with concerned organizations. Accordingly they feel that they are not to obey the court order regarding exempted trusts.

Hi, I have experience in HR but was in recruitment for long now I want to learn other aspects of HR especially Payroll and other compliances. Kindly guide me through on this. I am much keen to get these details as I am moving to a new project which needs me to gain knowledge in all these too. Please help me on this. - Vidhya
Subsequent to Circular Dated 23/03/2017 another Circular Dated 31/05/2917(Attached) has been issued by PF Organisation whereby glaring discrimination is being caused by differentiating between Exempted and Unexempted establishments in giving higher pension in terms of Circular Dated 23/3/2917 issued on the basis of Hon'ble Supreme Court's Order Dated 4/10/2016.
Employees having PF Account and EPS Account with concerned RPFC will only be given benefit of higher pension whereas Employees having PF Account with Trustees will not be the benefit of circular dated 23/03/2017.
This appears to be unreasonable and uncalled for as for no fault of an Employee having PF Account with Trustees is being deprived of a benefit accrued on the basis of Hon'ble Supreme Court's Order.

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File Type: pdf Pension_EPFAmendment_4432.pdf (462.9 KB, 245 views)

Dear Friends,
pl. advice is it good option to opt full pension scheme as we will be contributing 8.33% of Basic+DA which will reduce our EPF corpus it a better option?
pl. provide if any estimated calculation sheets available ..
My Basic salary is 20860 and worked with the Organisation upto 26 years then what will be my pension amount as per new EPS formula.
Dear Mr Abbas,
I joined ITI LTD as AEE on 7th March 1983 and retired as DGM on 30th April 2014.
I am getting pension of Rs 2331 from May 2014.
Am I eligible for enhanced pension as per epo circular dt 23.3.2017 ?
If so, what is the procedure ? What is the calculation to arrive at the revised pension ?
Please inform me.
k s manjunatha
Dear Manjunath Sir,
On 31.05.2017, EPFO issued another circular stating that the organisations having exempted PF trusts cannot opt for full salary.
Hence you may approach court as we did.
Dear Mr Abbas,
Are you in service at ITI Palakkad ?
Please share your e mail ad and contact mobile no for me to contact.
Our union and OA have initiated approaching court.
k s manjunatha
M 9986442930
E Mail
new employee has joined our company and he has worked 10 years in previous company . He has withdrawn his P.F. also and got the scheme certificate . Now he want to transfer the pension in new p.f. member account. Is it possible to transfer the pension in new p.f. number account.
sunil kumar
Dear Mr Sunil, please ask Employee concerned to submit his original EPS Scheme Certificate to Present PF Office with covering letter giving details of his Present PF/EPS Account Number & obtain acknowledgement 7 preserve the same.Consequent to joining new Establishment, Scheme Certificate to be submitted/Surrendered to present PF Office for tagging to present EPS Account
Dear Abbas Sir,
I have started working from 19 May 2014 with private organization, which regularly contributed the PF in my account . How can I take the benefit of the Pension on full salary.
Is it applicable in my case?
I have completed my 58 years service in December 2015. I have also applied for PF Pension and commenced my pension from January 2017. I have received arrears from December 2015 to December 2016. If i apply for revised pension as per revised circular, by paying the difference of amount from 15000/pm and 6500/pm = 8500/pm now along with interest charges, what is the procedure to apply and what will be the pension i will receive per month now.
Capt.M.V.Nagendra Rao
In connection with the this thread there is Economic times news item stating SC ruling and even retiree could enhance pension by paying arrears and his pension increased by 1200% from Rs.2372 to Rs.30592 per month.
Please do get details from under the caption "Can you also get a manifold hike in lifetime pension from EPFO? Find out
My view is existing members and retirees can benefit substantially out of the recent move and Apex court ruling.
I have posted a new thread too requesting practicing professionals to shed light on this for way forward.
Dear Abbas Sir,
Thank you very much focusing on Pension related issues and educating the employees.
Kindly clarify me that EPFO not considering Rs. 15000/- for calculating pension, who retires after 2015 on wards as employees are contributing on Rs.15000/- (rs.1450/- month) from 15 September 2014 on wards.
As per amendment notification they have to calculate 60 months average salary of before date of retirement.
Please check below details and clarify me:
Mr. X
DOB - 15.06.1959 , DOJoin: 01.01.1986, DOExit:14.06.2017 (superannuation)
Past service: (upto 15.11.95) = 9y 10 m 15 d
Actual service: (after 15.11.95) = 21y 7m 0d
Wages on 15.11.95 = 3500
Wages on date of exit: 15000
Eligible Service: 31 years
Pensionable Service: 21y 7 m O d
Pensionable Salary: 11175/-
Weightage Service: 2
With above details, can please calculate and tell me how much will be the monthly pension and widow pension.
Dear Friends,
One of our employee has been retired on 58 years, His Date of Birth is 09.07.1960, Date of Joining was 21.12.1995 and Retired on 09.07.2018, Total service calculated as 22 years 6 months. His last Basic was Rs.14422/-. Can you please inform about his Pension amount.
Tarak Shaw
Dear Tarak Shaw, Please submit Form-D in respect of Retired Employee to Concerned EPFO.The Member will receive PPO-Pension Payment Order containing details of quantified Pension, Service details, Pensionable Salary etc.Compare the same with available records.Since the Employee has put in more than 20 Years membership, 2 Years Bonus Service will also be added.This is correct way of analysis of data
Hi Friends,
I am bringing the following for the information and guidance of the experts here. I have made an application for the enhanced pension in accordance with the supreme court order to the PF commissioner , Delhi on 8TH June 2017. In spite of sending several I did not get and reply. As I am now settled in kerala, I could not personally approach them. Recently I came to know that the PF Office has been bifurcated in to different Zone and my application has to be dealt by the Delhi South EPFO at Dwaraka. I again sent a copy of my old application to the Dwaraka Offfice on 22nd May 2018 and through one of my old colleagues, I have been pursuing my case.
Now I got information and my file has been located and called back from old office. The are now asking another application afresh and the interesting point is that my employer has to undertake to pay the matching contribution and divert 8.33% of actual salary. I retired from service in 2006 and final settlement has been made. How my ex employer give an undertaking when I have severed all my connection about 12 years back. I have already given and undertaking to remit the amount due to the Fund .
Please find attached the Underataking from emplyer.I request the comments on this from experts .

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File Type: jpg undertaking by Employer.jpg (172.5 KB, 80 views)

Currently any procedure change for renewal factory act license in haryana.
Dear All,
Please find the new Circular dated 22-01-2019 from EPFO regarding full pension option. Whether this circular permits all the EPF members to opt for the actual pension based on the last drawn salary ?
Satheesh Kumar.P
9482087049 / 9113054347

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File Type: pdf EPFO Circular - 22-01-2019 -Pension_EPS95_BenefitsofPension_16762-22-01-2019.pdf (766.9 KB, 145 views)

Not applicable to such of the employees whose PF account is maintained by Exempted Establishments..
Glaring example of discrimination.
Matter regarding applicability of higher pension to such of the employees whose PF is with the Trusts of the Exempted Establishments is pending in Hon'ble Supreme Court and more than 250 cases filed by either individuals and/or Associations are pending for disposal.
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