Hi All Can we disuss as to why "pay slip " is important in legal terms. What is the impact of not providing the same? Rgds Meghal
From India, Mumbai
Hi Meghal,
Pay-slip is the document which one gets when he is in employment and it shows his take home salary details..
One require the salary slip, when he is looking for new employment or for any loan against salaried..
In first case, one may show his wrong salary.. so to avoid wrong hike on his current salary one is required to present his salary slip.
Even the same happened in second case also...
Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad
Agree with Amit.
Also, the payslips are required to let the employee know of what his net pay is (by clearly indicating on salary slips various components and deductions: statutory and administrative)
Kamaljit Kaur

From India, Pune
an addon to what Kamaljeet has already said:
a) an employee needs to be provided the pay slip in advnce ie before salary disbursal.
b) HP gov has recently started a good initiative ie salary transfer only thru bank account...

From India, Delhi
Dear Meghal,
As per the below mentioned rules the pay slip forms a legal mandatory requirment. Here it has to be distributed to the employees with their and employer's /representatives signature.
((Minimum Wage (Central) Rules, 1950, Rule 26(4) and Minimum Wage (Central) Rules, 1950, Rule 26(3))
And the employees should be aware of the contets of the pay slip.
And even if it is transfered to the bank, there should be an authenticated record stating that the employee is willing to get his/her salary transefered to bank.
Truly Yours,

From Hong Kong
what if company is not providing salary slip, is it the fair ground to leave that organization without serving notice period??
From India, Calcutta

If company is not providing the salary slip, but if you have appointment letter and if company provides you the release letter, then still you can continue the job. If non of this is provided, a written letter must be send to HR department marking a copy to director as to why the above mentioned documents not provided or that you require the same. if you dont get the reply, its better to quite the job. You can have verbal talk, but then you want have the proof that you made such a talk to management. also do keep the record of the written letter with you. This will help you to inform the other company where you would next join as to why you left the present organisation.

as far as i know, the appointment letter, salary slip are the most important document as they are the proof of your working with a certain organisatio at certain designation and for certain sum of amount. Because of its imporatance, there are legal law formed by the govt from time to time.

I would suggest everyone to discuss the laws on appointment letter, salary slip, employeement contract and release letter. this will help everyone in the forum.



From India, Mumbai
what about notice period.. I am not getting salary slip and so want to quit this job. but in my appointment letter, two months of notice period is mentioned. what about that??.. do i need to pay for that or is this ground of not providing salary slip is enough to immediate resignation and release of mine from the company??
From India, Calcutta
Couple of points:

> Providing a salary slip is important, as it indicates to an employee the basis of all his net earnings and deductions for a particular month.

> A salary slip provides and instant help for individuals who are trying to get financial support for banking/financial institutions.

> A salary slip serves as a proof of income indicated (and the net take home everymonth) This helps banks/financial institutes decide on the loan amount to be sanctioned.

>it provides a proof of continuity in service (usually any kind of finacial help required from a bank calls for provision of 3 months salary slips & the account statements of the salary account )

What if a company does not provide salary slips:

> It indicates an unprofessional attitude towards services rendered by an employee.

> It would call for a enough employee issues (imagine a disgruntled employee walking to your desk every now and then asking for clarification on salary paid)

>Providing a salary slip may not guarantee satisfied employees, but not providing one sure causes dissatisfaction.

>The impacts of these employee issues can be seen in a number of ways (poor performance, multiple issues concerning salaries, may contribute to attrition)

For Employees:

If your employers are not providing you with the salary slips, that does not support you in quitting the organisation without a notice period.(moreover taking a closer look, if you quit without adequate notice period, you may as well not receive any kind of employment documents (relieving or experience letter) which are all the more important in case you do not have a salary slip!

If your employer does not provide with a salary slip, you may request for a salary certificate (with the salary structure) whenever required.


Kamaljit Kaur

From India, Pune

you can go and talk to the manager, that since the company is not giving you the payslip, you would like to quite. tell them either you should get a payslip (which is mandator according to min. wage act 1950) or else you are leave and will not serve any notice period or pay for that because that at the time of appointment it was not mentioned that you will not get the pay slip (which again is a proof of you getting a certain sum of amount which becomes a legal proof for loans, credit card, bank account opeining etc and most important a experience proof) and since you are not a fault you should be given a clean clearance.

Again i tell you no need to worry, its better to not to work rather than to work firm where you dont get you legal rights.

Guys the case of not giving pay slips and appointment letters is increasing in india. The employers have find out a way where by an employee cannot find a job outside the organisation, as will not be having proof to show that he works with certain company and draws certain amount. We need to talk on this, because this is something very serious matter. Please give you suggestions



From India, Mumbai

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