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I have put 10 months fake experience in my resume to make my total exp to 5+. Now cleared all the interviews and got offer letter. But now I realized my mistake and feeling bad for it. How can I ask HR to not to consider that experience. Please suggest me that I dont want to lose this offer and also I do not want to lie also.
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From India, Bangalore
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It is too late in the day to turn honest in this particular case..
But if you really want to break out of cycle of fake experience,then go to the HR and admit the fact and hope that they do not react badly.
But be prepared to loose this opportunity.

From India, Pune

Its late as well as i dnt think its necessary now to be True. because once you join no one care about your resume and exprience( Except background varification not processed ). Make sure when you will apply new place after this that time you will be very true.

From India, Mumbai

Please follow Nathrao's advice if you want to sleep well and not worry about what could/would happen, as you do not want to feel that you lied. People who have no guilty feeling can sleep well even after committing a murder.
From United Kingdom
Hi All, I have not yet joined that company. I just got the offer letter. I want to convince the HR without losing job. I have not resigned from current company. Thanks in advance...
From India, Bangalore

One has to face the consequences of falsehood today or tomorrow.
Then reconsider whether you should join this new company.
It will be very difficult to convince HR about accepting the fact that you showed fake experience.
Even if they accept,this shadow will haunt your career in the new place.
Any subsequent problem,even if totally unintended will rattle the original skeleton in your cupboard.
Think carefully and in totality before going ahead.

From India, Pune

We all make mistakes-none of us is perfect. However, the fact that you are now uncomfortable, manifests your inherent goodness & the fact that you now seek atonement for your transgression. Do not FEAR! Say a prayer & go right across to the HR head & confess, without concern of the consequences. You would ONLY then be comfortable with yourself & become a better person. Best of Luck!


Inherent goodness..... :-)
Sorry, but the questioner only asks atonement as he has now the offer letter in hand. If not, he surely would have continued with the same resume.
It is understood that sometimes you have to do such things due to desperation or limited choice, but then why this discomfort?
You did what you did willingly. If you cannot take the 'responsibility of your decision', let be good or bad, then how do you expect to take decisions for the organization in your job going ahead?
As Nathrao mentioned in his very first response, It is too late to turn honest in this particular case... You can restore your self-respect, but be prepared to lose this opportunity.
Best Regards,
Amod Bobade.

Thanks all..
The reason I had to show this experience as I had 10 months gap between jobs. I was working with a firm but dint take experience from there as I was getting very less salary was not able to support my family. Another company offered me job and asked me to join soon. I was helpless and desperate for money. So I had to take this decision. To fill this gap I took exp letter from another company.
I never lied in my life. But unwillingly I got into this as every company was asking for this gap.

From India, Bangalore

Anyway this matter has been discussed in many angles.
Taking lower salary at times is a necessity and need not be hidden.Just because once you accepted lower salary does not mean that you have devalued yourself and have to be stuck at that CTC.
These are all learning experiences in life and one should move ahead.

From India, Pune
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