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Hello everyone,
Can anyone help me with the best ways to tap into the fresh talent available? What are the best practices to hire freshers? I've been continuously attempting to find fresh candidates who would also stay for longer in the organisation. How can we be sure who will stay for how long?
Please provide your valuable comments.

From India, New Delhi
Hi Mr.Vinayak,
My experience says, you can find the fresh talent in colleges. I have been doing this from quiet sometime and successful till now. Again it depends upon the industry in which you would want to hire.
Coming to making the candidate work for you for a longer time- this purely depends on the field in which the candidate would be working and very importantly you company policies like compensation/ work culture/ management team, etc.

From India, Secunderabad
Hello Alex,
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Truly appreciate! Agree that hiring from colleges is indeed a proven way to touch base with the fresh talent. Also, their stay with organisation depends on culture, compensation etc, but students don't understand any of this before getting the job. It is almost always an uninformed job choice for freshers. And this holds true for every kind of industry, I think.
I'm thinking if there's a way we can (even remotely) give students some idea about company's culture before final hiring, so that student and organisation both can understand each other in a better way.
Please share your thoughts.

From India, New Delhi
Hi Vinayak,
I do the following whenever i recruit students from campus,
1. We play a small video about the company which includes what the company is all about/ culture/ existing status of the organisation/ future plans/etc.
2. We make it very clear to the students about the package.
3. We interact with the students for sometime, which would allow them to clear any kind of doubts they might be having about the organisation, their future in the company,etc
The above steps help us in filtering the students even before we start the recruitment process. Only interested candidates would apply.

From India, Secunderabad
Hi Vinayak

I understand your point of uninformed career choice made by students. I would also suggest the same points highlighted as by Alex, and also to hire from campuses. A healthy pre-placement talk (which is very common these days) with students should resolve most of these issues. If you are very clear about the nature of work profile, then explain it to students in those sessions.

I strongly recommend to be honest with students about the work culture, compensation, growth, and most importantly, what they're gonna do in their day to day job. Make them visualize picture of them working with the company and let them decide if they'd like to do this 5 years down the line. I've seen employers discussing some flaunting and irrelevant topics to attract candidates in PPTs. They'd tell the next steps of business growth or targets for the next year their company has set, or maybe some of the subsidiaries they've acquired in past. How does this even matter to engineering students who are being hired for maintenance of machinery? Then they complain that only 2 out of 5 stayed. That's because you had never told them what about their work.

Just tell the truth, even if it's a hard sell. Sugarcoat it, but do not escape. I am sure if they feel interested, they would maintain the same energy in the next rounds of interview after knowing how their life with this company would someday be. If they don't hold the same energy, they'd probably drop. Just to conclude, those effective sessions with students can make it more of an informed career choice.



From India, Faridabad
Hi Alex, Megha,
Thanks for the valuable comments. Just wanted to mention that we are already up to all of these practices, and these are very common everywhere. We have a case study round followed by few quizzes and finally an HR round (and a telecon with VP/MD in some special cases). I pitched this question just so that I can know if anyone is using some other practices too, or all are following the same tradition.
As Megha said, I too agree that it would make the career an informed choice if we make them visualize working in that profile. Case study round ensures this thing for us. But I've still seen people not liking the job, even if they are good at it. I'm just wondering if there could be a way so that candidates themselves would know if they love their work or not, before we distribute heavy paycheques, allot training, and then lose them soon.
Thanks again,

From India, New Delhi
Hi Guys,
I think this is why HR round is there, right? At the time of personal interview, an HR has to be more like a psychologist and judge if candidate is really interested in the profile? Why does he intend to join, what drives him to love his work, and how long would he stay, what are his plans, where do his interests lie etc? Judge based on his answers, based on his portfolio. Judge all of them and hire those you think would stay and would perform well too. Stay on safer side. Recruiters do (and will) face this problem which leads to attrition rate. This is one of the many reasons why they have Probation periods too.

Greetings to everyone!
Uninformed career choice, I think, is one big problem in India. In my opinion, best way to hire freshers and avoid attrition would be to hire interns for your organisation. I was wondering if you have explored this option. According to one survey, 37% of attrition is caused due to ill informed career choices.
Energy, innovation, quick learning, habit of getting things done, and there is a lot interns can add to your organisation. At the same time, employer and candidate both get time to analyse if they are a good fit for each other. Besides, hiring interns is always a safer side than hiring employee. I think this is the best solution to tap and retain the fresh minds in your organization. I can say this as we (Internship | Summer Training | Paid Internship | Summer Internship) have helped 6000+ employers in finding interns online, and almost all find this a very well informed way of hiring.

From India, New Delhi
Hello Vinayak,

Having gone through all the replies that my learned friends from the forum had to say, I believe there is one small thing that remains not added herein. We all, having toiled in the HR and Staffing arena know well that the choices that the freshers mostly make are uninformed and neatly undetermined. It is as simple as someone craving for a steady cash flow gets a job. In campus interviews the job lands into their laps pretty easily and all they have to do is make a choice of between the available job choices in front of them. Now the thing that counts while attracting these un-baked talent to a particular firm is either the Brand Tag they posses or the monetary compensation the firms are providing them with. Later, they might realise that they are entiled to way more than they are presently reaping or may think the work culture is not amiable and considerate of their efforts. Result: They hop onto other job!

Well you cannot always pay them the most but we can always try to develop a sense of brotherhood into these new recruits for the firm. There are many proven ways to do it. What works normally, as Megha said, is sugarcoating the dull looking scenarios that they presume to get into in near future. Counsel them.

Being in the staffing business and seeing the trajectory of these recruits closely, I recommend doing one of these:

-- For the first two appraisals, if you think the candidate really stands out, appraise them well. Add materialistic serials like a cellphone (for someone into Sales/Marketing), Laptop/Tablet (For someone into IT/ITES).

-- Add a pseudo-hierarchy in your firm. A fresher who joins as Trainee, if gets promoted to Assistant Lead/Assistant Jr. Manager would certainly develop a sense of gratitude which is meant to pay off well.

-- Be vocal of your needs with them, keep the communication going and always involve them in meetings and seminars. This will make them responsible.

-- To start, be the mentor they want you to be. Set a barometer for them and get them an insight of the industry so that they learn new things from a pro everyday at their workplace. Respect for superiors breeds love for the firm.

Having said all these I would also like to bring to the notice the fact that there is always a pool of passive candidates who have passed an year past and are jobless. Hunt them down! This chunk of candidate pool is desperate for employment and less craving for payments. They know the worth of adding work-experience to their respective profiles and their innovative skill set is as untapped as the freshers.

Wishing you all the luck for your endeavors.

From India, Chandigarh
In today\'s scenario hiring freshers is an interesting topic for all HR people.
If you go to top notch colleges the freshers may use working in your company as a hopping place for better placement after spending a few months.
The best way to get freshers into your company\'s fold, with out much attrition, will be to get hold of above average ones who will stay for longer time with you. Look for honesty and sincerity for work rather than too much intelligence. It will become easier for you to mould these freshers to your organization\'s requirements.

From India, Hyderabad

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