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Personality is something that we all desire to understand and qualify....

I hope the article below is useful for the same.....



The WEBSTER’S THESAURUS states ‘personality’ to mean “make-up, disposition, and nature, character” and ‘development’ to mean “growth, expansion, progress, evolution, maturing.........”

Personality Development by these words mean........

..............growth in personal nature

..............growth in personal character

..............progress, evolution, maturing.......make-up (physical and psychological), disposition, character or ‘persona’.

Therefore, any person can at any time develop his or her personality through conscious effort towards the attainment of a ..........’better self’.

The key issue emerging here is that personality development is a process and not a result; it is continuous, growing, changing, and maturing. An average person can become better and a developed person can achieve greatness when he or she concentrates on, from the point of view of improvement.

Personality is made up of several factors and is judged by how an individual reacts to situations and people and what impressions are made upon people during and after the process of these interactions.

God has endowed us with many physiological and psychological features which contributing to each other create one’s ‘persona’ or impact upon others. While physiological features are under our control only partially, we can radically alter the patterns our lives by recognizing and improving upon our psychological features and leave a positive image upon the world.

Outward appearance alone is not a holistic approach to personality and nor can we call inner traits a complete personality. It would, therefore, be wise to accept that.........

“Personality is the sum total of our outer personality and inner qualities”

While outer personality helps us to be accepted, liked and loved, inner qualities or traits make long lasting impressions and relationships helping us succeed and grow throughout our lives.

Inner traits are intricate and call for regular introspection to contribute to the growth and development of a personality.


There are as money types of personalities as there are people on the earth. Each uniquely wonderful. Some win, some lose, depending on how much they develop their personalities every day.

There is a quote which reads.........

“There are people who make things happen,

There are people who watch things happen and

There are people who ask “what happened”.


Bold, daring, fun loving, always communicating first and attempting to be a “can do” person.


Reserved, shy and responding to communication with some persuasion, also a “can do” person but within closed doors.


A middle ground holder. Checks and acts, depending on the situation the person is in.


Plus, charged, willing to take chances. Succeeds more often than fails and treats failure as a step towards success.


Negative, minus, rarely smiles, blames others instead of taking charge.

We can understand personality with the above five categories although various combinations of the five exist to create even more categories.



We live in an extremely competitive environment, the better a personality the greater are the chances of SUCCESS!


Everyone would like to feel good about them selves. A true reward for a life well lived.


Every human being has the responsibility of contributing to society, family, nation and the world. What is you duty?


You can’t change your past but you can shape your future by utilizing the present well.

You were conditioned to be who you are through instruction, advice and observation........Remember..........

“Don’t do that.........”

“Be like your brother / sister..........”

“Why can’t you be like..........?”

“We always do it this way..........”

In your formative years, external conditioning was very good for you because you were dependent, delicate and immature but, is it ok now to live with past conditioning?

Or, can you do..........


“I love myself!”

“I am a winner!”

“I develop my body everyday with exercise”

“I develop my mind everyday with knowledge”

Conditioning can’t be changed in the past, but a decision right now can improve personality beyond your wildest expectations.


The human body changes every micro-second to give life and growth, the body can’t survive without change, nor can the mind. But many persons live in “mental blocks” or with a growing body and a stagnant mind. This generates anxiety and failure.

An open mind as a growing psychology creates amazing personality changes and gives self worth, recognition and growth......also SUCCESS!

“If a boat is leaking..........

..........fix the leak, don’t empty the river!”


1. What is personality?

2. What is your ‘Personality Type’ most of the time?

3. Does your ‘Personality’ need development? Why?

4. Are you aware of your past conditioning? What self-conditioning do you plan for yourself?

5. Are you comfortable with change? What changes do you intend to make a) Psychologically b) Physically?


10th October 2007 From India, Pune

Hr & Training Consultant
Hr Manager

hi, Thanx for sharing the information. I liked the last quote very much. Regards Karuuna 9833471989
11th October 2007 From India, Mumbai
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