Dear Seniors need your guidance, there was no HR department in our Company, they hired me for same purpose. I have developed strategies and plan when proposed to higher management, its not getting approved. In our company people don't work as team, I am facing many issues. Can any senior guide me what and how should I move further. I did gap analysis, prepared presentation and shared with Director and Chairman, they approved but GM is not ready so all old procedures are followed nothing is organised. Awaiting for valuable inputs.
From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
Your attempt to bypass the GM and make a presentation directly to the Director & Chairman has possibly created this situation. The best way out is to request your Chairman to direct the GM to evaluate the proposals made by you and put up the same with his comments. You have to merely wait for the GM to call you for a presentation. This will presumably break the deadlock.
Remember to carry the people in the hierarchy with you if you want success in launching any new initiatives. Ego satisfaction of the people is an art, which you'll be able to acquire soon with this opportunity provided to you by your GM for doing some introspection. You need to be grateful to him for the same.

From India, Delhi
Thank you very much Dear Bhatia for your reply, do let me clarify here. We have invited Chairman, GM and other departmental heads but he was not able to attend it on the day, though I personally took confirmation for attending this meeting. Later I showed him yet no results, I agree he is GM he has all the rights to reserve it.
In such case how should I take things to next level.

From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
You may attempt sending an e-mail to your GM stating that A summary of the views/ comments/ suggestions of the Heads of Deptts, who had attended my presentation, is attached for your kind perusal. Since you were unable to participate, I would like to keep you in full picture and also seek your guidance on how to proceed further, since the Chairman had expressed his desire to move forward on this initiative to streamline HR in our company.
Please copy your e-mail to all HoDs, requesting them to confirm that their views/ comments/ suggestions have been adequately included in the summary. No need to mark this mail to the chairman.
After sending the mail, meet the GM in person requesting for a time slot, at his convenience, to discuss the views of HoDs in detail and seek advice on how to move forward.
Hopefully, you'll get a positive response. If not, request the GM to arrange your meeting with the Chairman.

From India, Delhi
Dear Stasneem75,
BK Bhatia has given you some excellent suggestions. Hence, let me ask a few questions to clarify the situation. Kindly give more information about the size of the organisation and who appointed you? Was the GM involved in the interview process? Who gave you the task of conducting the Gap Analysis and provide ideas? Also useful information would be your previous experience, etc.

From United Kingdom
I would request to you please share the process of gap analysis with us so we can acquire some knowledge on this.
From India, New Delhi
Dear friends, thank you very much for your guidance, finally we sat together and discussed, GM has agreed on of proposed 25%. I am taking it as positive sign to move ahead. I am sure once they see my work and results, will permit for remaining.
I will keep posting here our progress.
I really appreciate the hard work of CiteHR team and its associate for developing this platform, thank you very much.
Thanks friends.

From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
Hi There,
Remember that there are 2 C\'s which you need to exhibit in such scenerion
They are Consultation\'s and Consensus from your state Holders. Unless you major it ,It would be a difficult assignment for you.
I would suggest that as an HR you should start working on your MIS first .On many occasions your MIS in such companies will be at stake ,
Slowly retain the Recruitment function,followed by Developmental and Comp $ Bnefits under you.
Depute a Team to take care of HR operations at the end of the assignment
Dilip Kumar MN

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Stasneem,
Gap analysis is not a task to be performed by an individual level if it is done on organizational level. There are lots of factors which has to be considered i.e
Gap analysis done for which category of people's are they
1. Technical staff
2. Non-technical staffs.
Or it has been done on behavior based analysis
But when it comes to technical gap analysis for ant training need then such observation and there must be shared from the departmental heads so that they can validate the data and thus your observations will be much more authenticated. Therefore it is advisable to share the data with all heads. It is always good to follow organizational

From Taiwan,

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