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Sanjay ramasamy
Hi experts,

I worked in CMM 3 level IT company for 2 years and then i send my resignation through email , since i got a good offer in an another company. As per my offer letter the notice period is 90 days. In my notice period i have sent couple of mails regarding my resignation mails ,HR did not accept my resignation and did not even reply to my resignation mails. When i asked orally with HR she said i will let u know when you complete your 90 days. So i did not ask till 80th day about my relieving process.When my 90 th day was nearing i asked my HR about my relieving date she suddenly told we could not relive you untill your deployed projects gets over. I said as per my offer letter i have served my 90 days as notice so please relieve me.

So after 90 th day HR started to treat me if you dont complete your current deployed project we will not give you formal relieving letter. So at this point i had no idea so continued my work in my project. I used to send reminder mails for my resignation mails but still there is no reply from HR. At certain time i was stressed and frustrated since i was not relieved i asked HR whats my final decision on my relieving letter, she said we cannot give you the relieving letter you can do any thing you want and you can leave the organization without relieving letter.

I said please give me the relieving letter i will your organization right away but they did not gave me the relieving letter and they blocked my access card.

So at this point i came out of the organization without my experience letter (Relieving letter).

Important Points:

1. I served for (90 days notice period + 80 days extra) total 170 days but they did not gave me the relieving letter.

2. During my notice period and extra days HR,Project managers and Management treated me like a slave, forced me to do work and also threatened me in many ways.

3. I lost my good offers which i had due to this relieving letter.

4. I have worked for the organization sincerely from my day 1.

5. I have many emails sent to HR , Project Managers and even to the management regarding on my resignation.

6. I too have threatening email sent by HR.

7. After my 90th day i had many discussions with HR, Project manager , Delivery Manager even with management they did not accept my resignation.

So can you suggest me how can i get my relieving letter from the organization. Since this relieving letter is very important to future and carrier.

If i take legal actions against the company how long it will take to complete the case ?

Meanwhile please let me know any other mode can i get the relieving letter at earliest?

Thanks in advance


From India, Bangalore
Sanjay ramasamy
Hi experts,
I am waiting for your valuable response for the above issue i am facing in my relieving letter. This issue keeps me very stressed about my future and career. So could any one please respond to my issue with suitable solutions.

From India, Bangalore
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