Hi All,
Recently we had sent an employee verification request to a local IT & ITES company which was requesting info like the period of employment and CTC etc. and we received the below mail.
"Hi HR,
With regards to the employment verification, the applicable fees for this verification would be INR 500/- per verification. Request you to make the payment for the same and the DD/cheque can be drawn in favour of “********************************”."
Normally do companies/organisations practice such things.
They are not a background screening/verification company and when some other company sends in a verification request about an Ex-Employee of theirs they responded like this.
We have not heard of this.
Every other company answers a lot of requests like this on a daily basis about their Ex-employees rt?
They say that it is their company policy to charge other companies for verification requests.
Request Senior member to comment whether this an ethical practice

From India, New Delhi
Hi senthukam,
Normally companies wont charge for background checks for their Ex-Employee. I worked as an background verification coordinator. I Never Received this kind of mail for background check.
seniors pls advice on the same.

From India, Bangalore
This is something strange for me, we have sent hundred's of employment verification cases as of now but never received such a response, only in case of educational verification few universities demand for DD.
From India, Kollam
I agree to what Ashu said. Normally people wont charge for this kind of services. Only education institution do like this.
From India, Tiruchchirappalli
It really look strange and what I hope is that the company you have asked is either trying to cheaply get some money for the verification or currently they are loaded with so much work and work in traditional environment where they don;t keep employee records in a manner so that it can accessible online and they need to manually check files and docs.
From India, Lucknow
We have to respect our ex employee request either through him or his present employer. This is pertaining to his carrier growth. We are the mediators between the management and the employees. So we have to advice accordingly to the management in this regard.

From India, Coimbatore
That's a rather strange revenue generation model! I wouldn't rely on the response provided by an organization like the one mentioned. May be you can for background verification from the other organizations where the candidate worked or get a reference from the HOD / Lecturer of the institute where the candidate did his / her studies.
Robin Thomas

From India, Kochi

This is strange as well as annoying. Charging for a background check is nowhere chargeable unless its a background checking agency( charge if you are doing a business).

Some people are finding out really cheap ways to earn money, whether it is the company policy( which has no backing as there is no such law) or the individual responding to such verification are doing so.

I heard of few recruiter sending false mails to candidates for arranging their interviews with a reputed construction company and charging each candidate Rs 200 for arranging the interview. Which came into the notice of the company when the company HR actually contacted one candidate who was fallen into this trap.

People know a days find easy and cheap ways to earn money and play with the sentiments of the people attached.

It is a corporate responsibility of an HR/Company to provide the information to the Company/Bank/Other institutions doing verification of their ex-employees on humanitarian ground.

As mentioned by one of the participant when the HR are not having information handy or are over burdened they avoid such checks, but its better to simply says thanks in this, if case you cannot/ do not want to provide the information. Using such indecent ways to escape the situation is bringing shame to the HR fraternity.



From India, Delhi

There are some companies who do this & I feel that's fine, because there is some effort put on it & that we can rely on the data given. You can probably question the company if you find out if the report provided by them is not right, as you are paying for it.

I had an experience last year, when I was asked to verify employee records of an ex-employee who left 8 years ago. The request came from his present employer and they had asked for too much of information. Though the basic information about the ex-employee was available in my company, I had to spend a lot of time to gather all information required. At that time, I was stuck up in other priority tasks & the company sent an escalation email to my higher authority stating that the verification was not done within 2 days of them requesting for one.

Some companies/ verification agencies send a big list of questions & we need more time to fill in such info. If the companies can follow a standard template (like the ones we have here in CiteHR), we could save a lot of time in such process. But the agreed fact is, we had to spend some quantified amount of time on these things and so personally I feel it is not bad to add a cost to it. Of course, nothing comes at free of cost. But this can probably be waived if the effort taken in filling verification request forms is less.



From India, Delhi
Hi Raj,
But in this case only the following information was asked to be verified. and if you see the employment period was was just prior to the current one for which this verification was sought.
Candidate Name: *************
Employee ID: ************
Period of Employment: Decemeber 2011 to September 2013
Designation ********************
Total Cost to Company: Kindly Mention
Reason for leaving: Kindly Mention
Job Type: (Permanent/Temporary/Contract) Kindly Mention
Eligibility for rehire: Kindly Mention
Additional comments: Kindly Mention
Verifier Name & Designation: Kindly Mention
Verifier Contact Details: Kindly Mention
Even if it is for an employee who left us 8 years ago you cannot say that we should charge because it takes some valuable time of yours.
If you have the info you provide or if you dont you say you do not have those info.
I dont think in any case charging another organisation like this is ethical/justified in a case similar to this.

From India, New Delhi

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