I wish to know whether house rent allowance is applicable only in Maharashtra or other states too
From India, Bangalore
It is applicable throughout India — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Pon
From India, Lucknow
Dear R Shetty & Pon,
Some of the States are having a law in their respective State for minimum HRA and not all the States. I know three States having this law, i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat & West Bengal.
One can correct my second statement but not the first one above.

From India, Mumbai
Dear All
As far as my knowledge goes, each and every establishment has its own Rules & Regulations regarding HR Allowance. Perhaps state rules are applicable for State Govt. employees only, in whichever state there is one.
As regards industrial estb. there must be some law regulating HRA or housing facilities to be provided by the employer and provision in the event of non-providing of residential accommodation.
AK Jain
HR Personnel

From India, Jabalpur

Hi Shetty, Are you employed, if so whether in a Private firm or Government firm?
From India, Bangalore
As per I.T.rules, HRA as prescribed is exempted from income tax. If there is no component of HRA in payslip, one can not claim exemption of Income Tax. Pon
From India, Lucknow
Dear Friends,
I may be wrong in giving answer to the querist.
Indeed, the query is wrongly put, according to me. The querist, I feel, wanted to ask whether house rent allowance is MANDATORY only in Maharashtra or in other States also.
Therefore my answer was - some of the States are having a law for minimum HRA.
This means, in those States it is mandatory to pay minimum HRA to the employees. In rest of the States, it is not binding on you to pay HRA.
And therefore I disagree with the statement by our Senior member Shri. Pon - "It is applicable throughout India".
Though it is not binding on you to pay HRA, you can pay it. If you pay it, the employee can avail IT exemption on this payment under certain circumstances as per section 10 of IT Act.

From India, Mumbai
HRA (House Rent Allowance)
is an allowance and it depends on company to company to implement it.
Most of the organisations
implement State MINIMUM
WAGES ACT where in House Rent also includes. Even
though some organisations
implement House Rent Allowance additionally.
So, payment of the House Rent Allowance depends on
the Company\'s policy and it is not mandatory.
Eswararao Ivaturi.

From United States, Cupertino
House rent allowance is coming under the definition of "Wages" under the Minimum Wages Act. So looking at universal applicability of Minimum Wages Act it is a compulsory to pay.
In Maharashtra there is special provision for paying HRA under the Maharashtra HRA Act.

From India, Pune
Dear Hemant ji, Can you please reproduce the definition of wages under the MW Act for the benefit of you and the members of this forum?
From India, Mumbai

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