Hi, Pl guide whether it is legal & acceptable in today's industry senario to use all the logos of companies I had wored with.
The requirment has come since I was studing one resume with company logos used which looked attractive.
Expert advice awaited

From India, Vadodara
Yes you can but with a prior permission of the company authorized officials, if they don't have problem with it then is well and good.
But as per my experience no company officials will allow you to do such.
Arun J.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Debraj,
Send in your present resume to have a custom built, attractive, and result- yielding resume. You may send your resume to to have a sample copy and quote.
PS: Legally, you can't use logos without prior permission, but since, you are not using it for commercial purpose, you may use logos of companies you worked for. It may be illegal but not unethical and only a no brainer company will ever object to such use.

From India, Delhi
Hi Debraj.

The answer to your query is Yes and No.

Yes - you can use the logo, without prior permission, if it is NOT for commercial use or gain. Also you can do this because the logo is in the public domain.

However, No - if the logo has a registered trademark against, in which case, whilst it is in the public domain, its use is intellectually protected. Therefore, you can only use it with prior written permission, but as Arun has stated, such permission will not be given. The main reason for this is, because the owners of the logo have worked very hard to build their brand, As they do not know anything about you, they will not risk, that brand being damaged in any way whatsoever.

On a personal note as an international recruiter, logo's on CV's (whilst looking pretty) are a distraction. ANY distraction is not good for the person reading the CV, who is more interested in the written content, unless the CV is all about artistic creativity.

I hope the above helps.



From United Kingdom, Barrow
In all possibility, the prospective company may also turn wary fearing that- when you leave for another job, you will take their logo too!!
Resumes are more about what you can do & not what you have done.

From India, Bangalore
why do you want to use someone else's property. In your biodata it is suffcient if you mention such and such company and the duration. Prospective employers who see your biodata and look at the job responsibilities you have handled, the position they want to fill and whether your candidature suits their requirements, that is all.
By adding the Logos of those companies, what are you trying to convey to those (prospective) employers? They do not know those companies logo is it? Or you get little more extra marks in the interview by adding the logos? Or you are trying to divert their attention? Don't believe in all these ideas.
If you are skilled, efficient, contributive and committed, you will get through in any interview, but not by printing the Logos.
V. Balaji

From India, Madras
Dear Respondents,


It is such a great topic in the realm of "Recruitment"; innovative resumes vs traditional resumes.

I am in the favor of having imaginatively written resumes because that reflects creativity, an intent to steer away from the clutter and propensity to grab eyeball/attention, each one of these factors necessary if a job seeker doesn't want his/her resume to go into recruiter's black-hole.However, these kinds of resumes are always difficult to scan or put into the databases.

A traditional resume is good in the way that it's easier to scan, copy, put into database etc. and the interviewer/recruiter can focus more on the core skills of job seeker. However, there are so many incoming resumes for any position, that it is almost always boring for a recruiter to go through the same black and white typified resume.

Having said that, logos are not such a bad thing on resume. You are actually marketing the brand of company through logo ( no company ever minds free branding as long as it is not bad branding ) and at the same time using that to make your resume look good. In addition to logos, QR codes on resumes are also emerging , and so very relevant, in the era of smartphones. Using QR codes/ weaving URL into logos/etc. shows a person's technical bent of mind, always a plus, now a days.

Catch lies in striking the right balance. Use everything that you can to make your resume look attractive but you should be able to drive audience towards your core skills, your tangible achievements and your potential. And, always send an extra copy in a neat clean black and white format without any graphic , if you are using an innovative format, for the reason of putting that into employer's database.

From India, Delhi
Creative writing is something welcome. But it does not mean that you can use some colourful logos of others (which were not created by you, rather it is grabbed by you). You are no one to build their (company's) brand image by inserting the logos.
why are you looking out? just you are not comfortable with the current organization, salary package, better environment, etc. etc. If you are really keen in building the (current) company's image, you would not be writing this bio data at all (you would have been engaged on some other job in the same organization).
You are no one to create their brand image. They have a different department, advertisement agency, etc. It is their KRA. Let's do only our job
V. Balaji

From India, Madras
Dear Balaji,
You are talking of an era that's gone by. Today, everyone is a brand ambassador of the company, people change for several reasons mostly not for hygiene factors that you mentioned. Companies are aware about the immeasurable benefits that such ex employee brings to the table by becoming a source of referral for many activities. In addition to that, employees can also come back, so the trust and mutual respect seldom ever takes a beating.
And who is grabbing the logo ? A logo is graphical representation of company's name in a distinct style for easy identification. Brand is different , logo is just a part of it. A job seeker needs to mention the name of company for which he/she has worked; and there is nothing wrong in picking the logo for that purpose, because that is after all a graphical way of writing the name of company.

From India, Delhi
Dear Balaji,
Using the seal or logo of the company on a personal communication is never viewed favourably by any employer. Please never take recourse to this action, play safe. In research projects you reproduce documents of a company (which contain logo of the company) but that too will require the permission of the concerned.

From India, Delhi

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