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as i am planning to conduct motivation survey for our employees of different levels.
please can anybody send the template/format of motivation questionnaire for lower, middle and senior managers.
Note: I have searched completely in citehr search engine, i got only leaders motivational questionnaire.
please throw light on this, very urgent
awaiting citehr members help

From India, Bangalore
Dear Kavi,


First get permission from ur management to do this Motivational survey bcoz it will leads bad outcome.

Anyway i have framed some questions on Motivation, they are

The following employee motivation questionnaire is a guide to help you identify which motivation zappers are influencing you or your staff.

Big Picture

I can sum up in a sentence the core values of my company

I know what is expected of my team

I know how my success is measured

I am proud to work for my company

I see a future for myself in this company

There is a clear and effective system of appraisal and career development

I feel valued by my company

The company's internal image is consistent with its external one. (When I see an advert for my company it is consistent with my experience of that company)

I know what this company's unique selling point is. (I know what makes it different to the competition)

I feel my job is understood by those in my company

Team Work

I enjoy coming to work partly because of the people

I get support and encouragement from my team mates

I do not have to compete unfairly with the rest of the team

Information is shared freely within the team

I do not feel there are secrets in our team

I am proud to be a part of this department

I respect my boss

I am not threatened by my team mates. I want them to be the best they can be.

I have the opportunity to develop new skills

Poor performance is not tolerated. No one "gets away with" under-performing

Time Wasters

The majority of my time (80% plus) is spent doing valuable work

I do no have to attend unnecessary meetings

Those meetings I do attend are well run and achieve agreed outcomes.

I usually finish work at a reasonable time.

Our computer systems work well. We are rarely prevented from working by technological breakdowns

We have clear systems for referring up. I can safely ask someone above me if I am not sure of what to do myself

Noise and other distractions are minimal

I can turn off my phone or divert to voicemail in order to complete urgent or important tasks

I do not feel constrained by too many unnecessary rules

My work environment is suited to the work I have to do. I have the space and facilities to do my job

Company Politics

I leave the office when my work is complete. I do not feel compelled to stay just because others are still there

I feel we are all treated fairly. I do not see or experience favouritism

I feel acknowledged publicly for my successes.

Any constructive criticism is given in private

There are no clear "factions" in our company

I always feel I can express my opinion without fear of being marginalised or losing favour

I feel I can talk openly about my future and ambitions

While I may be "loyal" I do not feel obligated to my employers. I have not been "bought" by a large salary, extra benefits or any other career advantages.

My feelings and opinions are often asked for and listened to, no matter what my position in the company hierarchy

I am not afraid to make mistakes. I am encouraged to learn from my experiences but they are not held against me later on.

Your score:


There is very little to zap your motivation. If you are still feeling de-motivated it may be time to move on or perhaps the company needs to introduce more incentives for staff.


There are some obvious "motivation zappers" present in your workplace. With your team leader or a group of other employees, consider ways to reduce the impact of these.


Motivation is probably low in your workplace. Much could be done to improve your working environment. The good news is that some simple changes could make a huge difference.


John N

From India, Madras
Dear Kavi,


In addition to my previous posting, here are some tips for designing questionnaire on Motivation which i collect from the net.

10 tips for Designing Your Questionnaires on Employee Motivation

Although not exhaustive, the following ten points may help you cover the relevant subject areas and prevent you making assumptions about motivation when putting together your questionnaires on employee motivation.

1. What is the "primary aim" of your company?

How do you want your customers/clients to feel when they have used your product or service. Safe? Hopeful? Less stressed? Your employees may be more motivated if they understand the primary aim of your business. Ask questions to establish how clear they are about your company's principles, priorities and mission.

2. What obstacles stop employees performing to best effect?

Questionnaires on employee motivation should include questions about what employees are tolerating in their work and home lives. The company can eliminate practises that zap motivation.

3. What really motivates your staff?

It is often assumed that all people are motivated by the same things. Actually we are motivated by a whole range of factors. Include questions to elicit what really motivates employees, including learning about their values. Are they motivated by financial rewards, status, praise and acknowledgement, competition, job security, public recognition, fear, perfectionism, results…

4. Do employees feel empowered?

Do your employees feel they have job descriptions that give them some autonomy and allow them to find their own solutions or are they given a list of tasks to perform and simply told what to do?

5. Are there any recent changes in the company that might have affected motivation?

If your company has made redundancies, imposed a recruitment freeze or lost a number of key people this will have an effect on motivation. Collect information from employees about their fears, thoughts and concerns relating to these events. Even if they are unfounded, treat them with respect and honesty.

6. What are the patterns of motivation in your company?

Who is most motivated and why? What lessons can you learn from patches of high and low motivation in your company?

7. Are employee goals and company goals aligned?

First, the company needs to establish how it wants individuals to spend their time based on what is most valuable. Secondly this needs to be compared with how individuals actually spend their time. You may find employees are highly motivated but about the "wrong" priorities.

8. How do employees feel about the company?

Do they feel safe, loyal, valued and taken care of? Or do they feel taken advantage of, dispensable and invisible? Ask them what would improve their loyalty and commitment.

9. How involved are employees in company development?

Do they feel heard? Are they consulted? And, if they are consulted, are their opinions taken seriously? Are there regular opportunities for them to give feedback?

10. Is the company's internal image consistent with its external one?

Your company may present itself to the world as the "caring airline", "the forward thinking technology company" or the "family hotel chain". Your employees were not immune to this image when they joined your company. If you do not mirror this image within your company in the way you treat employees you may notice motivation problems. Find out what the disparity is between the employees image of the company from the outside and from the inside.


John N

From India, Madras
hai Mr. John,
thank you very much for sending the reply, from your reply i got more useful information on motivation survey.
Please if you find any other information on this topic.
please forward me.

From India, Bangalore
Great , it definietly raises lot of other questions instead of actually motivating the staff.I believe whoever handles HR in the organization should be very careful as even the good employee gradually starts feeling insecure if the above questions are not answered in time and leave the company....:sad:
From India, Bangalore
hi.... hw r u. I’m also google 4 that MOTIVATION QUESTIONNAIR..... if any one snd u plz share with me.. its very Urgent.... :-( thanx Regards Mudasir Tahir
From Pakistan, Lahore
Dear John ji,
Very informative posting, friends please join this 'MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS' if any arrises in your day to day aspects and post it. This will be very useful BURNING TOPIC for all HR professionals to motivate the employees.

From India, Kakinada
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