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Dear All,
Saw a report titled India among World's Least Peaceful Nations
We are the people who were known for world peace, we are the torch bearers of Humanity & Culture, we taught the world how to live.. and the day has come when we are highly un-human.
Request you to please impart values in coming generation, else there in nothing to say what would be the result.

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Dear Shri Akhilesh Dubey,
Your presentation is a wake - up call to all the Indians
to kindle the Patriotic fervour in them.
You are very right in observing that not very long ago,
India was a role model of peace and prosperity.
We had a glorious past.
The eroding moral values and the creeping of greed
in unprecedented proportions have made life in India a challenge for all.
The solution lies in inculcating the traditional
moral values at all levels starting from children
right up to adults.
Thanks for the post.

Dear Mr.V.Raghunathan,
Thanks a lot, for supporting my views.
We should be the first one to take this step starting from ourselves and our families.
If every indian will do this, we will again be the "Vishwaguru". And its very easy, we are that, just we have to unveil and to be back to what we were.
This is a land of Lov-Kush, Dhruv, Prahalad, Ram, Krishna & Vivekananad.
This is a land of Sita, Savitri, Durga, Laxmibai & Meera.

Childrens are our future and Assets.
I think we should Start with the children....dy are the future of the world. teach dm to respect f for all people, teach them good MORALS. Teach them not to hate anyone, regardless of their being different. Teach them right from wrong.
We need to turn these kids around, to become better citizens.
WE, need to stop being so nice to our kids....DISCIPLINE them when they need it. If we will not do this dy become arrogant and will not listen to any one.............sharing a small poem courtesy St Francis of Assisi

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With god as our father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.
Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

Hi Akilesh sir

First appreciations for you for taking up this issue and made people like us to share their thoughts.

Sir,sorry to be harsh but there is no surprise that we are rated least peaceful nation.Our activities in recent past do reflect the index.I would like to tell the bitter truth that we always dwell in our nostalgic memories and have become too narrow minded.we are heading towards the path of becoming "civilised barbarians" .

See we have lost our values,ethics,intelligence by running behind money.Whatever may happen in-front of us "We will just be a silent spectator".Though our nation's image is "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" ,now-a-days as a result of our selfish behavior only DIVERSITY remains in HIGH QUOTIENT rather than UNITY.

We always blindly go behind LEADERS who don't even know what a lay man wants in this nation and we are tricked by their fantasies and lies.We just need to have a second thought of us,the path we are heading and what should be done in future.

Even we dont value relationships much by having a regular excuse "I dont have time".

As everything starts at home, we should start bringing change in the mindset of people from home which will eventually lead to change in the society.

Hello Dhaarani,
Thanks for your valuable thoughts, actually "Charity begins at home" as you said. I request to atleast members participating in this discussion to lead and guide our children for basic values.
The value system is the only backbone of India.
keep posting.

We are developing... India Shined a lot.
We are nuclear power. We have finest roads, dams, sky scrapers, malls.
Disaster Management Courses are flourishing in institutions and it has a great career opportunity.
is it really development dear friends, where man are surviving just by eating herbs for many days. We have all the equipments and lot of money to help them, but then also ROTI cost Rs.30.
I need Answer to these questions
Are we developing?? (If yes, whats the use of these developments)
Are we INDIANS??? (If yes, are these our values and principles, why in schools we pledge "All indians our brothers & sisters"
Are we Humans?? Then why we let other people die, why cant we help our people, govt claims and announces the budget (Rahat Kosh) but is really Rahat provided??

I am sorry to be too harsh..............
If a famous politicians son or daughter would have caught in uttarkhand the relief measures would be faster...............
and we people have a "step mother " mentality of just ignoring and not showing concern of what happens in other parts of the country.
Even with a large population like this we people are unaware of casualty measures that should be taken during emergency situations,.....
-------cmng to developments i would like to give a quote as an answer " Rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer"
-------yes we are Indians, but the ethics care in us are to missing

You should not be sorry to be harsh.
If we will not be harsh today, this will continue, and off-course you are right, if any politician or film star would be there, things must have flown as best as they can.
All who has to suffer is AAM AADMI, Common People.
I always doubt on our constitution... I am sorry but Yes i mean it.
By the People for the People of the people... what is there for the people of the people in it????
We need a change. and I find everyone is this forum is educated and intellectual. We should initiate.

ya sir
Thr is always prblm with us in taking initiatives... we will always go like sheep herds one behind the one with out knowing any reason....
the main prblm lies with the attitude.we have become so narrow minded that even the cries of our fellow beings are out our reach of hearing...
and cming to the constitution......
i second ur view point.....
it shld be lyk" by politician for politician and of politician".....
if our politicians would remember our constitution thy should hav taken steps reg the issue instead of spending tym in saving money for their whole family......
see how many common man knw abt "siachen peak" and the efforts taken by our military to retain it........ and how many people feel for intruding chinese army in ladak region..............
so many prblm are going on .........
ONLY THRO INITIATIVES these prblm could be resolved..........

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