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hello I need urgent help. Please help me how can I mark attendance of marketing people. how to tackle this this problem whether they are on site or not. Is there any format for there attendance.
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ask them to send a daily report either in word format or any format made by the HR.
thanks for suggestion if you have any format kindly send me. because this is newly establish company. the format they are having people can easily misinterpret it.
Dear ,
First tell me how many people are working and what kinds of job is done by them. If more than 50 people are working then make a team and there will be a team leader who is responsible for their attendance he will send the daily attendance of each individual(s) to HR Department within one hour of starting work by mail in excel format designed by HR Department and he will also send Weekly Sales Report to HR Department alongwith the project coordinator.
So, all the individual will do work and reach at there working place on time and due to target they don't absent .
With Regards
thanks for your needful suggestion sir. I am working in a small firm. there are only 15 to 20 employees in marketing. some employees are permanently placed in rudrapur. and they always cheat on their attendance.
now what to do.
Dear ,

Employee (Marketing Executive/Sales Executive) scoring Red (Less than 80%) in Month Score is given 1 warning. Reason for red needs to be identified & corrective action taken.If Month score is still red in 2nd month, he is given 2nd warning. Reason for red needs to be identified & corrective action taken.He has to leave if he gets a 3rd red Monthly Score within next 2 months.

For eg, if an Employee (Marketing Executive/Sales Executive) gets Red Month Score in Jan, he gets 1st warning. If he still gets red Month Score in Feb, he gets 2nd warning. If he gets red Month Score within March or April, he will be asked to leave.

Each Team Leader has to update against Employee (Marketing Executive/Sales Executive) reasons for Non Performances

Red Card process

1st Red card in any month 1st Warning

2nd red card 1 card Card consecutively in 2 months 2nd warning and changed his working location.

3rd red card Consecutively in 3 months ask him to leave.

4 red card in one year Not eligible for promotion

5 red card in one year Employee (Marketing Executive/Sales Executive) has to exit system.

you can evaluate theirs performance monthly basis on target achievement and attendance.

With Regards
I used to work as Head HR of the Marketing division for a large MNC. Marking attendance for Marketing people was something which we found it to be complicated, especially in large cities, since the marketing person would turn around and state that he was on a sales call. So we came out with something different. All marketing people practice something which is known as the PJP. This means Permanent Journey plan. The employee is not allowed to come to office. Instead he works out a route plan in the beginning of every month. He mentions in the journey plan as to which dealer he will be at what time and on which date. We removed their office space. Instead put up lockers and a couple of round tables. The employee would come to office on every Saturday morning and make all his claims and also check his orders etc with logistics department. The orders were obviously placed through Blackberry. Any letters/circulars/mails which came in were put into the lockers of the concerned staff. The lockers were big enough to accommodate most of their personal stuff. The sales officers were linked on BBM to their bosses and commercial team.

We used to visit the market once in a while and reach the store at the specified time on the specified date on surprise visits without intimation to the sales person and invariably we found the concerned employee with the dealer. Similarly, when we travelled from HO to other parts of India, we never informed the concerned sales person that we are visiting their town or city. Instead we directly landed at the store based on their PJP. They are supposed to be there. If the concerned sales officer was not around, then we used to initiate disciplinary proceedings. This was also easy to check whether the person visited the dealer at the time or not.

This system actually resulted in cost saving for us since planned calls were being made to the dealers and more calls were being made and this obviously resulted in more sales happening. And the dealer knew the time and day of the week when the sales person from our company will visit his place. Apart from that the office space utilisation was much less, thus saving on rentals. Apart from that, it also was easy for manpower planning. The number of calls were directly proportionate to the volume of business the dealer gave. If business was more he made two to three calls a week. If the business was low, then he would make a call once a week or fortnight or a month. It depended on the volumes.

We used the GIS software developed by InfoTech Enterprises, Hyderabad for creating the PJP.

This is the most professional way of handling, attendance and manpower planning of a marketing department. Trying to apply HR processes or systems which are being applied in manufacturing or those employees who are regularly stationed in the offices will yield lesser productivity, since they are not relevant to marketing professionals.
This is a good suggestion.
Further, I would suggest -
1. You may ask for their Weekly plan of visits in advance and also ask for a copy of Weekly report from them / their supervisors to check if they are visiting as per plan.
2. For any unspecified dates, mark their absentee and ask for clarification.
3. Make it a strict rule they should intimate you their leaves in any case.
4. If this problem is severe, inform them, any non-information from their side will be liable for without pay (although you may not act on it but initially threaten them)
In my earlier organisation, marketing people used to be in office every Monday for settling their travel claims and discussion with the boss or to check the order status. They also used to discuss with HR for any discrepancy in their attendance.
Being an HR, you assertively tell them it's a matter of discipline and they have to adhere to it.
Hope it helps.
Best regards,
Vaishalee Parkhi
Well generally in manual terms it is difficult to track them becuase they can tell that were on the sales call.
Long term solution is use technology i.e. map GPS system with their official mobile number which can be tracked on via internet their position and their out and in time from the residence or office.
Sach, your setup is small and to add to it its a new setup. Its critical to have the team bond together with the organization and not get the feeling that they have a video camera behind them.
An organization we serviced, we asked the Director how critical was it for him to know what his Sales/Marketing are doing and emphasized on the fact that the end result in objective terms (revenue) is what matters. The emphasis that was laid here was purely based on sales/inquiries/collections etc... and never on attendance.
You may have to take a call to what extent you want to put these kind of attendance tracking systems to the sales force, else the focus would shift from giving attendance at work and less on performance.
Therefore recommended that keep it to weekly reviews by the supervisor and create a mechanism of an objective review... directly linked to numbers/sales.
Hi Everybody,

This subject has been discussed threadbare a number of times in many organizations. Yes it is very difficult to monitor attendance of marketing staff.

A number of very good suggestions have been offered some of them can be easily implemented some can be difficult.

Let us look at the big picture what are you looking for attendance or productivity. Why are we so tied down by attendance registers instead of looking for results.

This is of course my personal views and many may not agree with it.

Let us look for a solution to attendance of marketing staff. As pointed out in posts above marketing staff are required to publish their marketing plans, does this plan also include a target. So if a marketing plan has been submitted for visits to say 30 places for a week does the person also add the target that he will achieve by these visits. If targets are mentioned and if the target is met then the problem of attendance is solved.

Ity should be the responsibility of the Team leader or Manger to provide the attendance of all sales staff reporting to them. This will reduce the burden on HR from devising ways to check and cross check what the sales persons are doing.

HR must get an attendance report of sales persons and the best person to do so is the person who closely monitors their work.


Marking the attendance of the Sales & Marketing Staff is as important as that of the Office Staff. Various tools are available.
A standard Activity Plan & Standard Report format has to be prepared for this purpose which should include-
1. The designated Area.
2. Standard List of Customers./ Dealers. [ For Pharma - List of Doctors & Chemists].
3. Target for the day.
4. Achievement for the day.
5. VERY IMP: COMMENTS ON THE DAYS WORK.- Which should include the critical analysis of the Success or Failure to achieve the Target for the day.
Action Plan has to be prepared by the Manager at least a week before the start of the month, in consultation with the marketing officer.
C.S. Pundlik, Pune

Dear friend,

Your query appears simple but giving a meaningful suggestion depends on what U want from us.

Let me put it like this - U R a HR person and your major problem is how to mark the attendance of marketing personnel on duty at (various) site(s) and U wish to ascertain whether they are really there at site or not. There is no need for any specific format, by itself cannot give U the desired results.

I presume- you have a few persons, deputed for marketing your products or services and they are not situated in a fixed site/place, in other words they are on the move and scattered. And their information of their attendance is not dependable. I also presume there is no one responsible to monitor their movements. Am I correct ?

Tracking marketing people is troublesome not only to you but for many and placing a foolproof system itself will complicate the implementation strictly. This is just because if you only concerned about their presence at a given site, might result in drop in marketing graphs which could easily be given (construed) as an excuse putting restrictions on their movements. A simple technique could solve your problem.- i.e., ask all those concerned to give missed calls to your mob. from a land line of the customers whom they are supposed to interact on day to day basis at a given time. This you can cross check by ringing them back to the same land line phone preferably on a random basis. By doing so U may invite ego clashes with the marketing set up. Probably U should consult your marketing head for a workable solution rather than U on your own inventing some methods and face problem during implementation. Afterall marketing is the backbone for any organisation and a 'name sake' marketing is not healthy for the growth in a competitive field. Normally marketing set up advocate performance highlighted controls rather than time office based controls.
We also have a sales team of 15 members and we use a combination of weekly reports and mobile tracking.
Firstly giving them specific targets keeps the marketing people always aware of their sales.
second tell them to send you weekly reports through email,specifying their visits to dealers with time and date so that you can always call the dealers to verify the same.
Third you can use the android application Life 360 to track your marketing people through their 3G enabled mobile phones.
And lastly evaluating the performance periodically with a points based system and rewarding the best performer with incentives makes them motivated.
Warm Regards
Marking marketing/sales employees attendance is always a challenging yet complex thing accomplish. As they travel to various locations on daily basis. Having seen this problem from very long. We have come with the solution. Geo attendance system is very helpful in marking attendance without any hassle and easy for employee to use the mobile app. This app captures employee location and then he can mark his attendance, along with attendance app helps to stay connect with the managers and task assignments.

Following are the benefits of using mobile/geo attendance app.

• Employee time and attendance tracking just through a mobile app touch.

• Automated Payroll: Integrated payroll with attendance system, you can save money with Payroll integration by maintaining accurate pay.

• Flexible Work Arrangement: Easy clock-in and clock-out for flexible work hours.

• Easy Task Assignment and Approval system: Manager can assign tasks to employees and employee scan get approval from manager. Manager can view team requests and work-history.

• Report generation just through a click: This lets you generate various reports instantly anytime.

• Stay Connected with your managers/peers in real-time for communication and information exchange.

• Hustle free GPS Tracking System for remote employees.

• Improved Productivity: Increase in employee productivity by minimum 40%.

Mobile attendance is really handy tool for marketing and sales employees. We have GetSpot mobile app, which is time and attendance managment software. For more info contact below


Mobile GPS- Attendance System

GEO tagging is the best option. Please try that. or visit We have more than a decade of experience in managing Leave & attendance. Kindly login for more info.
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