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Labour Office 21 72.41%
Dharna, Non cooperation 4 13.79%
Legal, going to court againt management 11 37.93%
Reporting the lapse to the affliating university 10 34.48%
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I am posting this on behalf of faculty and staff members of a private engineering college. The college is maintained by a family held trust chaired by an ex-MP. The management is not paying the faculty and other staff salaries for the last ten months. Our repeated requests and representations have yielded no positive results so far. The management is postponing salary disbursement. What should we do to get our salaries? Keeping the welfare of the students we are working there.Now all our financial resources have dried up. What are our options? Kindly guide us.
From India, Kakinada
Non-payment of salaries needs to be reported to Labour commissioner's office . I wait to hear from our legal experts on how to resolve this . Were there any internal communication or memo issued on the delay or stating any reason ?
From India, Mumbai
Dear Gowramma,
If yours is approved college by AICTE (Regional Office, and H.O. Delhi), please take up the matter to AICTE as well as to the Director, Technical Education.
I think this can help you.

From India, Pune
Hi, Gowramma in your query you stated that Management is not paying salary even after several request but forget to present the reasons of it. Until you share complete details, it would not be proper to say anything so far, therefore, please complete your query with answers and reasons given by your Management.

Second, you said that from last 10 months you were not paying by Management, so what action you have taken so far to tackle this problem and how many members/employee are not being paid by them?

@(Cite Contribution), the query is incomplete and not any legal expert or advisory can say anything until the aforesaid details provided by Gowramma

@Gowramma, also please do share the establishment details of this Private Engineering College along with the location

About the proposed actions plans under poll by you..

Labour Office: You also have to file a petition or request by furnishing complete details of this case and reason. it will also take some time as they have their own procedure of work.

Dharna, Non cooperation: is also not an good idea because this ultimately can go against you or say can harm you in many how which also would not be legal

Legal, going to court against management: To take legal action, like i above said, you also have to file a request/petition, and here before going further, you have to lodge a complaint/FIR against them. This can be a good action because this case also comes under the violation of rule related social rights and living but to take action you also have to present complete details first on why this has happened , therefore, I suggest you to give details to our legal experts and they will direct you rightly.

Reporting the lapse to the affiliating university: As Mr Ramakant said that you can raise your concern with AICTE which is a good idea but AICTE also want you to file a petition or a report that can be help them to take their own procedure to go for ACTION against them and to get an inquiry of whole case

Now you can understand what actually is required most and how and what action you can take

Lastly, as you have approached and trusted us, I request you to give complete details so that CiteLegal Experts and other respective seniors can help you further.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Gowramma, Mr.Anil Arora Sir,
Really this is a problem with many of the Educational Institutes who are just playing with students. Admitting the students and fetch the Fees Amount and not provide the proper education. But in this case, on the top of it Default of Salary Payments to Staff.
Hats off to the all staff who supported the management for working for more than 10 months without any credit to their account and to co-operate the students.
In this case there is a possibility that after admission of new Batch of 2013-15 the payments can be released against the Fees Collection. But again the same history will take place in future for next educatioinal year.
Some one has to act in very tactfully fashion that "HINDI - SAAP BHI MARE AND LATHI NA TUTE.
After all the staff and students are going to suffer at all the times.

From India, Pune
@Ramakant, well if the students are enrolling themselves without getting well recognition of University and Institutions because of possible and expected financial benefits (less fee payment and so on), I would say they are actually playing with their own career and life themselves.

Moreover, the respective staff members (working with an Engineering Collage) are in support by this way because they continuing their job from last 10 months and not doing anything concerning awareness, which I believe, must have taken the actions and also like complaint in Police against Collage Authority and with AICTE /Education Administration Authority timely. But, if there no action been taken, they are automatically responsible for this too and ruining students and their own life I would say.

Well, before saying more about what staff member of this Engineering Collage had to do or what they didnít, I would like to have response from GOWRAMMA as the query is still incomplete (I stated in my earlier response) which can direct this case study further appropriately.

From India, Gurgaon
Respected Mr.Anil Arora,
I am working as Account Manager with one of the best Engineering in Pune i.e. COEP. I know well about the infrastructure required to produce the good engineers in future who are the pillars of the future Indian Technology.
The hanky fanky institutes are spoiling the entire emage of Education this may lead towards mess in near future.
The staff of Gowaramma College should take the proper action.They should make the life measurable of the Management and restore the situation. I do totally agree with you that this staff is indirectly responsible for this scrumble.

From India, Pune
Hello Gowramma,

Anil Arora has mentioned a very salient point--pl give the reasons 'as given by the management' AND 'as per your own understanding of the situation'.

Frankly, you found time to mark your Appreciation to his & Ramakant's responses & suggestions, but didn't find the time to answer any of their queries.

@ Anil/Ramakant--

Let me give a snapshot background of the various private professional colleges in Andhra Pradesh [applicable to at least 75-80% of them]. ALL the colleges HAVE AICTE recognition--else they wouldn't have got the other Local Governmental Clearances to operate.

Most of the colleges were started during the period 2005-2010--quite a few thru 'hiring' of faculty [rather than appointing them] for the AICTE Inspection visits during the initial stages [have seen it myself, being 'requested' to handle such assignments--needless to mention, didn't buy it]. But that isn't the main story.

The Governmental Policies are such that these colleges are ALLOWED TO INVARIABLY depend TOTALLY on Fee Reimbursement schemes [which began as a 100% Reimbursement] for running the colleges--Thanks to the initial Policy Structure formulated in 2005-2008. As everyone knows, it takes ages for any governmental funds to flow in. That's where the Faculty gets hit...and pretty badly. Those living in AP would be aware of this--given that many College Associations went active publicly last year to get the Fee Funds released from the AP Govt. I think the issue also went to the High Court of AP.

Given this scenario, suggest the members to give their opinions & advice suitably to Gowramma.



From India, Hyderabad
The matter posed by you is very painful. Teachers are not at all respected in this society. When I once mentioned in the Faculty Forum, the same, I was given a fool's cap, OK it is kept aside now.

Labour Commissioner is not the right authority to take up the issue, because, Faculty Members of a College are not workman as per the definitions.

Laws are not for safe-guarding the interests of faculty members of a College.

Being Teaching Fraternity, you are all to joj together to meet the Management, i.e., the Promoter of your College, say a Chairman, Secretary/Correspondent as per the nomenclature. .Being Educated characters, the faculty members can and are not expected to expose the unruly behaviour, because teachers are the role model and makers of the Society.(May be the reason, the Management of Colleges take undue advantage) Discuss the matter with a clear communications by posing your problems faced at your domestic front.

Even inspite of your soft approaches if your Promoter put deaf years, you have no other option in taking up the matter to the University,i.e., Vice Chancellor or Registrar to do justice to you. Please send a Registered Letter to University Grants Commission or AICTE by explaining the entire episode.

Please intimate this to your College Promoter about your actions as above, so that let him know and understand that you are all serious in this matter.

If the University Authorities are not caring your grievances, you have no other alternative to refrain yourself from attending the College and please do not worry about the Education/Students. Everything has a limit When the tolerance and patience are taken to a task, you have to take stringent measures.

Also meet the Education MInister of your State to handle this burning issue. Media may also be of help to you.

Lastly, please try to secure a job in other colleges, because,............? You know the remaining..


From India, Pune
Apart from what our seniors had advised, I would suggest to write or meet the Director of Technical Education who is directly responsible for the administrative affairs of technical institutions and appraisal for release of grants, etc. I am sure this would help you to redress your problems.

From India, Mumbai

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