dear Seniors,
kindly clear my doubts as below mentioned:
if i am getting the Rs. 10,000.00 then in the month of February how much Salary i would get as there is only 28 or 29 days in this month.
kindly clear my doubts as per general HR policies asap

From India, Delhi
Hi Aradhana,
You gross salary would not reflected on total days in month but it would be reflected your number of working days in month
Gross Salary=10,000/- per month of Feb
= 10000/28* no of working days
=10000/28*28= 10000,
= if you working days 27= 10000/28*27= 9643
@ March
= 10000/31*31 = 10000/-
if it is 30 days
=10000/31*30= 9677

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms.Aradhana,
If above mention is Gross salary then also mention your basic salary because you
Will get your monthly salary of 28 days after deduction of PF (12% on basic) & Esic(1.75% on Gross salary) .after that process you will get 28 days salary f/o feb as a net salary.

From India, Haldwani
U will be paid full if u have worked in Feb’13 or Jan’13......salary remain constant. It does not mean that Feb’13 is a short u will be paid in pro-rata basis!!!
From India, Kolkata
Dear Ms Aradhna,
I think you need to understand the difference between a Daily wager & Monthly paid employee.You will continued to get the same salary irrespective the number of days in a month, unless you have taken leave without pay after exhausting your entitlement of leave accumulated in your account.
BS Kalsi
Contributing Member

From India, Mumbai
Dear Aradhana,
Understand the difference between monthly salary & daily wages.
You gross salary will not be affected as its irrespective of no of days in the month IF you have not availed any LWP.
But your net salary depends upon your basic as pf deduction depends upon it.
I hope all the inputs fromm all cite members have cleared your doubts.
Thanks & Regards,
Ms.Mrunal Tambe

From India, Pune
Dear Junior salary has fixed monthly based you may get full salary. if your salary daily basis you will get a salary only 28 days. based on your employment contract. with regards mohan J
From India, Chennai
Dear Aradhana,
It doesn't matter that there is 31 days or 30days or 28 days.If you are on contractual or daily basis then you can count this type of days. Other wise your salary would be same.And for your kind information we always calculate the monthly salary divide by 26days in a month although the month will 30 or 31 days.If you want to mark absent for one day then you will calculate gross salary/26.Because we are not consider sunday there.If you feel any querry then you can write also.because overtime formula is different.
Jagdish Rai

From India
If you are monthly rated employee(employee whose salary is paid on monthly basis), you will get full Rs10000/- per month if that month is February consisting of 28 days or April consisting of 30 days or May consisting of 31 days. If you are a daily rated employee, then only the wages will be paid according to the number of days, you worked in a month.

From India, Mumbai
Hi, you work in a company in which you get monthly salary not on daily wedges salary so it doesn’t matter that how many days in a month. You must be getting full salary.
From India, New Delhi

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