I知 currently working with a Pvt. Ltd company since last 2years with HR Dept. The HR dept started with me in this company. Since, then I知 the only person taking care of HR Dept. Along with HR responsibilities I take care of several other task also.

I have always been sincerely & hardworking. Never been late coming or irregular attendance. I was been promised salary raise after probation period of 3 months but not received. Several employees came & went after me with higher salary. All new employees are joining at a very high salary as compared to me. I have completed all the PF formalities of an employers which was pending since very long time & have released all the ex employees (50nos) PF withdrawal money stuck. I also keep on arranging employee engagement activities to keep all staff motivated & stress free.

But I have never been appreciated for this. This diwali all the staff were given bonus even the new employees were given bonus even if they have not completed 6months also. But, I was not given. I felt so bad for this. I had even asked for salary hike which also I have not yet received.

Now I知 planning to resign from the job. Please advise me if I am right. Or what should I do. I知 in great confusion.

Plzzzzzzzzzz help me. Also kindly provide me sample resignation letter for no salary increment for last 2 years.

You reply will be awaited


From India, Mumbai

Human Resources
it is really sad that they have treated you this way. However I would suggest that you speak to your reporting manager about this one-on-one, before you draft a Resignation Letter. You need to understand the Pro's and Con's of resigning from a job, at a time when the Market is down and HR jobs are hardly available.
I would suggest you talk to your employer and figure out a solution. If you do not get a positive reply,then start looking for another job. Do NOT resign until you have another job that pays you well and suits your choice.
Hope things get better for you.
Stay in touch!

From India, Mumbai
Thank You for you reply.
Actully I'm looking for job since last 4 to 5 minths. But hardly I get any response. And even if I get any I'm unable to take the call or go for interview. As my cell is not with me in office.
And also, I'm totally aware of the market situation. Due to all this I really dont feel like coming to office any more.

From India, Mumbai
Thats really true don't resign unless you get another good opportunity. one more suggestion I want to give you directly have a work with your reporting manager and tell him regarding the issue, don't complain him regarding the bias and prejudice, just ask for your future growth and development.
If he/ she agrees on that accept it or tell them I would like to resign for my better growth and development and take a call don't stick to the same company if you are not at all satisfied !!!!!!!!!

From India, Pune
Hi P_Joshi
I second both the team members who had given you a reply above. Talk to the company first, if they are satisfied with your hardwork , they will definitely consider to retain you .Meanwhile also look for other jobs. Use your emails if not mobiles. Change only if they give you a negative reply.
Put the resignation only after you get another offer in hand.
All the best !!

From India, Kochi
I really Thank You for your comments.
Though after talking to my manager he has not responded negitevly. Also, I have already spoken to him about my salary rise. As i have not recevied a single since I joined. To which he said he will talk to the director & will try.
Now, only thing I have to do is, wait & watch. If I get a salary rise by next month. Fingers Crossed I am really in need of rise.
Thank You to all onece again for your comments.

From India, Mumbai
Hi P,

Did you figure out the reason why you're not being given single hike for the past 2 years? Since you are the only HR person in your company so how the bonus is being decided by the management?. One way we can say you're the HR head of the company. You should directly meet the director & must draft an organization structure with clear cut reporting hierarchy & define the duties & responsibilites of every employee so that such biasness & difference should not occur & your direct reporting must be the director of the company not with any other manager. Please get every policy & procedure duly approved & signed by your director so that you can execute it smoothly. Also please update your profile regularly in job portals. You can check your email & job after your office work. And you can go for interview only if you feel something lucrative offer for you. But please do not quit your current job untill you get offer in hand since it's very difficult to get a job once we're idle.



From India, Delhi
[email protected]

Assistant Manager HR
There is no need to worry.. this is really not good, as HR is main in any company. If u motivate employees, you should also get motivation from employer. if this is a scene then you should have a word with your employer regarding this matter. if he is ready for increment, then its fine. and ask for increment as per your ability if you are not given.
if he agrees, its fine for you. if he does not agree then simply resign a job. you have good experience in field of HR so you will not have to struggle to find a new and appropriate job for you. because you need to behave professionally..
All the Best.
with best wishes,

From India, Pune
Hi Prakriti,
Well done! Great work you have done for the organization!!!
Always remember do not hesitate to discuss with your seniors mainly these type of crucial moment.
I would suggest you to speak with your HR Head politely and get issue resolved. My 6th Scenes is saying definitely you will get increment and other benefits.
All is well!

From India, Mumbai
Dear All,

I really thank you all for your response & support. Can you please reply for my below query also.

As you know I have been with this company since last two years without a single increment. So. I'm trying for a new job & I recetly got an interview from one of the company for HR & admin Dept. This company is well established as well near to my place. But interview date is not yet confirm.

In view to above, my query is if this company asks about reason of leaving my current company, is it ok if I mention about salary no increment for 2years or what else should I mention.

What if i mention reason as salary increment & they might think that, since my performance is not good or not upto the mark so I dint recevied any salary raise then. And becuase of this misunderstanding if they reject me then. My salary is not raised beceause I never asked for it. I was actually waiting for them to do the same & even due to bad market condition I was waiting. Anywazzzzz.... my company give raise only if anybody is asking for it otherwise not.

Also, I think after having overall 6+ years experience my salary is very low below average.

Kindly help me on this. I'm too much confused.

From India, Mumbai

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