Hi ,

There is a prcatical problem I am facing thesedays. I will expect your suggestions so that I can act accordingly to fix the problem.

- HR dept fired one of the employee who was working as a testing engineer , She has been fired due to her misconduct and misbehaviours.After she left the organisation she called all other employees and told them that the HR personnel there are bad people to work with and even if she tried to misguide other female employees against the HR people and told them to leave the company otherwise they may be harrassed. her anti campaign made others thinking of the company and it seems to me that they are looking HR as not trusted and their behaviour seems to be something else than before.

Probelm is:

HR department hired some new employees and they joined us.I am afraid if the current employee will tell new employees the story that they got the story from the old employee (story without fact and total lie) then what can be the thought of the new joinees.Is this will effect them and as soon as they join they will also feel that the HR can not be trusted.

What should be the steps to stop this. How can the HR will convey the message to the new joinees that the story is a plain lie.

Please advice me.HR executives really having the tension on this problem.



From India, Gurgaon
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It is clear from your reporting that the role of HR in the organization is either not clear or is misconceived. I say this, because in no company HR has the decision making authority to Hire or Fire employees. Therefore in your case, did HR decide to terminate the employment of the said employee? If yes, did it have the authority to do so? Or was it a decision taken at the "right" level and HR merely implemented (conveyed) the same?

If the person whose services were in fact terminated, invited, after being terminated, her ex-colleagues to spout venom against the HR or the company, two things are now crystal clear. One is that she deserved to be sacked, if for nothing else, for her negative, stupid and immature behaviour and second is that if her ex-colleagues listened to he and got influenced, then they are also equally immature and/or negative and/or stupid to be influenced by such trash!!!

Answering your specific query, if my assumptions regarding HR's authority are correct, then the HR should take out a circular to educate the remaining employees and the new joinees about the cause/s and the situation why the concerned employee found herself out of the job and the circular should contain an assurance for others that the company values all those who add value and work in cohesive teams for the company's growth. Such a thing is rarely done in organizations, but your situation needs an exeception to be made.

You are free to raise more queries on the subject to me and I will try to answer your difficulties.

Cheers & Regards


September 7, 2007

From India, Pune
Hi, I agree with Samvedan's crisp advice. Take out a circular assuring, rather reassuring the new trainees of company's motives in a generalised manner hinting at such misbehaviours, as in circulars it will be better not to mention a person's name in particular, and also make it clear that company will not tolerate any nonsence detrimental to company's image. Regards....Srini
From United Kingdom, London

Would like to Add few words. It all depends on individual perception, anyway your wory is about the new employees joining the company, that can be sorted in the induction. but you can also tell the terminated employee that if she continues this then she will be blacklisted in the company rolls and no good releiving letter she can except from you.

Rumours are everywhere whether the co. is small or Big. keep your employees engaged with some good time every now and then. if one individual can cause damage so grave, then seriously there is a problem.

A circular highligting the incident can be a good idea, but more chances are that it may go worse. the terminated employee is doing all these for getting attention. dont let her be successful in that. as for supporting you actions you have order Copy, PMS reports i believe, and also the enquiry proceedings.

if only anybody asks for an explaination then only give it and that to only what is required.

This should not be a long lasting problem, and not all problems have immediate solutions especially for the ones related to Behaviour & psyche.


Deepak. M 8)

From India, Mumbai
Hi I feel you should personally meet the employees and try to build trust. let the HR head meet the employees. share with them the true scenario as it is a threat to HR. Regards Harpreet
From India, New Delhi

In addition to the circular, my suggestion is that you increase your networking with different parts of the organization.
This will help build your credibility within the organization and then you will be able to counteract situations like this by giving people the real picture - VERBALLY.
The verbal message should be consistent with the circular and should be able to add a few more details or background to the message in the circular.
All the best.

From India, Mumbai
I would like to say something here. Firing of an employee is not as easy as it has been mentioned in the details. There has to be a documented procedure. If it is a a small organisation with no systems, the HR department is not the one who 'decides' firing of an employee. It is top mgt persons controling the activities. And if the systems are there and HR department is authorised to carry out 'disciplinary actions' then it will not be baseless.
In either case, it will be ridiculous (sorry if my language is offensive) for HR to send out a circular explaining things that happened with an employee.
If some thing is to be communicated, it should be general conduct guidelines and a training program on organisational behaviour. Definitely not the details of a particular case.
- Hiten

From India, New Delhi
Dear All,

Thanks a lot for all your worthy suggestions. But, please tell me what should be the circular and don't you think the circular will have some bad effects on other employees.?. What should be circular contain, and if I will tell the details to the new joinees during induction then don't you think this will leave the employee with a negative thought on the organization?What I will communicate on that employee who has been fired? If I will tell others that she has been fired then don't you think that new joinee will get the idea that a day may come he/she will be fired,as the company fired others.

Then here in my company the firing authority is not the HR but HR should fire anyone after getting the order from someone who is working with the capacity of a Vice president or Director but, they always seeks the advice of the HR manager who is having direct interaction with the employees.

What I am looking from you great HR gurus, is please suggest me something best so that I can keep the new joinees away from those old indiciplines created earlier by other employee who has been fired 10 days ago and she just taken the advantage of being a female(sorry if anyone found this wording wrong)and biased other old talents against HR and management team, she used some wordings against one of the senior HR manager saying that he can't be trusted and somany vulgar words.

How can I assure other female employees that they should keep faith on him(HR Manager) as they already biased by her.This is the main question which I am desperately looking for an answer.



From India, Gurgaon

I understand your concern regarding the "circular" and the effect it may have on the new joinees! I said in my first response itself that such an action is generally NOT resorted to by organization but your case needs an exception to be made.

I am providing below in inverted commas a draft circular. If you like you can make suitable changes and use the same as a general notice. But the notice is put on the notice boards and the chances are that even outseders may get to read the same and draw some unwarranted inferences.

It is for this reason I prefer a "circular". The same purpose can be served by departmental meetings where organization's stand can be highlighted, but even that may lead to discussions and all those who will lead these meetings may not be adept in handling queries, if any. And if there are queries, you simply should NOT avoid to answer. Therefore once again I fall back on the idea of a circular. Here goes the draft!...

" For the information of all concerned.

It has come to the notice of the management that certain ex-employees are, on incorrect and biased foundations are criticizing the management policies. The aim of this circular is dispel any miconceptions that may have got generated because such vile and motivated emotional outbrusts.

The company underscores the fact that interpersonal relationships at work, especially are based on mutuality and reciprocity within the bounds of the organizational culture. The company believes on performance and positive orientations. Employees at all levels are always encouraged to seek answers to their questions from their superiors.

The company does NOT approve maligning, vindictive and false propaganda to vitiate company atmosphere and relationships.

It is asserted that the company underscores team work, value addition and proactive work culture and has no place for lack of transparency, double speak and irresponsible conduct. The competent members of the company find the atmosphere supportive and reqarding. The company selects candidates for various skills and responsibilites with great care, invests substantially by providing excellent work platforms to grow personally and professionally.

Finally, please remember that your focus and purpose in associating with this company is all that should matter. The company advises everyone to continue to enjoy your work and relationships."

You may modify this draft to suit your situation and issue without fear of a throw back!!



September 10, 2007

From India, Pune
Dear Mr. Samvedan,
I am thankful to you for your suggestions and I had decided to use the circular. But, sir, Can you please suggest me something more on the problem.Kindly see my last posting and I have somany questions to which I am looking for solutions. Sir, kindly look in to my last posting and help me further please.
Warm Regards

From India, Gurgaon

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