Hello All,
This is the first time I shall be conducting a soft skills training : "Strong leadership and Effective people management skills".
I am the only HR in my company of 60 people. Would like to get some guidance from you all as in how to begin and proceed. I am planning for some role playing and my target audience is team leaders and those who can be team leads in near future. Entire target audience shall not exceed 10 people.
Request some help in how to go ahead with this.

From India, Mumbai
Your Training Plan for the session should outline what needs to be covered in the session and the activities you have planned for each section of the training.

Best to have a variety of activities, some lecture, some discussion, small group activities, etc etc. Variety stops participants become bored. A range of activities also prevents members of the group "hiding" and not contributing.

Role Playing is not a holy grail of training. Many people HATE role playing with a passion. They will do anything to get out of training if they think this is going to be part of a training session. So think very carefully about using that as an activity.

Whilst trainees need to be challenged a little in training sessions, I never put people on the spot and I never schedule activities that cause them too much discomfort. I want my trainees to feel comfortable and open to learning new things. When they feel comfortable in the training room, they will respond to you and make the session very rewarding for everyone.

From Australia, Melbourne

Firstly, decide on your target participants. Then based on their learning needs, determine the objective of the programme i.e. what does the programme intend to achieve and then come up with the learning outcomes. The learning outcomes should tell the participants what they will be able to learn and takeaway to their workplace which they are then required to demonstrate in their behaviour or action.

On the content you need to differentiate between a leader and a manager. The topic is too general and therefore you need to make it more specific to0 enable you to identify 2 or 3 good learning outcomes and then decide on the appropriate content. Please ensure there is lot of experential learning and this can be achieved via short cases for groups to discuss and exercises which require them to solve problems. The lectures should just focus on theories and concept but not too much. Good case examples of strong leaders and how they achieve success in organisations should be also used as examples that they can relate too. Also get the participants to talk about what they think strong leadership and management skills are and what are the common problems faced by them at work in managing or leading people. Draw upon the participants experience to get discussions going. But it is important always to recap, summarise and tell them what the important learning points are so that they can take it back with them. I hope this helps. Best of luck:)

Prema Nair

From Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
Thanks for your replies. I will keep these pointers in mind. You may also share your experiences if any of you would have conducted a soft skills training.
Meanwhile, i have prepared a draft as to an outline of how things shall proceed. Do keep a track of this post until weekend. I will write back to you on how things went.
The training is scheduled for this week - Saturday.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ashlesha
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Avinash Kanoray

From India, Pune

I have been conducting soft skill training for the past few years.

I cannot tell you how to begin and proceed as it may vary from person to person.

Since you said it is your first soft skill training and it is for team leaders, I can give you few tips that might be helpful I believe.


Preparation, Planning, Presentation:

If your Preparation and Planning are good, obviously your Presentation is supposed to be good.

So do Prepare and Plan well.

Don't make the session continuous. Give a break or encourage some fun activity every 20minutes, because most people will lose interest if the speaker continues for a long time without break.

Make people think that they are thinking, but don't really make them think.

People love you only if you make them think that they are thinking, and not if you really make them think.

I mean, shoot them few questions that would be easy for them to answer so that they'll feel they know something.

If you ask questions that they couldn't answer they may feel slightly embarrassed.

If your questions are bit tough, and if you feel they may not be able to answer it, then go ahead with the answer.

Since the audience are already team leaders, the may have a thought that they are already leaders and know what is leadership practically.

Make sure you honour their pride. So don't always teach them 'How to win?'. Instead make them think 'Why it fails?'. Then come up with How to overcome it.

Since the audience is only about 10 members, the trainer may lose interest.

And you said it is your first training session, so for you the little crowd will be easy to handle.

So small crowd is better for beginners. Don't worry about it.

I don't know about your rapport with your audience.

A friendly trainer will be more preferred than a professional hostile trainer by any audience.

Make the people feel that you are friendly and the session fun filled.

Keep you voice pitch and loudness the same from the beginning to end.

I mean, don't lose you energy level. Only then the program will be enthralling and the audience will not get bored.

Make the session interactive.

Before you make a point, get the ideas from the audience, discuss it.

If they have missed anything, then add and summarize you points.

By this you'll make them feel that you are not telling them what they already know.

Many other things can be said.

But I believe, this is enough for the first training session.

My post may be late for you as it is Friday.

All the best, if I'm not late.


PeakPro Solutions, Chennai

From India, Madras

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