Could you provide me with the formats for HR Documents mentioned below:
1. Warning Letter Format - Absenteeism
2. Warning Letter Format - Low performance
3. Job Offer Letter
4. Regret Letter to Applicant
5. End of Service Letter
6. Termination Letter
I would really appreciate if i could get them at the earliest possible...appreciate everyones help with this one.

From Qatar, Doha
Nithya Palaniswamy
Asst. Manager
Hr Practices
Carol Smith
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Dear SK..
Fine below one of the sample format of Warning letter in case of absence..
21st August 2007
Sub. – Warning Letter
It has been observed that you have proceeded on leave without prior permission of the concerned authorities, resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties, in your capacity as Designation.
Absenting yourself from duties without prior intimation is a misconduct for which you are making yourself liable for necessary action.
You are hereby warned to refrain from such activities; failure to do so shall invoke appropriate action.
You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your unauthorized leave as soon as you receive this letter or as soon as you resume duties.
Kindly treat this as very urgent.
For, Company Name
Print it in duplicate and attach one in his personal file..
Hope it may help you to prepare the same..
Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad

Thanks a lot for your quick help Mr. Amit S.
Though I find this site very much useful, at times (very often actually), people dont reply to ur requests and you end up with the least help out of this forums....
If I do know something and I could help I surely would take a few min. to do it, coz thatz how the site is made useful and informative.
I hope everyone thinks that way....
Cheers to all,

From Qatar, Doha
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

Dear Friend,
Kindly click on the following link, it will give you some required information,
Pls let me know was this information useful,,
If not let me try out more & give information,,,,
In CiteHR you will get A to Z information on HR…..
M. Peer Mohamed Sardhar
093831 93832

From India, Coimbatore

Dear SK..

Thank u so much..

Find below one of the sample letter format of Job Offer as well as Termination Letter...

Offer Letter

Date : ___________

Ms. / Mr. _________________





Dear ________________,

With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we are pleased to offer you the position of ___________________ in our organisation at a CTC of Rs. __________________ (Rupees ___________________ only) .

We would expect you to join as early as possible but not later than _________, beyond which the offer would stand withdrawn, unless a new date is mutually agreed upon, by us in writing.

On the date of your joining, you may please bring along the following:

1. Proof of age

2. Copies of Educational Certificates

3. Copies of professional Certificates

4. Relieving certificate from the previous employer

5. Appointment letter of the previous employer and salary revision letters

6. Last pay slip received from the previous employer

7. Form 16 (TDS certificate)

8. 3 Passport Size photographs

9. An updated Curriculum Vitae

This Offer of Employment is subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

This Letter of Offer is being sent in duplicate. Kindly sign the copy as a token of your acceptance of the offer and return us the same.

For, Company Name

Name: Employee Name



____/HRD/___ Date_____________

Mr/ Ms. ____________




Mr./ Ms. _____________,

This is in continuation to our letter dated _____________, which was sent to your last known address, by registered post, calling upon you to submit a written explanation within 48 hours, for your continued absence, without any intimation . We note with regret that you have neither resumed your duties nor have you explained the reason for your continued, willful and unauthorized absence.

As per the terms of your appointment letter dated ________________, it is clearly indicated that absence for a continuous period of 10 days without prior approval of your superior, (including overstay on leave/ training) would result in you losing your lien on the service and the same shall automatically come to an end without any notice or intimation.

You are hereby informed that you have lost your lien on your service as a ________________________ and it is deemed that you have abandoned the employment of your own accord. The relationship between you and the Co. has ceased to exist with effect from ___________________.

You may collect your full & final settlement dues, if any, from the Accounts Department.

For, Company Name



Hope it will definitely help u to prepare the same at your end..


Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad

Dear SK..
Find below one of the sample format of Regret Letter..
PRIL/HRD/___ Date : ____________
Mr. _______________
Dear Mr. ________,
This has reference to the discussion that we had on ............We thank you for responding to our call and showing interest in wanting to join our Organisation. Unfortunately we regret to inform you that your profile is not suitable to the position existent with us.
However we will retain your bio-data in our database and will call upon you as and when any vacancy suitable to your profile arises. Thanking you once again for taking your time off to come down and meet us.
With Warm Regards,
Company Name
Amit Seth.

From India, Ahmadabad
Carol Smith

Hi SK,

Attached are a few,

Employee Name: _____________ Employee ID: _____

Process: _________ Designation:________

Supervisor’s Name:_______________ Date of Issue: _________

Disciplinary Action Policy Document

2nd Written Warning

Description of Incidents: Unauthorized Absenteeism

Mr. Michael,

It has been brought to the notice of the management through your superior Vishal Lobo & Pramod Kate that you have been taking uninformed leaves on a regular basis. In the month of July 06 you took leaves on 4 days i.e. 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and in the month of August 06 you took leaves on 5 days i.e. 3rd to 7th August 2006. For this, your Team Leader gave you a verbal warning. However you ignored it and took an uninformed leave in September 2006 (5th September 2006), for which your Team Manager gave you a verbal warning. Ignoring all those warnings, you have taken unplanned leaves on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 23rd, 24th & 25th of October 2006 and 1st November 2006. After which you were issued a First written warning by the HR department on the 08 of November 06. Even after repeated counseling from your Team Leader & Your team manager you have continued to take leaves without prior intimation and approval.

Again you have taken 9 unauthorized leaves in the month of March 07 and 6 unauthorized leaves in the month of April 07. This has adversely affected your and your team’s performance on the floor.

Totally you have taken 36 unplanned leaves since July 06 –April 07, which, under any circumstances is unacceptable and amounts to unauthorized absenteeism.

We would like to reiterate that it is important for you to plan and communicate about your leaves to your immediate supervisor well in advance. The leaves can only be availed once approved by your immediate supervisor.

However since you have accepted your mistake vide your confession letter dated 26th Apr’07, management has decided to issue Second Written Warning letter for not abiding with the rules / policies of the organization. We would like to inform you that any such further occurrences shall be viewed strictly and could lead to termination of your services.

Employee Signature:

Supervisor Signature:

AGM– Human Resources:

For performance

Corrective Action Policy Document

Employee Name : Employee ID :

Process : Designation : Sr CSE

Supervisor’s Name : Date of Issue :

(State Level of Warning)

Subject: AHT for the period April 01, 2007 to April 30,2007.


This is with reference to your AHT for the above-mentioned period. It has been observed that despite a Verbal Warning issued on Feb 6th 2007 and the first CAP letter issued on March 30th 2007 your AHT has not improved. Hence we are issuing you a 2nd CAP letter.

Your failure to meet expectations directly impacts our process statistics and is also a direct impact to process efficiency.

You are given time of 15 days from the date of issue of this letter to improve your performance to acceptable standards as defined by the KRO’s / SLAs. Your AHT during this 15 days period should be between 390 to 405 Seconds.

You would be under strict vigilance for _Pls mention the period till which the CAP would be observed this period . Pls mention the steps ahead as per the CAP policy

We would also like to inform you that any two instances as regards your AHT, Accuracy, Absenteeism and Schedule Adherence during this 15 day period should lead to strict Corrective action including termination from services without notice.

We are of the opinion that you will not give us another chance to issue you another warning letter and such instances shall not occur in future.

Employee Name (tr):

TM Name: (Team manager -):

OM Name (Operations Manager – ):

(Copy in a personal file)

Written memo in case when corrective action is required from the employee:

Employee Name : Employee ID :

Process : Designation : Sr CSE

Supervisor’s Name : Date of Issue :

Steps for corrective action plan:

1. TL to do remote and live barging of calls. Taking during this period.

2. Side-by-Side monitoring of at least 3 calls per day – Calls to be scored based on procedural handling and AHT.

3. Sharing of AHT and Accuracy Stats on a daily basis with daily feedbacks on these parameters.

Review date:_____________

Comments of TL/ TM:

Inspite of giving Sudip a fair chance and ensuring that he has been given regular feedbacks and assistance towards achieving his KRO metrics of AHT and Accuracy his performance has still not improved to acceptable standards.

We are issuing him this Second CAP letter and would continue to monitor his performance and review his Stats with him on a daily basis throughout this 15 day duration.

-Team Manager –

Review date:

Comments of TL/ TM:


Team Leader:

Team Manager:

From India, Mumbai
divya parmar
hello everyone, I want to know about the further courses related to HR after MBA b’coz i wnt to continue my studies side by doing job.
From India, Delhi
Nithya Palaniswamy

K.A: Mr. SK

Herewith i am enclosed the format of termination letter. I hope it may help you out.


Nithya P

Date, 2008

Mr ________



K.A: ______________

Sub: Termination from Employment

We have reviewed your employment with the Company and it has come to our notice that your performance and attitude level have not been satisfactory to the expectations of the Company and the same has been brought to your knowledge from time to time, which is a violation against the norms.

You are hereby informed that ________, 2008 is the last day of your employment with our Company. You are terminated with immediate effect.

You are requested to return all Company property to the concerned prior to your leaving the office premises. You are also requested to note that the provisions of your Appointment Letter pertaining to Confidentiality and other Obligations after Termination will continue to remain in force even subsequent to the termination of your services.

You may collect your full & final settlement dues, if any, from the Accounts Department.

For ______________ Ltd


Hi, Please do find the attachements of the letters you requested And i’ve attached some more Business Letters which may be useful to you Kindly let me know of suggestions
From India, Madras

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