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Dear All,

I am working as Sr.Executive – HR in Media Company from last 5 years. This year I had completed my MBA in HR & I am the only person looks after HR activity in the office.

This is the time where I have to get my promotion & increment.

But unfortunately company has been taken over (02nd time) by another organization again.

The new company is into agro base product not very big company also. CEO is not educated and doesn’t have any knowledge of corporate & systems. They send a female from their own organization to head HR & Admin. The new female doesn’t have any knowledge of HR & Admin. The co’s operation was stopped from last 1year. And the new female is giving the promotion of 2 persons & even she is having bias attitude with the employee. No system is followed by her. She is doing the thing which is absolutely unethical. Sorry to say very cheap character. She always uses the name of CEO and gets work done. I know she is lying.

I feel very bad & getting frustration that where am I working. I am planning to change desperately but not getting good one.

I am confused that should I tell all the things to my CEO or not. Or let it go. Anyhow I am going to change or right time.

If I am going to tell CEO, should I tell directly about the culture they are following & the way they are treating the employee is absolutely wrong. Just because of CHAMCHAGIRI nothing will be work out. This is not right path to sustain for a long time.

Pl seniors give me your suggestion it will help in my carrier & HR field also.

With Regards


From India, Mumbai
The way you have described the new company that took over your company; you will be barking against a brick wall if you try to change things. Bid your time and get out.
From United Kingdom
Certainly you can speak to your CEO but must not directly speaks about the problems but have to show them the lacks in system with a proper report.

What i meant with proper report is that you have to find the key points and problems that you can use for a base of your discussion with him and with the purpose of seeking a advice or discussion to make system and working atmosphere good, you can express yourself with these things. This is the very simple and safe way i would suggest to highlight the things are going on in the company in front of a seniors person at this position (CEO)

You have spent a good time here and are familiar with everything even have done alot to make good work system therefore you can get his confidence and convince him to discussion on the points you are intended.

See it is always difficult to discus these kind of issues with the seniors with this position and level because they have power and authority and also the dignity of this position sometime never allow them to understand the things are given by other people/managers/juniors but if in a manner these things we put froward, can get their attention and expect some positive response. And for this action we always required to finish our homework that i was talking about a Proper Report.

One and most important thing I also would like to highlight for you that you have used here is that CEO is not educated and doesn’t have any knowledge of corporate & systems. You can use this term at any cost however, can do your home work with keeping this in your mind that helps but cant underestimate a person who is sitting at this high post in a company who have taken over two companies (as per your statement).

If you have problem that you were not considered or been promoted and are worried about work culture/system which is not good at that supposed to be, you can work out and must have to do but cant ignore the facts as that she is senior and must have earned some good experience to hold her position at where she is today.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Jayashree,
u are already in a trouble of not getting promotion and increment, so, its better to speak out rather than brooding over the trifling matter. if u will not discuss the issues with concerned person it may cause apathy about the work environment.
All the best.

From India, Delhi
Dear Jayashree, Wait for the time to identify their mistakes. When the time comes explain them in a polite manner surely they will understand it. regards, Dhanasekar
From India, Chennai
Hello Jayashree,

Further to what other members suggested, there are a few aspects of human interaction that may be worth remembering always.

There are 2 phrases in Sanskrit--'Paatra daan' & 'Apaatra daan'--meaning 'eligible/deserving' & 'ineligible/undeserving' advice/suggestion/help/offer.

When you wish to 'advise/suggest/help', for a moment consider IF the other person(s) deserve(s) it. If yes, then go ahead. If not, just leave them & decide your own PoA. Some people just don't deserve the advice given out of good intent--it's more likely to be misunderstood/misconstrued than given the right place for further discussion or action.

Given what you mentioned--about the lady being brought-in as the HR person--obviously it looks that HER word will have the Final ear of the CEO, than YOUR'S. Also, I am not sure if the education of the CEO has anything to do with this situation--I know of CEOs who are low on education, but VERY SHARP in human understandings. So both are not necessarily linked all thru [it's as if nature tries to compensate the 'lack' of something with an 'abundance' of another trait].

Coming to the options in front of you, like Simhan mentioned, it does seem to be the time for you to 'move', while you still have time. And since you worked here for >5 yrs, there obviously would be a semblance of attachment--leading to your desire to discuss with the CEO. Per se, this isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' desire/action--it's more of the 'Timing' when you have to put across your views. My hunch would be that the best time would be--IF you are asked--when you leave [obviously, after you get another job]--since at that time, no one would be able to effect you career by playing dirty--even if they wanted to. If you aren't asked, just 'let go'. Some people learn the hard way--any attempt to help them out to learn faster is bound to boomerang on the 'helper'--which isn't worth it [what I meant by 'apaatra daan'].

Until then, I guess, the only option you may have is to play along & keep looking for better openings.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
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