Hi all, I am organising an HR event in my college and i want the event to be based on the current trends in HR. cant think of any good theme which will be catchy and trendy and yet be on really serious issues. its an event involving the corporates and MBA community. Please help!!!!
From India, Mumbai
Dear Renjini

This could be of help.

Employee Engagement is always a evergreen topic, simple to replicate in role plays/simulations with lots of interesting fun bits thrown in.

Read & understand what is Gallup Q 12. Engaged employees differentiate great organisations from mere good ones. Incidentally, each of Q 12 issues can be handled at the level of the shop floor manager.

Why is this critical? Because, while the top management of the organisation and the HR department both have a significant role to play in influencing employee satisfaction, the truth is that they cannot influence employee satisfaction on a hour to hour basis. This job can only be done by an employee’s immediate supervisor. It comes to a simple point, employees join organizations, but leave bosses.

The Q12 operates in a hierarchy. When an employee joins an organization he requires (1) role clarity & materials to perform his job. The next level looks at the (2) managerial support – does the individual fit into his job, (2b) does he receive recognition care & is someone looking after his development. The third level of the pyramid is where the (3) individual considers whether he belongs to the organization and the four questions here relate to team aspects.

Make a hilarious depiction. For instance, it is important that an employee knows clearly what to do on his job before he even starts thinking about how he can learn and grow.

It is important for him to be given the basic equipment he needs to do his job well (could be as basic a need as a pencil or a slightly more complex need such as computers).

Based on Q 12 you can enliven the depiction on the role of organizations in engaging employees.



From India, Kochi

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Dear Renjini,
With attrition levels being high in the industry. You can choos ethsi as teh main topic, and try to include employee engagement initiatives , or Q12 as suggested by Steney.
Dear Steney,
Thanks for sharing the slide on Q12.

From India, New Delhi

You might wish to have a topic such as "career planning & progression" and how it is managed across a spectrum of industries.
This could also form some part of the material for "employee retention".
All the best. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

From India, Mumbai
Hi guys all of ur inputs were great... But can anyone suggest me wat kind of topic will be good for the 1st year MBA students who still are not sure about HR.... Thanks a lot Ankita
From India, Mumbai
Hi all,
I have just started working as an HR recruiter and would like to know - What and from where should I read anything about HR that would help me and also help imrove my credentials... Please guide

From India, Gurgaon
Being 1st year MBA students u can choose topic like groupism,favouriatism......i am sure u will have in college too.....v have in office’s too.....
From India, Coimbatore
Hi just wondering could someone help me.. i hav to do an assignment for college. I have to complete a real time report that combines a review of literature and actual current ongoing hr and ir issues (3 issues). At first I thought this meant 3 things that have happened such as the unemployement rate reaching 12.7% and the whole aer lingus thing but now I think its about issues such as the diversity issue and recruitment. Im not sure can someone please help me.
From Ireland, Naas
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