Hi All,
As per PF act we have to deduct 12% PF amount from employees salary [Basic+DA] and employer will put his share as
8.33% in Pension Account
3.67% in PF Account
0.5% in EDLI Account
1.10% in PF Admin Charges Account
0.01% in EDLI Admin Charges Account [Please correct me if I am wrong]
Please tell me EDLI to be calculated in Gross Salary or Pension Salary. My company's approximate PF Salary Rs.12,00,000/- and Pension Salary Rs.9,00,000/-. For calculating EDLI which amount I have to take whether PF Salary or Pension Salary. Presently I am calculating in PF Salary. Need help in this regard - URGENT.
Kanaka - Chennai

From India, Madras

EDLI & Administrative Charges on EDLI are to be paid on the basis of salary on which EPF deductions has been made.

In your case it will be on Rs.1200000.00.

These charges are to be borne by the employer and no deduction on employee is to be made.

In the EPF deposit challan the amounts are to be mentioned in respect col.s as under

a) A/C No. 1 EPF ( 3.67% of employer share & 12 % of employee contb.)

b) A/C NO.2 Administrative Charges ( 1.1 % of salary on which EPF deducted)

c) A/C No.10 FPF ( 8.33% of employer share of contribution)

d) A/c No. 21 EDLI ( .5% of salary on which EPF deductions were made)

e) A/C No.22 Admin. Charges on EDLI ( .01% of salary on which EPF deductions were made)

Total amount is to be deposited through single challan in quadruplicate in STate Bank of India or State Bank of Patiala or Bank authorised in this behalf by EPF authorities.

Bank will keep two copies and return to copies as receipt.

One of the above bank recept is to be attached with EPF monthly return on Form 12A and to be submitted with office of Regional provident Fund Commissioner of your area.


Anil Anand

From India, New Delhi
Dear Mr.Anil Anand
Thank you very much for your information. But I have checked with PF Enforcement Officer regarding this issue. They have informed me that as per act we have to pay from Pensionable wages {i.e 6500/-] not in full salary [Total Basic+DA] and I have checked with EDLI Act book, in that also it mentioned only Rs.6500/- taken into account for calculating EDLI contribution.
For Example an employee salary is Rs.7500/- [ Basic + DA]
PF 12% is Rs.900/- Employee Contribtuion
Pension Rs.541/- [Employer Contribution]
PF Rs.359/- [Employer Contribution]
EDLI to be calculated from Rs.6500/- not in Rs.7500/- [6500*0.5%}
This for your information and further information please.

From India, Madras

Hi Kanak
I am very much in agreement with you. It is the Base amount of EPS that in any case cannot go beyond INR 6500.00 on which
EDLI contribution @ 0.50 % of &
EDLI Admin charges @ 0.01% is calculated.
Puran Dangwal

From India, New Delhi
Hi All,
Can anybody let me know that what the maximum age limit for EDLI contribution is?
Suppose if a worker is completed the age of 61 yrs then in this case we need to deposit EDLI contribution.

From India, Delhi
EDLI contribution is to be restricted to a salary of Rs 6500. There is no age limit for such contribution since it is a kind of insurance. Regards, Madhu.T.K
From India, Kannur
Hi every one !!!!
I have issue like
Company Offering CTC to every employee...we are giving them CTC break up at the time of Joining with Appointment.
In our salary sheet we are showing only monthly earning and Deduction and same Components displaied in Salary Sleep.......
Which is differ in the Amount from mentioned in Appointment Letter......
Need your guidance on it.... Is it Oke Or we have to Show same break up in both Documents....
2ndly, We are showing PF in Dedution Side as (PF Employers Side).
Can Show it in Salary Sheet.....??/

From India, Vadodara
In your case you have to deduct the edli amount on your PF gross and not on FPF account..
From India, Coimbatore
hi, I have a problem. a person’s basic salary is 20000/- pm. On Which basic amount EDIL charges 1.1% and .1% should calculated. Kindly help me.
From New Zealand, Auckland
dear kanaka
can u help me out we are not paying edli we are not showing in pf challan nor we are not pay to LIC but we are paying EDLI Admin charges in pf challan
can u give me the clarification that whether we has to pay admin charges or not

From India, Hyderabad

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