i am undergoing a project in a manufacturing company, {my summers}..now the mentor have asked me to build a pms structure. they earlier used vendors like mafoi n others, but now they want to restructure it and built a new pms model..

now he asked me to built a pms model, vch is transparent n self assessing in character..now i have gone thru many pms strutres and models , vch i founded here on cite hr..

but the thing is that, my mntor said ,,,{u have to built a pms structre which is new n innovative, and non conventional...means a bit path breaking..}

now i have structurised it in this way..its just the outline,,,but i need all repected seniors supports who are in the industry now..

Pre-requisites------ vision/mission/ethos/annual objectives

Performance planning----Organisationl objective/Team objective/individual obj---here KRA's are assigned and also the KPIs..

Performance Execution---- observation/documentation/feedback/updates/resources like trainning classes,spcl assignmnts/reinforcements

Performance assessments----- assessing the recrded performances**{this is the place i have to deliver my ideas, wid new ways of assessing wid self-assmnt idealogy, not conventionals like assessmnt centres, 360degree is big no-no,grading ,ranking ,forced distrbution is already used..

Performance review--- review board/review pannel/ interaction appraiser-appraise,make it much transparent n value-addition session,making it more robust..*** but here i need more ideas, this i founded in TV rao books, so sumthing new which is not in books but in industry.

Performance renewal & re-contracting/rewards --- this is the rewarding, counselling, empowerment.acknowledgmnt..etc session...as i seen in books..will i add the career development part over here???

the critical points:-

1.Now, what is in my mind like, when i am restructuring any pocess , i am bringing change, n so there wud be resistance to the change, so how wud i analyse the risk analysis of hr climate, .this is all i knew from my course study.....but how to do this in practical scenario

2.how can i rate people without actually creating any inter group or inter personal conflicts, like they will be ranked but not in points or numericals but sumthing other...sumthing new..

3. now this process or model needs to be implemented in ERP system, now this i actually dont know how to do..here i need some guidance..is there any software or like that anything , vch can help me..

4. i thought of adding one phase--- Performance Improvement phase. but where shud i actually fit it? ant what tools shud i use that are in industry presently...

Please dont attach any projects which are copied or already present...please help me learn. i want inputs. ideas , advices, where i went wrong, whta shud be the model like, i dun mind if i have to alter all the steps, i want to learn....

coz i have to make it, i need to know all the implications which i cudnt find in the book.. please help me..please...

From India, Calcutta
Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
Ministry Of Labour And Employment. Government

Dear Soumik

Do not be surprised in not getting responses. You will find there are some threads where the response to viewed is as low as 1/80.

Let me first thank you for posting enough details about the project and making a clear statement that you are not seeking completed projects. One piece of advice: please do not use SMS language It puts people like me off.

I am not a HR expert. Please correct me if I am wrong; I think you are a student pursuing a Masters degree. Is this part of your internship or your final project? What is the duration of your project? How large is the organisation and who all will be covered under the PMS? Kindly take a look at Performance management framework and systems and http://hraadi.mst.edu/documents/hr/P..._Flowchart.pdf found at Google

I am sure when you give more background information you will get some more positive responses.

Have a nice weekend.


Leaning and Teaching Fellow (Retd)

The University of Bolton, UK

Chief Advisor, Promentor-consulting

From United Kingdom
thanx a lot sir..n sorry for sms type languages, wont happen again..
1.yes sir am doing my masters in human resource.
2.this is my internship
3.duration dec 15- feb 15..
4.Private Sector Organisation that offers services in Engineering with Annual Total Turnover of 250-500 Crs and with Employee Strength of 501-1000.
5.my mentor said it will replace the old pms structure..n it will cover the mid-level {midlevel managers,senior officers, etc}and lower level employees { sales officers,executives,marketing excutives,BDE, engineers in the plants, etc}.

From India, Calcutta
sir i want to ask, is my outline clear enough?? means do u think my outline of the process of pms, which i stated is credibile, ?
From India, Calcutta
You seem to be on the right lines; please read the material suggested by me. I wonder what you will be able to achieve in the timescale given!!
I am sure some experienced HR persons will be able to throw light on it.

From United Kingdom
Today i showed him one outline, which i made while going through the material posted by u sir..{its a simple kra based pms structure, with constant feedback/monitoring and ample scope of reward/career development}

but my mentor said he doesnot want the traditional kra/kpi s to demonstrate one key roles..

now hes point is, that "it would be difficult for us to implement individual kras in the lower clerical level". Moreover being a public sector unit , its hard to implement kpi's which can create inter-group conflict in the mid managerial level, where the grade pay and role play are much contarsting, as for example, an assitant engnr in the corporate office is in the pay scale of 20900-1250-39000, like the plant supervisor of a ongoing project who is also of the same scale of 20900-1250-39000. Now here its hard to assign the kras n kpis according to the competencies required. like he saying. if now he differentiates them on their technical and managerial competencies, then their would be interpersonal conflict, as they both possess the same pay scale.and this scenario is quite common in many public sectr.

So basically hes saying to assign the key roles for the whole entity, without getting into level divisions.;ie make the roles for 5 levels viz. senior level- mid level-lowerlevel,etc..like this he said there would be 5 levels..now my question is that how will i assign the roles n competencies just on the basis of the hierarchy nature, without getting into the individual job requied k.s.a. i said this thing to him also, he said "this the issue you have to solve". but i couldn't figure out, how to create the pms just on the basis of the hierachy , n not taking all individual post into a/c.

And he also stressed that " i or rather my organisation follow behavioural anchored rating scale {BARS}, as because here the initiated action or the behaviour in the job assess the performance, and also its easy for us to implement, coz its transparent in nature. If u need to work out, then take bars into consideration and make any appraisal method u like, but it shud have 70% of the BARS 's specialities...

Now sir please help me , how to proceed,, how should i loook at this issue...any suggestions..plz help..

From India, Calcutta
Once you cultivate, it's hard to get rid of using SMS language.

I am no HR expert. However, I would compare job descriptions of various jobs in the same level and pick items which are common to all in the same pay scale and use only those elements to create BARS.

Kindly see Performance-Based Pay


Managing Performance in the Public ... - Gerrit Van der Waldt - Google Books

http://planejamento.gov.br <link updated to site home>

All found at Google

I am sure that you are capable of searching the net, just as I have done. Hence, I suggest that you use key words from your next query and find material and study and then post what you will be doing to meet your mentor's requirement.

Have a nice day.


From United Kingdom
Sir after goin through the differnt sources of information which you cited in your earlier post, i have tried to format a PMS structure.

the attached document is actually the pms model which i made, but its in a form of screen shots, which it would look like if the model is programed into an ERP environment. kindly go through the model and please tell me whether its feasible, or i have to restructure it.

1.i have given 50% weightage in planning goals{kra/kpa}

2.50% in perfrmance Matrix chart, which evaluates the candidates on certain parameters.

3.Now there is two login option:- 1.for employee, he logs in and fill it up, as a self appraisal format. Next the manager/appraiser logs in admin mode and re-evaluate.

4.I need to know how can i justify again the 50_50 weightage which i hav given , means can it be justified , like why a certain parameter is given 12% n other 10%. any ways to show it, so that the rationality of the process increases, like the purpose of competency mapping.



soumik mukherjee

From India, Calcutta

Attached Files (Download Requires Membership)
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Dear Soumik,
I have taken a quick look at the attachment. You have given equal weights to all the five factors in the appraisal. I did not understand how you can give 50% weight to appraisal and 50% to New Goals.
I would suggest that you conduct a brainstorming session with some inside the company to determine what weights should be given to the 5 sub-factors, instead of given equal weights. Depending upon how complicated you want to make the form, think about splitting the factors. As it stands at present, I will have some problem in assessing a person (For example, a person has functional competency and possesses knowledge but is not cost/quality/time conscious).
Whatever you do should be meaningful and acceptable to the stakeholders; hence, I suggest that you PILOT the scheme with a few to sort out any problems.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom

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