Time and tide wait for none. Time, such an important aspect in our lives are mostly mis-managed. Would request those interested in the topic to post their thoughts, please! Thanks Pension
From Oman
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As it goes, time management is a misnomer since time can not be managed at all and also time is the one true equalizer of all people, regardless of their class because we are all given the same amount of time in a given day. It's rather our actions that must be managed in relation to the time that we have.
So the question becomes, why do people mis-manage their actions? Any ideas?
Synergy Institute

From United States, San Diego

Dear Pension,
Time is not variable but a constant. It can not be stretched or compressed. We still wish to manage it. Procastination is a human failing which is mainly responsible for loss of time as also a source of worry. Steven Covey has aptly divided the activities as per their urgency and importance into four quadrants. Most of our life we commit the fatal error of functioning in quadrant I, which deals with crises management created by procastination.We have got to get over with crises management syndrome and start functioning in quadrantII which deals with urgent/important daily tasks. These need to be planned in advance.
Our priorities have got to be right.We can not start the day by giving highest priority to emails and telephones rather than taking up large chunks of urgent and important tasks early in the day.
Brigadier Ashwani Kumar

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Time management or self management whatever boils down to one thing finally what a person does in his daily life and why.
whatever we do we do to change the way we feel at that moment. Also we do any task for two reasons- 1) we want to feel good while doing and 2) we want to feel better after having done.
If we perceive beforehand one of these is missing we dont venture at all ( including the task essential for a productive day)
You & I do any task either to seek pleasure or avoid pain. Equally perceived pleasure makes us do and perceived pain makes us avoid task.
These twin forces emotionally hijack us every day.
Time management or self management will be relevant only if we understand the power of pain/pleasure principle.
Time management is not filling our life with hours & years, rather filling our hours & years full of life.
v ranganathan
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My two pence on this:

Time management/Self Management (could be used interchangeably) are directly and intensely linked with time bound goal setting and clarity of thoughts. Most of the people are not very sure of what they want to do/achieve. Most of them would be unable to answer the question, “[i]Where do you see yourself after 5, 10, 15 years.”?

Lack of purpose, lack of focus in life is a major challenge to effective time management by an individual. If our priorities are clear it is relatively easy to understand and apply the time management principles.

There is one precondition for managing time. We can only manage our time if we have enough work on hand to keep us busy. If we are at leisure with no work, it is very difficult to manage our time. Unless we have a certain time bound target to achieve, it is very difficult to tame our mind for managing time/self.

I would like to give one simple/common example but relevant to the topic. We all would have observed this at some point in our life. "Imagine that a boy comes from USA for 4 weeks. His parents have already shortlisted some of the girls for his alliance. In this short period of time, the boy goes through all the customary family procedures and is back to USA flying on cloud nine after marriage! Friends and family members bond together as a team and each person manages to complete her part of work so that marriage takes place smoothly. One thing to be noted here is that none of the rites, rituals and ceremonies are sacrificed for the dearth of time. Somehow everything falls in place and generally the ocassion finishes smoothly".

On the other hand sometimes even six months are not enough to plan and conduct an ocassion. The reasons are obvious, aren't they?

Any further comments welcome!



From India, Pune
The concept of Time Management should now move from Management to Leadership. The attitude, willingness and resolve to do the work makes a lot more impact than just using tips and techniques like how to overcome procrastination, how to prioritize, 80/20 rule etc.
Mobeen Tejani

Dear Ashwani, It was my general view about the topic "Time Management" and not in response to your mail. I didn’t even read your mail. Sorry for any misconceptions Best Regards Mobeen Tejani

Dear all
Time- is the only dimension available to all living and non living things(by human standard) in equal propotion. The greats had 24 hrs perday and the not so successful also had 24hrs. How that 24hrs are put into use makes the difference. One may like to call it time managment or management of time or life management as life, any life cycle, in itself is measured in time dimension.
They say even god doesnot want to meddle with flow of TIME. One can use it or leave it.
We are all provided on an average 2.4 crore heart beats or seconds for an adult life. How best we use or put in use makes all the difference for happiness, content, acheivement,sadness,failure and everythingh associated only with human emotions.
M H Sharieff
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People who say " I do not have sufficient time to carryout my work" are the people who manage time poorly. We do find a lot of them in the management jungle these days.
Plan the work and work the plan. Personal time management and goal setting guide
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