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While Changing my job from old Employer to and new Employer, would that be ok if my package was bit higher to get better salary in new company? Is this a regular practice?
thanks for your help!

From India, Mumbai
I am rather surprised that you are asking such a question. Do you know the consequences of such an action, if caught? What would your reaction be if the company exaggerated the work involved just to get you and you find that the job is routine?
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Have a nice day.
A retired academic in the UK.

From United Kingdom
I second Simhan and request you to avoid it. I agree many talents try and often get through, for some time. The fudging document and data is very easy to identify.
Salary information is cross checked with a bank statement. Even if , the salary slips and offer/appointment is fudged, it doesn't take too long to identify them.
Please stay away from it. I would rather point, that if you are in a lower salary bracket of your role, you stand a better chance of being hired. Every employer would want to hire a candidate who is skilled yet, economically viable. This allows them to hire the candidate faster, train and promote them through roles.
Request you to give my suggestion a thought. Wish you all the best!
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From India, Mumbai
Hello Mangesh,
I am with Simhan & (Cite Contribution).
Also, forget about whether 'this is a regular practice' or not. Just answer this for yourself: is this the RIGHT practice?
Since both Simhan & (Cite Contribution) have covered the logic & consequences, all I would like to add is a Quote of Abraham Lincoln: You can fool all people for some time, some people all the time, but YOU CAN'T fool all the people all the time.
If you really want to test your luck, go ahead & try it out---but later pl don't post a thread in CiteHR to suggest how to get out of the situation........since, as far as I can see, the outcome is a foregone conclusion [more a matter of 'WHEN' rather than 'if'].

From India, Hyderabad
Hello Mangesh,
If this thread has been posted along with the one mentioned below, then the only impression I get is this: 'you are trying to act smart' by misusing this Forum.
By posting innocuous-looking threads like these, you aren't doing anyone a favour, including yourself.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mangesh,
Please never think of cheating anybody. You are quite young and have a very bright future. Please do not shadow it with lies. It is really your goodness that you confirmed it from the forum and all seniors have warned you against it. Please follow their advice. God bless you.

From India, Pune
I am not trying to "act smart" I had two queries, so i asked them, and about "misusing this Forum" I didn’t mean to, but this is free forum and I have all rights to ask what I want to ask.
From India, Mumbai
This should actually be a no-brainer and I'm amazed at how someone can even ask a question like this! Are you aware of the consequences if caught? WOM spreads fast in the corporate world, and you'll be surprised at how many people would find out about it if you get caught!
Your whole career would be at stake! All for a package- which would get raised eventually- based on your performance capabilities.
Would advise you not to do this at any cost.
Simran Soni

From India, Delhi
Hello Mangesh,

I do understand when you mention "......about "misusing this Forum" I didn't mean to". Afterall, no one knows everything or does everything right, me included--that's what this Forum is for.

And there's nothing to bar anyone from asking multiple queries in a single posting--especially if they are related [which your's seem to be]. In fact, that would give those responding a chance to give a more well-informed guidance/suggestion.

Coming to your comments "........this is free forum and I have all 'rights' to ask what I want to ask.......".

Suggest don't ever think on those lines, since that attitude would more than likely take you on a path where the motive/intent veers away from your act--either of asking or doing.

It would be like someone saying: India is a free Country, so I have all 'rights' to do what I want to do"--hope you get the meaning & the co-relation to what you mentioned.

This Forum is for those who are in a GENUINE NEED for sharing & knowing & for those who make GENUINE MISTAKES. NOT for those who put across queries with the intention to misuse/abuse/misrepresent. Just look @ some of the recent queries & the responses and you would be able to realize what this means & entails [one member asked brazenly for guidance for 'backdoor entry' into a well-known IT Company :-)].

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
I am copying the message which I posted at

May I make a sincere appeal to all. We should not engage in a debate or make statements that would create exchange of messages going beyond the topic in question. If we have to make critical comments about other bloggers, then we should resort to writing PRIVATE messages or mails. This will help to keep the discussions in the thread free from emotions.

There is a saying in English "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words do not hurt me". If we follow that, then I am sure we will avoid reacting to people's comments.

We all can do with a bit of self-reflection, as to why we make critical comments in the first place. Also, there is an old Sanskrit saying which states

Please tell the TRUTH

Please say that is PLEASING

Do not tell the TRUTH if it is UNPLEASENT

Nevel tell a LIE just to PLEASE.

I am not perfect as I also violate the principles that I have quoted.

Have a nice day.


From United Kingdom

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