i hav completed my mba in hr this year. Can i do b.ed after mba in hr? as i want to go for teaching in schools
From India, Mumbai
MBA with B.Ed is an odd combination. If you are interested in teaching line, pursue B.Ed. regards R.Ponraj
From India, Lucknow
Dear Friend, Rather than Going for B.ed..The best option is you can go for SAP Implementation. If you need any clarifications regarding SAP...contact immediately 9535491237. Regards, Dharshana.
From India, Bangalore
actually thing is i hav worked for hr consultancy for 5 months.... n its very tiring working for 10 hrs n still getting only 6 to 8k per month.. and i stay vry far from town so much time is consumed in travelling...
so i feel i shld do b.ed n teach in any school nearby to my place.. working hrs will b reduced 50% and salary also might b same as i get or more than this i suppose..
but do people do b.ed after mba or i am the only one who want to do it??

From India, Mumbai
dear "The Cute" person of this universe,

i want to answer your cute question,

firstly i want to assert the wisdom note again that every work will be tiring if you would be doing it for a remuneration that too in money terms,

and more, you have worked only for a feeble time span that too in a HR cosultancy, might be they had not offered you a wholistic profile which you might have been dreamt for before opting for the MBA, if you have selected a career after putting a deep thought, during this short period reaching to a conclusion that it is a wrong career is not suggestable, you might find the teaching profile again tiring after moving into it,

might it happen too that employrs find it confusing on your part changing career paths too early if you go for hurried up dicisions,

again i think that you are not in a right place as the profile you are talking about is a recruiter position i think ( i m just guessing), and it is a realty now a days about such jobs is that people in this profile are not up to the industry standards and they are being employed for the sake of low cost work force by a large number of consultancies.....

i suggest you to first find a core HR job without regarding it salary, your concern regarding it is probably due to your high dreams or unrealistic things you might be knowing about the job market, analyse the job on the parameteres related with job satisfaction, growth aspect, your after 5 year position etc....

one of my friends has suggested you to do SAP in one of the posts above, about which you might not be knowing anything, so do a research about it before even selecting it, i agree with the friend that SAP is a very good prospect, but it will be of material importance here to look into your capabilities and interest.........

there are other options too against a teaching profile, even a college teaching may be better if you have courage to face the NET and finding a more lucrative job prospect....... or you can even go for PSU jobs if you are finding yourself fit for national level competition, even you can think for its preparation.......

you might have undergone CATor MAT or so, how good a Banking Competition is ?

i m suggesting you these things because you have told that you are working for about 8 hours, and such labour, if you can put for yourself following a self discipline, can do miracles for you........

if you have dicided to go into an Intermediate teacher profile are even below it...... go for a B. Ed. but think before it, a song from an old movie

"mar jaayenge......... mit jaayenge............ kaam koi kar jaayenge,

marr k bhi jo chain na mila to jaayenge yaron kanha"

i think you should go for a HR Training-cum-Placement agency before giving up......

it can work......

the field is for fighters so think once more before leaving........

all the best,

with regards,


From India, Gurgaon
OMG! shivendra such a big explanation...! r u urself a lecturer? thanx for tht... i will think about it.. :)
From India, Mumbai
SAP course fees is very high i suppose... i had thot abt it 1yr back during my mba college days.. bt i found its fees very high.. cant efford :(
From India, Mumbai
Hi Cute,

SAP HR is an ERP but far exhaustive so high cost is in my view reasonable, it has 74 modules in all, HR module is one of these, it is real time software to manage and promote the organization,

there are three profiles u can be able to work in after being certified, these are the implimentation, the support, and the end user profile, only the siemence and the genovate are authorised to certify you in india and the eligibility for this is a corporate experience of 2+ years,

as far as the career prospect is meant it is great...... a green field.....

though there are agencies providing SAP training for certification of their own which would be enough for local level recognition but not for dream assignments, i agree in comparision to the rs around four lacs if they are charging thirty-thirty five thousand ( much comparable to cost you would have to incure in B. Ed.), they would be providing you a foothold reasonably in this field...... further you can go for the certification.....

those who are not having the 2+ years of experience would not be considered by the agencies i have mentioned above but after going for the SAP training from local agencies, at least be considered good enough to get a position in SAP requirements........

and one thing i want to make clear is that the SAP is about technical expertise related with the installation an maintenance of a software in the particular field of business activity such as HR, Finance, Marketing, logistics, Inventory etc. the domain knowledge is required to go on customizing the software as per the requirements and policies of the organisation where you would be working as SAP expert..........

with regards


more at https://www.citehr.com/294498-sap-hr...#ixzz16V0KZ4v8

From India, Gurgaon
hmmmm... i hav done my graduation in IT... so software n installion things wont b any problem... hmmmm seems a beter option for me then.... will think...
From India, Mumbai
I think, you are taking it very easy again,
its not that kind of installation my dear, it is something like imparting expertise of the SAP module coupled with the domain knowledge of your specialization,
being from a Software background you were thinking of a B.Ed. ????
any ways, i think your background seems good and you are really not getting a pay up to your qualification........
i thuink a face to face cosultation with some expert of SAP, if you opt for it, open mindedly, will be of great help....
owing to your background you can go for other modules too such as ABAP etc.
with regards,

From India, Gurgaon

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