I have a couple of queries & it would be great if you can spare your valuable time on this.

Well, i am givin TISS on the 12th of december. i've not done much (focusing) preparation for it, yet.

Just wanted to know on the followin:

1) Wanted to know the exact pattern of the paper, and i've heard the paper is quite easy.

now the term "easy" differs with persons, so if you can give me a clue about it!

2) What are the materials you would suggest me to prepare from.

one. for the test-1 (i'm preparing for cat, i suppose this would suffice-correct me if 'm wrong)

two. for test- 2 what materials and articles should i focus more on?(i ve opted for HRM&LR, GL & SW&RD).

three. what other ground work with respect to these two should i do at this stage?

3) What is the general pattern of giving the test, as in, will all the papers be together?

like, will we be given all the papers together & we can choose which one to start first?

4) In case you have any soft copy of sample paper or materials u can share with me, would be great!

5) Besides that, plz tel me if there is any randon suggestion you would want to give while preparing fo tiss?

(in case, iam missing out on an important point in your view, i ll be obliged if you can add that to this list).

Awaiting your kind reply & thank you in assumption.

Best Regards,


From India, Madras
Hey Shilpa!
M Neha and M preparing for TISS entrance exam for MA in HR 2011...pls tell me if you got any answer to your questions. Pls share with me too! You will be helping me out in a great way! I need to know what books did you refer to for the xam?
Neha Jain

From India, Delhi
Hi Neha,

Good that you are preparing well in advance for TISS. I had started my prep by the end of october, for the test to be held in the 2nd week of December!!! Now frankly the test was not all that tough just how seniors at TISS had told me.. but then I could clear only MA.SWRD tho not HRM&LR which i presumed, i had done well!

Well so let me tel you how it all goes.. there are 2 papers when it comes to the written part of it..
first. General one, common for all the streams. here u ought to be aware of the day-to-day happenings, current affairs, Verbal, quants, logical reasoning, which trust me, is too easy to tackle.. if u're in plans to give ur cat (with a serious preparation) trust me it would be nothing but a cake walk.. it a very general and simple paper.

Second. This is a li'l subject-oriented one and needs a serious preparation. if you'r opting for HRM&LR then "Human Resource Management" by Aswathappa is a very good book (a MUST-READ in my opinion). This section would comprise of applications and general concepts pertaining to HRM. so u ll have to read on that a li'l.

Overall the paper was easy.. you can opt for maximum 3 subjects but at the end of the day u can join for only one (also to keep in mind that once u qualify the writtens, during interview the interviewers would expect an explaination over your opting for the 3 subject, & u must be in a position to justify).

I hope this info helped you.. in case of any more info please do not hesitate to post :)


From India, Madras
Hey Shilpa!!!

Thanks a ton for replying so promptly to my query! You have helped me largely in this matter! Most of my friends who are preparing for CAT and know about TISS keep warning me about the entrance of the institute but now I am sooo relaxed by your mail that the test would not be that tough! thanks!

Now, the first thing I will do is purchase the book that you have suggested and tomorrow I am also going to talk to TIME coaching center for tuition classes for CAT as to be honest I have not been that good at Mathematics and now preparing for the same is no less than a challenge for me! But, did you take any coaching for TISS ent. exam? and secondly, what is this MA.SWRD? So does it mean that I will have to choose any three streams and then at the end they will ask me choose one amongst those three or will they give me a stream as per my performance? Thanks so much for coping up with my questions :P I really need help! Thanks again! :)

Hey BTW are U from Delhi?

Neha Jain

From India, Delhi
Hi Neha,

Hey there's nothing wrong in asking what you are doubtful about, i would be pleased if i'm of help.. well firstly, m not from Delhi i belong to Hyderabad but staying at Chennai currently.

Secondly, MA.SWRD refers to MA. Social Work in Rural Development.

So, while you are filling up your forms for TISS you can apply for maximum 3 programs, i had applied for two: 1) HRM&LR and 2) MA. SWRD. i would want you to have a look at the official TISS website it would be helpful and clear most of your doubts.

No, i had not taken up any coaching class for TISS specifically, but yes in 2009 i had taken up CAT Coaching at TIME.. I felt it dint help me much as i was solely dependent on the classes, i was working then and my schedule used to be real tight.. well i think its good that you are taking up cat coaching and would advise you to take it seriously with your personal prep & efforts alongside.. do not solely depend on the classes!

I felt the first paper (where your CAT-Coaching classes will help) was way too easy.. suggest you to download the last yrs question paper from the TISS website or if u're able to manage it from elsewhere. solve it with no prior prep and u'll surely be able to answer around more than 50 % questions.. jus develop time management cuz while taking up the test on D-day the time flew away.. paper is lengthy and easy so this is where u ve to concentrate more..

Regarding the second paper.. decide which are all programes you want to opt for and why.. once you have the answers you can go ahead with your prep accordingly and seriously..

Best wishes,


From India, Madras
regarding your choosing the streams..
Well, you can choose maximum of 3 programs like mentioned in my previous post.. if you qualify the cut-off scores of all the 3 u'll be called for the GD/PI for all the three programs.. if you successfully qualify the final cut-off of all the three its all upto you to choose one among the 3 programs as u cannot take up all the three at the same time..
Hope the info helped!

From India, Madras
Heyyy Shilpa!!!
Thank You so so so much for all the help! I was so unclear about the entrance test of TISS prior to our discussion but now the picture is 90% clear! :d Thank You!
I am focusing only on HR and if I hope I do not get any other stream! Yes, I have downloaded sample papers from some source online but could not find any from the Institute's website...I will search again though!
Well, I guess this was it for now...I will definitely write more if I will get stuck anywhere...where else will I go :P
So...Thank You so much for your incredible help, Shilpa!
Take Care!
Neha Jain

From India, Delhi
Dear Neha, Glad that i could help you! All the best and Happy preparations. Best Regards, SHILPA
From India, Madras
Hi Shilpa,
Your responses are very good. I'm planning to write TISS entrance exam for M.A Social Work in Disability Studies this december. Could you pls tell me some good materials/books for preparation? I'm very much interested in the course and looking forward to it. Pls tell me about what type of questions will appear. I searched a lot on their website but couldn't find anything relevant to the paper pattern.
Thanks in advance. Any help is highly appreciated.

From India, Chennai
Hi Shilpa and Neha!! If you read this reply please let me know your current status :) I am writing TISS this year. This thread was highly useful for me . Thanks to both of you

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