Hello Everyone, Can anybody give me details regarding the PF n ESI contribution that the employee n employer have to do. I mean the percentage that each have to contribute towards PF n ESI. Thank u.
2nd October 2010 From India, Mumbai

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Dear Pramada, For ESI rate of contribution is 4.75% for the emplyer and 1.75% for the employees. For PF is uniform 12% for both. Employee has a choice for additional contribution.
2nd October 2010 From India, Pune
Mr. Pramada,
In EPF Dediction :-
Employer share is 13.61%
Employee share is 12%
total share of EPF is 25.61%
And the ESI deduction is correct as said by mr. upadhaya.
Thanks !
Regards !
hemant kashyap
4th October 2010 From India, Delhi
Re: Details Regarding Salary Break Up of Salary an how the salary break up method kindly guide me in this regard for prepration of salary break up.pls help me regards anurag dubey
4th October 2010 From India, Delhi
for pf
employee contribution is 12% on basic +da
for empler 12+1.61% admin charges
in pf challan form
employer contribution 3.67%in pf
8.33% on pension fund
for esi
employe has to contribute 1.75%
employer has to contribute 4.75%
suman saurabh

4th October 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear Pramada.D is your unit is a new establishment? If not you should go by the practice being followed already there. Please study the previous practice being followed.
However, Y K Upadhyay, Hemant Kashyap and Suman Saurabh has explained it well.
4th October 2010 From India, Chandigarh
Any body tell me what is the basic salary it means 50% or 60% of total salary it is basing on the industry or place
10th January 2015 From India, Nalgonda
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