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Thread Started by #rrr.ruchin

Dear All,
Could you please advice me how can i improve my communcition skills,
I am currently working in a travel Management company and facing lot of problem becouse of english
Please provide some guidence
Ruchin Gupta
26th September 2010 From India, New Delhi
26th September 2010 From India, Coimbatore
Hi Rachin,
Follow below steps
1) Read Newspaper everyday loudly - This will help you gain knowledge on new words and improve your pronunciation.
2) Read tongue Twisters - This would help you to your Mother Tongue Influence.
3) Stand before mirror and talk in English on any topic - This would remove your stage fear and your improve your fluency.
4) MOST IMPORTANT - TALK ONLY IN ENGLISH WITH EVERY ONE. let others speak in what ever language but you talk only in English.
I am sure these steps would help you a lot. ALL the best.
26th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Rachin,
This is Dr.Muralikrishna,Retired Professor of Linguistics. you need to learn the usage of English words. Learn the usages from a book namely PRACTICAL ENGLISH USAGE by MICHAEL SWAN published by OXFORD PRESS.Further you can contact 09952923392.
with regards,
26th September 2010 From India, Mumbai

For anything you do in life, a clear goal /vision, adequate motivation / enthusiasm, hard work / discipline and the ability to take risks/ challenges are critical attributes.

However if you are seeking help in learning English what you require is the
key attributes called 'discipline' and 'enthusiasm' with which you can achieve
anything you want.

Your enthusiasm is the reason you wrote in at Citehr. The next test is to
be disciplined and follow the suggestions given here.

1. My first suggestion is to read as much in English as possible. A
standard daily English Newspaper and the Readers Digest have very good
reading material.

2. Make more English speaking friends and make a determined effort
to speak only in English, even if you keep forgetting words, or tend
to stammer or your friends tend to laugh at you. This will require a
lot of will power but believe me you will soon improve.

3. I would also suggest you try to learn at least 3 -5 new words
and look up the meaning in a dictionary. then try and use these words
in your daily work and in your communication.

4. If you still feel that professional help is needed then you will
have to attend English speaking classes

5. Finally, if you can, do visit my blogs listed below regularly and try to learn
the new words in it and also be inspired by it. You can click on the
links below for instant access. - Daily Blog - Weekly Blog

Best Wishes
26th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
dear friend
1. just overcome the inferiority complex that u are not good at spoken or written english.
2. read chandamama amar chitra katha karaddi tales panch tantra series etc for few months . they hv the simplest english to speak and learn
3. read harry potter all 7 volumes
4. if u have any grammar books in ur box BURN them for a year when u ae learning
dr ram professor
26th September 2010 From India, Indore
listen to english songs and try to get in thru the lyrics Read english news paper and communicate in english as much as u can
27th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear friend,
Most of my other freinds have given you the best advice, I would like to add just one more thing.
We face the problem of not being able to talk fluently in english due to one basic reason...when we think in our mother tongue but try and talk in english. You need to practice and think in english to see good results.
Best of luck for all your efforts.
27th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi dear
one of my trick, if u are finding difficulty to speak with others in english, practice the same in your mobile on off body will check with you that whether other side anybody is there............but b careful that make it your ring ton to mute or vibration mode.............................................. .....................give me the response of this trick
27th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Improve Your English Speaking and English Pronunciation Skills

The first rule of speaking English is to speak clearly, concisely and use simple vocabulary. KISS - keep it short and simple. The value in what you have to say is what you say, not how clever you look or sound when you say it.

English speaking tips
Get over any fear you might have of making mistakes. You will make mistakes.

Be patient with yourself.

Learning any language can be frustrating, but frustration won't help you, so let it go.

Grasp every opportunity you have to speak with people in English.

Talk to friends who are also learning English.

Read short stories out loud and try to see.

Try singing along to English songs.

Use internet to improve English:

Pronunciation skills

Don't get too hung up on trying to sound like a native speaker.

Learn the phonetic alphabet.

List words that have the same sound add to the lists as you learn more words.

Work on one problem sound at a time.

Read slowly concentrating on the pronunciation of particular words.

Pay particular attention to speed and diction above all you can use the beautiful book "Word Power" by Normal Lewis which improves your vocabulary by a great extent.

Radhakrishna S
Training Manager
27th September 2010 From India, Bangalore

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Hello Ruchin,
I dont have any idea about some website which can help you but i have improved my communication through writing. I had started writing on daily basis like my day to day routine or on my favourate topic also I use to read a lot whether its online or novel or newspaper.
this has really shown improvements on me check out if it will help you.
Hiral Jethwa
27th September 2010 From India, Jabalpur
Hai Dear
Best way rto learn any language is to speak with others in that language. Let others laugh on you if they do,you will learn it.Never br shame you are learning it.For learning any lang you have to speak in that language or read english novels and watch good english movies.
But speak in english to learn english
27th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
dear, without any fear start using language. make some friends who have good command on language.
27th September 2010 From India, Nasik
You have got very valuable suggestions from your fellow site members. I would like to add " just keep on practicing English, follow above steps. I hope you will soon have good hold on English.
Best wishes,
Keeep on trying
Ravi Goel
27th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Practice English is most import, just reading English newspaper carefully daily 1 hour for one year loudly will help you. Also when you see some word find out meaning form Dictionary.
Most important is look how this word has been used in sentence to give meaning and create sense.
27th September 2010 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
dear friends, please send me PF Forms in excel format with editable. I read the suggestion friends all given which also useful tome I will try my day to day life. thank you,
27th September 2010 From India, Madras ... read everything in English that you can lay your hands on. Try to keep away from material which has a lot of slang usage in it.
I have realised that we communicate most effectively in the language that we think in. So, start thinking about things in English!
27th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
You should make a habit to read English New Papers at least one hour a day with dictionary and try to understand the meaning of all the words.
after Making your vocabulary somewhat strong try to convert it in you own words. Certainly all these exercises will improve your English
Rajiv Singh
27th September 2010 From India
Dear Sir,
First concentrate on your Vocabulary, where you can get more words which help you to speak well,then you have to avoid your fear against your customer, tell them what ever your english be,if you need fluency then you have to read loudly in front of mirror or join english classes.

27th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi, I'm Ellis Maven Nathan, a trusted English Language Trainer, teaching since 1976. I teach in an institute called Teaching Fish, Hyderabad. I train online too and at the moment I have students from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
For further details please contact me stating your full name, qualification, medium of study and location. Maybe I could be of use. Regards. 09866508306 or . All the best.
27th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear all,
English has rules that govern the writing and speaking ( grammar and consonants).
The following steps can assist you:
1. Understand the english alphabet (A-z)
2. Get use to : first person singular
Second person singular
Third person singular
also, on First to Third Plural.
3. Master the punctuation marks
comma, semi-colon, full-stop etc
4. Speak english regularly and monitor your tenses, also how you construct your statement.
5.Be clever when to use the present tenses, past tenses and past participle.
5. Read regularly and find meaning to new words in the dictionary.
27th September 2010 From Nigeria, Abeokuta
Dear Ruchin,
Before adding any advice, I´d like to know how good your English is. For instance, you were able to write for help in English so your knowledge is not nul. am I right?
If you want, we can talk more about it.
Best Regards.
28th September 2010 From Brazil, São Paulo
go back to your school days and the mischievous action of reading books other than subject related ones. I mean to say the BEST WAY is by reading pictorial comics / chasing story books which will help fast understanding and language easily - also the way of expressions could also be improved. IT IS MY PRACTICAL GAINED EXPOSURE.
venkat bala
28th September 2010 From India, Madras
First and foremost, START THINKING in ENGLISH....
Usually we always tend think in our mother tongue and then try to speak English. With this we try to mix or miss out English’s grammar and language flow.
So, first think in English and then speak.......and also do follow other important tips suggested by members.
Be consistent and practice regularly after few days it becomes habit.
All the best....
Pavan Kumar SH
Manager – HR & Client Relations, URC Infotec
28th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ruchin,
Make your mistakes your experience,,,, talk in english,,,walk in english, eat in english, sleep in english and dream in english,,,,, wrong or right just speak in english,,, let people correct your mistakes,,, dont get frustrated by corrections ,,,rather except them ,,,, then your mistakes will become your experience,,,,and you will achieve whatever goal you set for your self.
Warm Regards
28th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Language is a means of communication. We cannot be perfect in any one language - Specially English, as this language has been used and abused in many different ways - Every one speaks in his own STYLE -
First of all you need to have an attitude (correct and genial)- be confident - Keep speaking and using the English language the way you know - keep an open mind - Listen to others - take tips from the speakers - listen to the way they pronounce the words and imitate...
Practice - dont give up even if your friends laugh - for they are not your friends.
Ravi Menon
28th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
My advises :
- remove fear that u cant spk english.
- fluency comes from practice
- Keep urself enthu for learning
- If u think to speak just start speaking.
- learn few sentence building rules if u r not aware of.
- Think in English.
- Read News Paper.
- Talk in English. Make friends group who keen to be fluent.
- If u can afford join Spoken english class so that u ll get such ppl like u
All The BEST. Perhaps english is the easiest lang to learn and that s why Internationally Accepted Language.
28th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Talk english, sing english, Sleep english and wake english..... i.e my dear friend whatever you do use english as conversation language. You will definitely improve
28th September 2010 From India, Pune
english is very important for life if have good english knowldge you can go anyware in world. you have no problem so lets do the things 1 ) take lkg to 10 th std all english book u will improveing
28th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,
Their are certain things which would help you to improve your verbal communication skills as mentioned below :
1. Everyday read english newspaper.
2. Everyday listen english news channel, movies or programmes where you will come to know the use of the right "words" at the right time, place & situation e.g. we can't use "drowning" for ship instead of shipping.
3. To improve your communication speak in front of the mirror as suggested by one of the friend.
4. To improve your vocabulary use words with similar texture but different meanings like train, brain, again, bargain, main, drain etc. These are the words of the same family but different meanings.
5. Always try to know the Hindi or in any regional language meaning of any English word you know. The person who has good command over "one language" can command on the other language very easily.
Good Luck !!
28th September 2010 From India, New Delhi
Learning any language takes a lot of effort. You first need to study English very hard.
Second, you can find an experienced English teacher whom you can study under.
Third, try to use English at all times. If you have no one to talk to. Try to summarize the stories you read. You can also talk on paper. For example, keep writing your diaries, journals, or essays very often and have them proofread.
28th September 2010 From Egypt, Tanta
Dear All,
Could you please advice me how can i improve my communcition skills,
I am currently working in a insurance ccompany and facing lot of problem becouse of english
Please provide some guidence
Thank's & Regards
Rajendra Singh
Madhubani Bihar
28th September 2010 From India
Hi ,
Absolute points to get over this problem of communication..
Vandana's point - vital one, this will actually help you in overcoming all problems in communication, Start thinking in english.
ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!
28th September 2010 From India, Calcutta
Good afternoon sir, i am senthil, i need a salary structure and then pf and esi calculation for how many percentage and other allowance percentage pls tell.
28th September 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Ruchin
Before practicing please have confidence - that you will be able to speak english fluently like others.
Don't have inferiority complex - that you will not be able to speak english - In many developed countries, english is not spoken compulsorily - ok
Start reading english news papers loudly - at least one page daily -
Keep watching english news channel - watch their lips movement, listen carefully their pronounciation/moulation
Please decide well in advance what do you want to communicate - form the sentences in mind - then
start speak - speak slowly word by word, what you want to communicate -
By practicing you will become master - All thebest
28th September 2010 From India, Madras
You can improve your communication skills online, get complete study material for to Learn English language with all module.
28th September 2010 From India, Chandigarh
HI Ruchin,
take the help of any 1 of your close friends who is good at English language, ie with pronunciations and spellings. u take the initiative to use English at work and with your friend and ask him to correct u as soon as u make a mistake. This will help u.. Any word u do not understand, make use of a pocket dictionary and keep 1 at work and home.
All the very best and im sure u will speak better if u follow the advices given to u by people on this forum..
28th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
it was good but is there any person to introduce a website in order that we can have some info on that and make some sense....
28th September 2010 From Singapore, Singapore
Very nice forum to learn a lots of things. and I like the intensity of the people to help others through this forusm.
Ruchin, now you have so many adivces from the nice people here use them properly and as someone said in this thread... talk english, eat english, sleep english...
Take care!
28th September 2010 From India, Delhi
lots of good suggestion to improve english....
i do believe these suggestions work as i was also facing the same problem 1 year ahead but now i speak confidently but still i am not able to improve my pronunciation part.......
can any one suggest me the best way to improve pronunciation and remove Mother tongue impression....
28th September 2010 From India, Gurgaon
Hi every one, i just to say that we think that english is a tuff langauge included me. So first of all take a desicion that we do it......then everything possible......... Dharmendra hr exct.
28th September 2010 From India, Shimla
engllish is not easy language as you know please focus on english you should read english news paper,you should watch english news and english movies you should practice regularerly speake english
atul patel
29th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ruchin,
Join toastmasters club nearby to you in your city. I beleive you are shy to shine, they help to overcome your shyness. Definetly you will conquer English Language. The Toastmasters gather for the same purposes and likely they are like minded people. You can quench your thirst.
29th September 2010 From Bahrain, Manama
I wud like to suggest to watch TV- Programme on Interview or group discussion on current topics. This takes place in Doordarshan channels. Also listen All India Radio- news broadcast division's discussions on current burning topics.
29th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
hey the best way is pick some amazing movies like: the sound of music or harry potter series or even lord of the rings. when u watch them, they are entertianing, yet turns to be a learning experience. watch them with subtitles.
and the daily news in english[their diction and articulation is too good]
also u get videos to help improve english, try them
and remember when u are learning happily accept your mistakes and be quick to say 'i beg u pardon' and corrrect yourself..
you can also subscribe to daily mails form which teach one new word everyday to compliment your learning.. practice is very important when it comes to language skills.. and i think it is a continuous journey.
try any of the suggestions slowly and have patience, you are bound to see a positive change.
all the best!
30th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Good Evening everyone!!! I just wanted to know how the Six Sigma course would be helpful to the professionals. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks
12th October 2010 From India, Karimnagar
Good Evening everyone!!! I just wanted to know how the Six Sigma course would be helpful to the professionals. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks
12th October 2010 From India, Karimnagar
my dear friend, you have got number of suggestions. besides, you watch some of your favourite programmes in english with subtitles and enjoy the learning
12th October 2010 From India, Kakinada
I would suggest you to take help from these three sites. They are really useful-
Vocabulary Building
<link no longer exists - removed>
<link no longer exists - removed>
14th December 2010 From India, Delhi
Learn language(English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and many more teaching from live native speakers from USA, UK ,Canada, Ireland and Australia … etc Contact us at , for a Demo class ..
15th December 2010 From India, Delhi
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