One day a known person approached Chankya and enthusiastically started saying, “Do you know, just a while ago, I heard few things from you friend about you?”

Chankya was famous for his wisdom, knowledge and good behavior. He said to his known person, “Before I listen to what you have to say, I would like to test it through my three step testing.”

“What is this three step test?”, the person asked.

Chankya made him understand, “ Before you tell me about what my friend has said, let us test it. I call this testing – a three step test. The first test is of truth-ness. Is it sure that whatever you are going to say is a truth?”

“No”, the person dais, “ I have heard it from somewhere.”

“Okay”, Chankaya analyzed. “If you don’t know whether this is truth or not, we will do another test. The second test is for goodness. Are you going to tell me some good thing about my friend?”

“No, it’s opposite to it…..”

“Then”, Chankya asked further. “Whatever you are going to say, is not the truth, is not positive about my friend then lets do the third test. The third test is of usefulness. Whatever you are going to tell me, is that useful to me?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Chankya then said the last thing.

“Whatever you are suppose to tell me, it is not true, its not positive and its not useful also, then why you want to tell me?”



From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Ma'am
I have read a similar story. However the protagonist in this scenario was Socrates, one of the greatest of Thinkers mankind has ever known...I think this story originally was with relation to Socrates and not Chanakya!!!

From India, Mumbai
Its really Great shweta to avoide unnecessary conversation and chitchat. We can stop unwanted discussion. Thanks a lot. I learn this from you. I will always remember you. Thanks a lot
From India, Pune
This is a very good story. If atleast 20% people understand this there would be no quarrels and misunderstanding in this world
From India, New Delhi
Hi Sweta,
Its really inspiring and thought provoking story. If all informations are screened thru these parameters only matters of real importance and neccessity can we concentrate and work upon. This is also a step towards positivity.
Thanks for sharing.........

Dear Hari,
May it be the story of Socrates (469 - 399 BC) about his student, or that be of Chanakya (350–283 BC) about his friend, no authenticated reference source is available for the story, being related to more than 2000 years of their existence. That does not mean we should ignore any such ethical and moral stories.
After all both the personalities were wise of their era. On the whole, the story has some ethical and moral value to be followed by one and all, irrespective of whether who said it, or even if it is a story fabricated in the name of any of these wise men.

From India, Delhi
If everybody can follow the three things and talk what is useful then atleast things will be good to certain extent
Good story atleast the citehr members should follow those three things and talk what is really useful
God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny

From India, Hyderabad
This very good eye opening and an excellent test for its worthiness to share. The matter that does not stand for the three step test, you are wasting listener's valuable time. ( you have already decided to waste your time.

From India, Adilabad


Once upon a time there was very intelligent and religious person. For the people of his town he was getting a temple built on his own land. He use to visit the place of construction regularly and observe the people doing their respective jobs. Once he saw that an artist was carving a sculpture of the GOD. Suddenly he saw that at some distance a similar sculpture was lying on the floor. He wondered and asked the artist “Do you need two sculptures of the same GOD?”

The artist replied, “No, I need only one sculpture, but the first one got damaged in its last finish, so I am making the other one.”

The wise man went near to that damaged sculptor and tried to find out what might have wrong with it. After a very long observation he saw a small scratch, almost negligible, near the nose of the sculpture.

He asked the artist, “Where will you keep this sculpture?”

The artist answered, “ On a 20 feet high pillar.”

“No body would be able to make out this scratch from such a height” the wise man said.

The artist looked at the wise man with a smile and said, “I know and my GOD knows that.”

The inner consciousness knows the right thing and always wants to achieve it.

From India, Ahmadabad
The story is originally attributed to Socretes. It was called the three filters test. It appeared in the Hindu newspaper some years back.
From India, Madras

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