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Hi friends pls suggest me wat step can i take in this situation...????
Our BPO staff a guy has proposed his colleague and she was not interested..not only these two the entire team is been affected bcoz of this. everone is been concentrating on this issue and no production for past 3-4 dyas.
now the mgmt has decided to terminate this guy bcoz of his personal affair inside the floor entire team is disturbed. now wat shld i do if i hav to terminate him then can anyone get the format of a termination letter pls..
thanks & regards,
Gayathri Deepak.

From India, Madras

Dear Gayathri Deepak,
The statement which you have stated is not clear or concise.. I don't really understand how a proposal would have disturbed the morale of entire team or group. Again how can this bring out non productivity?
You have to be very much clear and specific in these type of threads. There is no need to terminate an employee, if he/she had proposed another fellow employee. If your management have decided to terminate in accordance to the same then there might be some valid reason on to the act.. Do mention it for better comments..

From India, Bangalore
Rex Sirus
Dear Gayathri,
How can you terminate a guy for a Love proposal.As long as he hasnt't behaved badly towards dt girl .you can't terminate him. and i dont knw how it has effected productivity.if it hz effected the productivity then that whole team is not good at all. you cnt compromise productivity on these silly matters as you all are professionals.

From India, Mumbai

The guy could be terminated if he is acting as a stalker, which put his act under the category of work place harassment. But it depends on the act if it is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create a hostile work environment, then i think you can take strict actions regarding this matter.
From Pakistan, Karachi

Well instead of terminating you should be counseling that guy and take more control in office and boost the morale of the employees by helping them to understand to treat work and personal life differently.
And make them understand bcoz of their interference in an irrelevant situation resulted in low productivity. And make them understand the impact of the proposal of that guy and have a group discussion and buy in the confidence of your employees by alerting them not to repeat. and carry on the work.
Warn the guy if it repeats in office necessary steps would be taken.

From India

sry friends let me be clear first..actually there was no prdn in the team for past few days and esp this guy(mr.x) is a very good performer but his sales was also zero for these days. now we didnt know wat was gng wrong in the team and when i was asking abt the pdn to 1 agent he was telling abt this proposal which has happened inside the floor.

tht girl normally travels with another colleague who is a married person and this(mr.x) has been fighting with tht old person for taking her in his bike. and tht old person is an anglo there are few more anglo ppl who all were fighting with mr.x. so everyone was concentrating on this issue lot of arguement was gng between the entire team tht is how it has affected the pdn. mr.x is also disturbing tht gal a lot blackmailing and forcing her to luv him. so now all the agents have not been concentrating on their calls this was the major reason for less production this info is been collected frm the agents itself.

and also for the pt of termination for mr.x is he has taken liqour during his work timings on last friday so we thought of jus giving him a warning letter now after knowing all these things abt the proposal now we hav decided to terminate the guy thou he is a good performer. still i hav a second thought of giving him a warning for this time.

hope now am do suggest me now

From India, Madras

hey thanx pallavi even i was thinking abt the same but i was also thinking whether it would be a wrong decision.
From India, Madras

Dear Gaythri deepak
You can't terminate an employee with this small reason.
He just said that what he felt in his mind and not harassed her by keeping the same in his mind..
and if all the other employees are concentrating on this issue and no t giving the productivity means
this is the not only reason for the low production...
give them counseling and give them goals so that they can concentrate in the give goals..

From India, Hyderabad

I have seen many people been terminated for frivilous reasons but in your explanation it seems your BPO has hired a MISS UNIVERSE on your rolls for whom the entire BPO (Anglos or whatevers) are hell bend to protect their Eye-Candy from being stolen by the guy who needs basics lessons of "The Proposal" n the guy needs to be told to "Think A MILLION Times before you run after a Miss Universe"...n now that he is confused with the old saying "A Girl's NO actually means YES", He is trying to figure out if its YES OR NO....and meanwhile all the hopefulls in the BPO need to act n react without bothering about their career or job. But actually the important lesson to the entire BPO is "IF One Goes and The Next One Comes along" wether it is job, girl or whatever. Moreover, if the entire teams production can be shaken by a silly proposal, I Think You Have Recruited the Wrong People in the First Place.....better to warn or fire or terminated one n all.......regrds
From India, Mumbai
Termination is not a valid reason to get the productivity even you have to bare the lose of other employment activity.
You can simply put the target and ask to achieve and gradually start giving the warning letter If he and she unable to achieve at the certain time.
So, keep in mind and use it.

From India, Mumbai
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