Hai everyone, My name is Senthil, I am working as a hr executive in a leading ITES BPO in Chennai. For seven months I have learned only the recruitment process in the company, I am much interested in learning the new concepts in hr and various hr roles and responsibilities.
From India, Madras
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hi Senthil,
It is good to hear that you are working in BPO. because even i am working in the same industry.
but you can update yourself through serfing in net
However, ther are many new concepts in HR.which you can find it in googles.And with regard to the hr roles &Responsibilities Plz update me for which designation you are looking.Coz each and every position has different roles

From India, Madras
Hi Senthil,

I was quite impressed with your urge to learn.

The problem in our country, is that a majority of us is more interested in the 'qualification' i.e the alphabets after your name, rather than the education and knowledge which comes with that qualification.

While this could perhaps be overlooked in any other discipline, it just cannot help in HR, as by the very definition HR professionals are dealing with Human beings. While the model has not changed since God invented it, there are infinite variations in the finished product!!! so no formula or mantra will work in every case.

As you are perhaps aware, the term HR itrself is of fairly recent origin - give or take two decades, its more well known predecessors being Industrial relations and Personnel management.

Even within the HR spectrum, it has now become necessary to sub-specialise.

Basically you are looking at four basic functional areas - Planning, Induction, Training and Development.

To look at only HR Planning as an example, in most organisations, this function has been relegated to mere promulgation of the annual Training programme and then chasing up line managers to send participants! HR Planning is a much more sophisticated and demanding function. It encompasses buying in into the Corporate vision, familiarity with the "As is " and "where to" road maps, at the conceptual levels, and with actual conduct of Training Needs Analysis at the directional levels. At the functional levels, the HR speicialist would need to carry out mcuh the same functions as say a Materials manager would do - viz, Vendor analysis, approval and development, in respect of the Human Resource - At the results end of this process would be the campus interviews. HR Planning would also involve demographic profiling of the Human Resource - age profiling, qualification profiling, ability profiling, attrition patterns etc.

So, there it is. HR is perhaps the most satisfying function in an organisation - you can actully contribute to the feel good factor in the organisation.

Best of luck inyour endeavours. I happen to be the Director of the Chennai based Sanjivini Human Resources Institute. I would be delighted to interact with you further, if you are keen.

With best regards,

Commodore S Shekhar

Dear sir [shekhar],
thank you for your suggestions,
But iam in a confusion. As this is my first job as a hr executive, iam keen in developing a good relationship with my employees. But the culture in my organization is different. Employees think that the hr department is against them, non of the employees problems are solved, starting from the door steps till the restroom which results in attrition.
This is some thing in short. As a hr recruiter iam always thinking of various ideas to improve my recruitment skills and quality of candidates. But the rate of attrition is 50% of the recruitment rate, i don't know what to do to prove my self as performer.
I feel in the absence of employee satisfaction, the roles and responsibilities of an hr person is not fulfilled.
senthil kumar

From India, Madras
Dear Senthil,

Thank you for your mail.

At the outset, let me reassure you that your are not alone in your feeling of confusion regarding the true HR scene and practices. Only thing, is that being new in the field, and not suffering from any pre-conceived notions or inhibitions, you have been honest enough to express your misgivings openly. This indeed is the first step to improvement.

I have been a naval officer for 29 years. My last job in the Indian navy was General manager (Total Quality Management)of naval dockyard, Mumbai, dealing with some 8000 blue collared workers, and half the number of supervisory staff. Since then I have been in tghe corporate sector for 10 years, all in CEO or equivalent positions.

The problem of corporate India today is that the job market is exploding, and there are not really enough quaified people to man the vacancies. this is because, Corporate India is not actually looking for engineers, and sales, marketing, accounts, finance or HR personnel. They want perople who can deliver results. this in trun needs dealing with other people - something no educatinal instituion teaches formally.

The biggest cause for high attrition ratres is because of the inability to convert raw young graduates, straight from the campus into professionals with the ability to develop the necessary soft skills. With the result, young professionals, or for that matter, even those at mid levels, can be easily poached by competitors just be flashing marginally higher compensation packages.

It is not for nothing that successful corporates, - and by this, I don't mean those who have healthier bottom lines, - have very strong HR policies, which encompass, the inculcation of corporate values and culture, team building and leadership etc.

I can empathise with your feeling of frustration.

But don't give up.

You are in the most satisfying sector of corporate India.

If you apply your mind, you can shine as a star, and develop yourself into an island of excellence in the ocean of medicority which surrounds you.

As mentioned in my earlier inputs in this forum, you are free to contact me as mutually convenient and we can take this discourse further,

With best regards,

Commodore Shekhar

Dear sir,
Thank for your suggestions, currently iam planing to implement some internal online test in my company and in future through web online test.
Sir my role as hr recruiter is to take interview for walk-in candidates and co-ordinate for further rounds, nothing more than that. I feel that there is nothing more to learn and no one is there to teach us not only me but my hr friends working with me are also in the same state.
From the date of joining we five are not even told about our job profile and responsibilities, with six month of exp and nothing behind our back makes us fell bad. So we are looking for some help to learn things.
senthil kumar

From India, Madras
Dear Senthil,

Your mail.

Plrease remember that the HR function is like any other in an organisation, in one sense - it needs to be marketed.

Why does any one "market" a product.

The primary aim is to create awareness about the product in the minds of the possible customer.

Apply this principle to your function in your organisation.

Try and find answers to the following questions:

Who are your customers?

What is the service or product you are offering them?

What is unique about it?

What benefit does your customer (internal) get out of using your service?

Does the customer enjoy utilising your service?

Can your customer do without your service?

Do you have any competitors for this service?

When was the last time that you introduced come changes to your service?

Have you received any feedback from the customer about your service?

Sit down calmly in your spare time, and answer these questions in your own mind first.

Then document it - i.e put the answers down on a piece of paper.

Study the answers.

Rate yourself on a 5 point scale: 5-excellent, 4-Very Good, 3- Average, 2 - Can do with improvement 1 - Poor

Look at ways of improving your self rating.

Execute things which are within your power.

Discuss with your colleagues.

Put your findings before your immediate superior.

Dont be discouraged if things don't work out to your entire satisfaction at the very first attempt.

Make people in your organisation realise that you are a contributor and not a parasite.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help in any of the above steps.

With best regards,


Get a group opinion.

these are a few new ways of recruiting.
1) employees referrals with monetory rewards to employees whose referrals get recuited and stick around for more than 3 months
2) conduct campus visits and walk in interview booths in campuses
3) target the retired and elderly , they make excellent and loyal agents
all the best

From India, Mumbai
Dear sir,
Thanks for your idea, ill answer the questioners and rate myself as soon as possible. And once i get a result ill put it to you sir.
Sir, when ever i get into a act i think of negative consequence of such act and take steps in order to avoid them, because i feel some thing good is always good but some thing bad is not good. Is my approach a good idea or should i change my way of thinking.

From India, Madras
I m also facing the same problem,want to involve more into HR process but i cant do.from last seven months doing same what u r doing.So i had started to learn from Net , books and intracting with senior
Hope we will get opportunity to learn more and to do more

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