Need career advice. I am (27) MBA having 3 years experience in business development (ERP, Software, Web Applications, Custom Applications etc.), project executions, requirement analysis, giving demons, proposal making, negotiating, closing project deal etc. I have domain knowledge in construction, real estate, manufacturing and also good functional knowledge in some specific areas.
Now, in my company, I have both the options; to be Business Development Manager or to be Business Analyst (My company is Small IT company having 100+ employees located in India).
Which one should I go for? Which profile will give me more prestige, job satisfaction, knowledge, growth opportunity and money? In big IT companies (CMM5 level), do they need any BDM kind of profile or they prefer the BAs?- need your valuable advice....!! Thanks...

From India, Haora
Aims Asia
If you ask me, Business development would heavily be dependent on Sales & marketing. You need to be in heavy targets in closing new business deals. There is big money in there and also the challenges.

But being a Business Analyst looks at the overall Organisations projections in closing business deals, its profit gains, its reporting and it revolves at the very core of business operations, these would lie on your shoulder. In terms of challenges, A business analyst faces great challenges as to a Business development manager.

A business development manager looks into various ways or pipelines to gather business deals and closing them, whereas a Business Analyst would look into the intricate Business operations as a whole. Its about creating harmony withing sub departments in order to ensure that the business day runs smoothly without much costs and systematic procedural problems.

No job in this world Provides any form of satisfaction. Human Males were made to hunt for food and farm for food, wives to tend to children and tend family. This is what Ancient people have practised. Thousands of years passed and we are looking into "SO-CALLED" perfection of proper livelihood by working in the corporate world. Have any of us achieved a Perfect solution ? No. We are 2010, and yet there is no satisfaction on job, simple cos WE ARE NOT DOING what we were MEANT TO DO.

But this is just from me.

From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
A Business Analyst wud be a better option if you are interested in pursuing a career in BD, also let me know which location do you belong to? Good Luck!!
From India, Calcutta
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