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Hi All, I have formualated Salary Structure Calculator for the use of our members in HR and Finance. Appreciate your comments/suggestions to make more effective and useful. Best Regards, Dada

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File Type: xls Salary Structure Calculator.xls (37.5 KB, 35841 views)

dear dada,
in your excel sheet, with eample figures, the pf contribution amount of the employer seems incorrect- basic pay is Rs 20,667 and pf contribution which should be 12% (Rs2480) instead of Rs 780/ , pls advice
As per rule employer need to pay only up to 12% of 6500 if the basic pay is above 6500/-.
and as per rule employee also has 2 options 12% of the basic pay or just 12% of 6500/- if his basic pay falls above 6500
2. he can make voluntary contributions too. But employer need to bother only up to the ceiling specified as per PF Act-ie 6500/-.
Let me know if not correct,thanks.

good work! although u can improve it further by adding more allowances & Name of employee, other details along with co. name to make it more presentable & professional.
to Bindu:
PF deduction issue:
the rule is that whatever the Basic + DA of existing employee(PF contibution purpose), employer has to pay 12% along with Emplyees share of 12% with other admin Exp.
no. 2 is that Employer's will contribute 8.33% to pension fund upto Rs. 541/- and rest of money will be diverted to employess provident fund.
hence wether empoyee earned basic + da to 6,500 or 10,000/- employer has to pay 12% plus admin chgs (0.5% & 1.1%)
hope i make u all clear
Manish Gupta
Thanks Manish,
Since very purpose of this tool is to arrive at CTC breakup, total contribution of 12% by Employer is considered irrespective of the fact that the said proportion will be apportioned among EPF, Pension Fund + Admin Charges (additonal).
Good Morning Dada
It's the good calculator.
However , I need to comment as under :
1) LTA is part of CTC
2) HRA can be 40% or 50% of Basic in view of tax free facility.
3) Car Lease option is not common to all except senior level recruitment.
Rest seems to be ok.
Thank you,
Hi, Dada,
Good Morning this is realy excellent job what you done keep it up. I request to you can you sent the password to me, my email add. is + 91 9880768898
Thank you,
Suresh K.
+ 91 9880768898
Hi Raghu
As far as PF is concern you have option to contribute on actual basic or on Max celing ie 6500/-. It depends on company which one to choose, becasue there is cost involved in this as employer has to bare admin, inspection, charges of PF.

Dear Mr.Parmar,
Thank you so much for sharing very valuable information with all of us
You done fabulous job in preparation data on excel if you share with me the advance level excel formulas with me

with Regards,
Ashwini Kadam

Thanks to share this format, its really very useful to me. can you please tell us the protected sheet password so that I can change it accordingly. Thanks & Regards Amit Shekhar Jha
Hi All

Every one says that it very nice steps. May i know that How it is good and useful to all. if you calculate the amount on 14500 pm - Employee Contribution 1.75% = Rs. 254 and Employers @4.75% = Rs. 689 total amount will pay =254+689= Rs. 943 very month it means =943*12=Rs. 11316 per annu.

If you see point view on facility ESIC not provide good service for the same. for example if you go for any treatment. you will wait for 1 hours to 2 hours after they forward you to another Dr. or another Department then you will go for Dispensary to take your medicane it will take 1 to 2 hours in q.

One question to all of you How many employee take benefits from ESIC?

As per my view only 25 %. I was covered ESIC around 2 years but i have not go for any treatment in between the period.

if you invest such amount at Mediclaim you can get more and good facility comparison to ESIC. you will invest only around 3000 per annu.

I am not a client of Medicalim company but i am employee of PVT Ltd. co. as HR- Executive.

as per my view it is not good for us. What is your views please reply to us.
Mr. Jagnesh,
thanks to share salary sheet its really needfull for us but i m unable to work on it coz this sheet is protected and need a password for unprotected hence pls advise the password.
Dear all,

thanks for your compliments..

First of all let me clear one thing that I am not professional Adv Excel programer .I am a amateur creator of Adv Excel .Basically I m B.E(Electrical Engg) working with R.P.G Groups.I created all the excel sheet in my leaisure Time to mitigate our routine jobwork..

My all Programs are Userfriendly(You can Put your Comapny name-Logo)in any sheet there is no indication about it's creator in any sheet(Except Main sheet) and all Sheets are free. If you see it in detail you will find that I have no given any password for formula.You can see all logic in taskbar..All data entry cells have no password.

I have protected sheet for Password due to two reason..

(1) To take extreme work from Excel there is a logic formulas for that and It should be hide otherwise unauthorised entries in coloums will ruin Logic of Programs and It might not give proper results

(2) there are linking from cells to cells or Sheets to sheets so to protect the linking We should not Add-Delete row or coloum in any sheet ..if someone enter new row or coloum there is a chance to damage logic formulas(Because User doesn't know where I have put logical formulas)..that's why I gave protection to sheet for preventing unauthorised adding-deleting.

(3) In simple Example if i have declare file name"XYZ" for the cell A1:A200 and if some one add new row or copy past previous row than in this situation logic doesn't work because I have declare cell 1 to200 and new row 201 is not declered in my logic so Program doesnt work or give guarbage value??

(4) here You can not copy-past-Adding-Deleting new row/coloum because of Formulas.

If Sheet is not Password Protected and If some one unfortunely enter data in Logic cell and if formula is delete than it is very hard to find out the fault...Thats why I gave password to avoid unwanted entry in formula cell..

Most of Professional crator Put Their Password and give Demo version to user If User like that program than He has to buy Full version from them But if you notice that My all programs are not Demo version..All are full version but for giving password the reason I explain above only...Not to take any charge or monopoly..

I have also got some mail regarding round figure of amount in programs,Some of our Friends need round figures of data...So I have make necessary correction and again put on my website..If anybody need such type of correction please download from site..

I think i have give better clarification regarding password...

If anybody want to sharp their knowledge of EXCEL, I have put 200 Books/Materials for EXCEl PROGRAMING,MACRO,VBA... on above site and it's Totally Free.
That s really helpful. However there are some fields which are not relevant to me and i want to change them. SO if you provide me with the password at least i could the change the name of the heads for my convenient.
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks that is really useful, could you also please give the details of taxable and non taxable part of the salary structure as i have to make a salary break up for senior position level and would like to give in that form so that he can get maximum benefit for tax.
pl advise
Mr.jigu u have protected your sheet,if i have to use this then how i ll unprotect it,i dont know the password,,,,,,,pls reply
Please find revised Program.
In this you will change or delete category of Salary Structure as per your requiremnts..
You can also hide or formate data as per your requirement..
This is more usefriendly program compare to previous one.
@ premierindia
Request to read all instruction / Direction given in program-"May I help You Sheet"..This will guide you how to enter data in program.
hello sanjeev,
can you pls advice if employers contribution towards PF is 12 % of basic +DA or 12 % of basic only .I other words if basic pay is Rs4000/ and DA is Rs3000, employer needs to contribute 12% of Rs4000/ or 12 % of Rs6500 ceiling considering basic + DA
thanks raghuvir
hello CVH, Can you pls confirm again that HRA is tax free and does not fall under income tax, is there a ceiling in Rs or % of basic for HRA . thanks raghuvir
Request to ignore my previous program posted on today and find attached new one..

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File Type: zip Salary (1.78 MB, 1502 views)

New sheet with necessary amendment (Search Salary slip either by employee name or employee code)

Attached Files
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File Type: zip Salary (1.79 MB, 1027 views)

I hav a question for seniors I work in a BPO in a UK payroll process will that knowledge help me in any way in the Indian payroll system ????
Hello Sir, The salary structure calculator is excellent.............. This one is extremely useful for the fresher like me. Swapnaja.
Hi Parmar! Thanx fo nice posting but the attachment is protected . So that how we can make use of this Salary Mater if it is read only... Regards, Pushpendra
For editing of the data, there is no need of any password..(Editing area is not protected)
Please read the instruction given with program
Main Program-"May I help you sheet" -Read all instructions.
Make necessary changes in white background cells...
Dear DADA really it is a amazing one, but i cannot edit it shows protected, need your help here please provide PW
Please Let me Know ,In which sheet You can’r enter your data(Please give me sheet no and cell no). Please follow instruction given in program.
Mention your custom requirements and get excel file developed for free
Opex Solution - Excel Solutioning for Free
plz unlock the area to enter the company name and address in sheet5.

moreover when jignesh is giving us the best, let us request him for our requirements. he will help us out

Dear Dschakri,
Thanks For Pointout Such Type of Bugs,
Please find rectified program herewith.
Don't hessitate to pointout such type of Bugs in Program if You will find in future.
Thanks Again...
Dear Jignesh.N.Parmer
Can u please clear my doubt about the Basic minimum wages. Some factories are fixing the basic wages lower than the government fixed minimum wage but the total salary of the worker is more than what the government fixed. ( in garment industries C zone the helpers salary is Rs. 1825/- plus DA 741 = Total of Rs. 2566. but the factories fixed the basic as 1200 + DA 741 + HRA 700 = Total Rs 2641) Why they are doing this practice mean to reduce their PF contribution. This is correct or they should take the government minimum as Basic i.e.,1825 +DA for PF contribution.
Please clarify
Best Regards
Subiah. G
Dear Ashok,Upinder 79 and Mrs. rani chakravarty,
Please let me know Why You need password !!! You can easily enter your data-modify -delete your data . Each and Every cell for entering Data for userend is unprotected.
You can easily remove the detail which I gave as bydefault and just enter your details.
I have also give direction How to use this program so first of all Please read the instruction carefully before jumping to any conclusion.
Even if You find any difficulties please let me know.
Dear sir, Please let me know In which sheet You find such type of difficulty.
Please note that In summary sheet I gave white background colour intentionly.
1-In summary sheet We don't need and entry beacuse it is Summary sheet.
2-If I gave background colour and if You need to Printout that summary sheet(normally Possible), Print look very odd due dark background and it also highly consume your priter cartize.
So if You find any difficulties to enter data without Summary sheet/Salary sheet/Annual sheet please let me know sheet no.
Dear all Please find Following steps to run program.
Please chase the steps as per the given sequence.

First open "Company Detail Sheet"
1-Open "Company Detail Sheet"
2-Change Company name and Address.
3-Change Salary discriptions: By default I gave some categories for Fixed earning/Reimberancement/Other deductions. Change the Names of This Categories as per your reqirements.
4- As you enter detail mentions in step 3 name of the categories will appear in auto generation salary just below the Salary discription.
Enter percentage as per your company requirements to generate salary of all employees(By default I gave Basic= 25% of gross .You can change 25% and enter your %)
5-Enter % of ESI from Employee and Employer and For P.F Choose your Options.
6-For Professional tax Slab enter your criteria.
7- Enter Name of Departments/Designation of Employees of your Orgenizations.
8-Enter Tax Slab for man and Woman.

second open "Master Data Sheet"

1-Enter Employee name-gender-employee code.
2-select his/her designation-department
3-Enter Pan no-Bank A/C No-Bank name-P.F no-ESI No-DOB-DOJ-Location
4-Enter Employees Gross salary/Month
5-Here after If You choose Auto mode than Salary slip will be generated autonatically as per (%wise detail) data given by you in "Company detail sheet"(nomally for Regular Employees put Auto mode).But if You don't want to follow the rules enter by You in "Company detail sheet" put manual mode here You can Enter his/her Basic-Hra and all detail of salary manually.
6- Enter Amount of OT/Hr if Employee do OT
7- Enter leave detail,Previous Year Leave-This Year Leaves.
8-Enter Rentpaid by Employee for exemption under section 10&17
9-Enter Amount for section 80c and 80D for U/S VIA deduction.

Thrid open "Attendance sheet according to perticular Month"

1- Enter Attendance/Leave/Holiday of Employee
2- enter Overtime of The Employee.

Forth open "Payroll sheet according to perticular Month"

1- All salary detail and attendance will automatically carry forward. You have to enter only reimberance detail and other deduction detail only
2- Salry will generate as per your data.
3- Enter Salary Amount Which You have Paid.
4-Select Type of Payment.

Most of remaning sheet are monitoring or summary sheet.
In which sheet Have You find difficulty? Have you follow above instructions? Please let me know Sheet number..

Dear Shemy,
In "Master Data Sheet"Put such type of employee on" Manual mode" and Enter Your data in (just besides the "Manual" coloum )Manual Fixed salary and Manual Fixded deduction cells(here Salary detail doesn't concern with basic or other things).
Please note that if You put such type of Employee on Auto mode than Program will not allow You to enter data in Manual Fixed salary and Manual Fided deduction cells.
is it necessary to deduct pf for allowances like hra,conveyance,overtime etc.,please confirm awaiting eagarly for reply
It's excellent my only suggestion to you is to have the spell check done. The essence of such a robust application dies off with spelling mistakes. Hope we will have an updated one soon, till then keep the good work going
Raj Patnaik
Dear Jiguparmar,
I have few doubts in your
Salary Structure Calculator. Assume we have 200 employees in our company as january opening balance, 10 employees resigned or absconded in the same month. So,in total 190 as closing balance. In your method, the salary for february,march..will be calculated for 200 employees instead of 190. The name of resigned employees will also come all months. Because the employees name and other related details for salary and attendance have given formula from the sheet "DATA". Pls try to solve it.

Dear Mansi,
Have You read the instruction given with the Program ?
First read the the instruction carefully provided both within the program ("May I help You" Sheet)and in text file.
Read the conversation on page no 9,10,11 of the same thread.
After that try to enter your data and further Let me know if you find any difficulty.
Dear Jiguparmar,
Can u pls change the formula in all salary sheets AH & AI columns as 15000 instead of 10000 for ESI limits?
Since ESI limits has been raised from 10000 to 15000.
Senthil Kumar.A.S

Dear ,
You did very good ,i appreaciate you.but i want to know ,what formula should use if we are calculating PF on basic which has no 6500 rs limit and how can we change percentage if its not depend on gross like Basic is 25% of Gross but HRA IS 15% of Basic
Hi here is some problem regarding esic amount if we put gross 15000 then esic amount not been calculate kindly provide solution and how to calculate half day salary in this formate
for p f if p f is not deducted by ant employee than what
if employer contribution of esic and p f is made by employer than what to do and the same should apprear in from 3 and 6 of p f
please explane
Good morning sir,
i have seen your xl data file, it is a wonderful one, please if can share the protect password, so that i can change my company profile.
kindly reply to my mail

You can modify the program as per your company Profile. You don't need any password to use this program.
Please read the instruction provided with the program and use the program according to the instructions.
Thanks for the POST MR. JIGUPARMAR, but the file is not getting open so please provide a new link for the PF & ESI calculation / Salary Master.. Regards, Abhishek
This is very useful website for buddies like me.i have downloaded a salary calc.s/w a few days before and the problem with this s/w is our company dont have a constant basic % or hra %. so i cant use this one.The coding has been made that we cant edit . Kindly help me in my case.
Suresh babu

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