everyone i am ramesh i am searching for job in finance. I am basically from village my problem is communication and fear of attending the job so i need suggestion from seniors. I am explaining my problems below:
1. my communication problem how can i overcome because due to that i am rejecting so many interviews.
2. i am MBA but i am helping so many people by not take any benifits and by wasting my time so i am as like as MSW so my question is it right by doing this?
3. i am talking so much without thinking how can i overcome?
4. i want to improve my english communication how can i do without wasting of my money ?
5. i am from village due to my enviornment i am not able to cope with that please suggest me.

21st December 2009 From India, Bangalore

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Dear Ramesh,
Instead of worrying over your problems ; Seek solutions to them
Watch English news channels;Listen to them attentively ;
Converse in front of the mirror this works ;to Develop your self confidence
This has worked with my students.

Soft Skills Facilitator

21st December 2009 From India, Madras
• To improve your communication skills... try to communicate with others in English as much as u can. It will not only improve your communication but English also.
• Try to speak as much as required. Don’t speak unnecessarily.
• I understand that you from Village and its difficult to cope up with the environment/Surrounding but its only "Difficult" NOT "Impossible" :). Keep your will and you can do any thing...
All the best :)
21st December 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Ramesh

Please look into carefully about the suggestions given by the HR friends which are of more uselful to improve your communication skills.

First of all, you should have self confidence, self-improvement techniques to catch hold of the communication techniques. Try to build up your self confidence at all levels.

Daily read the The Hindu English daily paper without leaving any part of it. Observe the sentence construction, the way in which the language goes on, the manner in which the author developed the content in general, and the drafting process in particular. Try to talk always in English with your friends, relatives and others. Carefully listen to the radio talk. Especially, don't forget to hear the " Spot Light" programme broadcast in All India Radio daily at 9-30 PM. It is very much impressive to catch the language techniques, the pronounciations, and the way the content developed for understanding easily.

Daily sit before the System atleast one hour, and try to develop your writing skills in english to maintain effectiveness on communicative english and while typing the matter, observe the sentence construction, grammer, content and language so that you can be perfect in Communications.

Suri Babu Komakula
21st December 2009 From India, Vijayawada
Congrats! Ramesh... since you are not the first person who would make this quest of conquering a foreign yet global language. Simply putting, once upon a time (2000 AD), I had a pathetic hold over this language. It took me around three years to change it all. I adopted the following strategy:
1. I watched BBC World & read English magazines & books on current affairs (Beware! don't be under illusion that it will also enhance your knowledge about the world. Rather its overdose may increase your ignorance about the world. Use it only to strengthen your command over this language).
2. I bought an Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. I learnt phonetic symbols. Then i started lapping up alphabet from this dictionary. On an average it would take around 15 days for each alphabet. Knowledge of phonetic symbols ensured that I kept on cracking the so-called 'secrets of pronounciation'.
3. Learning words would not really help unless you start using them. So I started maintaining a diary to write my thoughts.
4. I also started writing letters to editors over various issues. There is a catch here... even if you write a superb letter, it still may not find any news print as it may not subscribe to newspaper's ideology. But in general, number of letters getting published will give you at least some idea on where your writing skills stand.
21st December 2009
Hi Ramesh,
The best way of improving your communication is by reading and watching all English channels and sit front of the system and Google for grammar test and so on related to communication development.
Thank you
22nd December 2009 From India, Secunderabad
A lot of members from the fraternity have giving very valuable suggestions and advice.

1. To improve your communication : start by reading english newspapers. Read from the first to the last page. Slowly see the difference in the language used to write different sections e.g. current affairs, business, sports each is written no doubt in english, but the grammer, the tone, the words and the contruction of sentences will be different in each section. If you are not comfortable to start with newpapers then start reading popular children's story books like jataka tales, ramayan, mahabharat. These books use simple words and illustrations to enable children to grasp the words and the meaning. You can slowly move to reading newspapers and then watching BBC news, english movie channels etc. While watching the movie channels, read the substitles and also listen to the actors to know the pronunciation of the words. Forget the story of the movie concentrate only on the pronunciation, phonetics and the subtitles.

2. You talk too much without thinking : Learn the art of listening. Start with someone you trust. Get them to talk and listen what they are saying. Develop listening skills. If you are tempted to butt in, pinch yourself to avoid interrupting.

Now to address your problem of talking without thinking : Whenever someone asks you a question or your opinion / viewpoint on something, take 10 seconds to clear your mind and put your thoughts together. Then answer clearly and precisely to the point.

Helping others is not a waste of time, if they are benefit. Besides my guess is you are doing this because you like doing. If you dont like doing then dont do it rather than saying I am doing but not benefiting. Sometimes in life you do something for your inner satisfaction and not for what you can get out doing it.

Being from a village is no excuse for failure. I have come across so many people who come from rural background but are confidence personified. If you arent confident, then the best way to gain confidence is, watch people around you. How they walk, how they talk, how they carry themselves and learn those mannerisms. It isnt difficult. Nobody is born with the proverbial golden spoon in the mouth. Everybody learns as they go along. How many of us are born with impeccable table manners? Most of us wouldnt have learnt it while growing up. We learn watching our surroundings and in trying to blend with the surroundings, we pick up the traits that are necessary.

I will end with two popular proverbs :

1. Rome wasnt built in a day or for that matter any city so dont expect results overnite

2. When in Rome, do as the romans do. To blend in with city life, learn the traits and before you know you would have blended in well

All the best!
22nd December 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Ramesh
One of the way to have english speaking girl friend na matter how she looks like at you will learn english in faster way, because you remember all sentense what your first girl friend has spok at least for few days. And to impress her / enjoy her you will learn faster.
try it to succssed.
22nd December 2009 From India, Mumbai
The excellent suggestion you received from Cite HR friends.
I had improved my speaking by talking on help desk peoples. Like Vodaphone helpdesk as you are little bit nurvous when you try to spak english in front of anyone. When you talk on phone and u dont know who is next to you then you can talk more coftertably also drag the style they ask the question to you. try to give answer in english dont feel it is wrong or right. After you talk 5-6 times you automatically grab and find what is right and wrong. This is one of the good method for finding speaking english environment. Now you feel what I ask to helpdesk people then you call and ask for new plans, tariff, change procedure of changing tariff plan lot of question also from you mobile it is free call.
22nd December 2009 From India, Faridabad
Hello Ramesh, Can you let me know where are you situated currently, Also provide me your number so that i can call you answer your queries.
22nd December 2009 From India, Hyderabad

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