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everyone i am ramesh i am searching for job in finance. I am basically from village my problem is communication and fear of attending the job so i need suggestion from seniors. I am explaining my problems below:
1. my communication problem how can i overcome because due to that i am rejecting so many interviews.
2. i am MBA but i am helping so many people by not take any benifits and by wasting my time so i am as like as MSW so my question is it right by doing this?
3. i am talking so much without thinking how can i overcome?
4. i want to improve my english communication how can i do without wasting of my money ?
5. i am from village due to my enviornment i am not able to cope with that please suggest me.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ramesh,
Instead of worrying over your problems ; Seek solutions to them
Watch English news channels;Listen to them attentively ;
Converse in front of the mirror this works ;to Develop your self confidence
This has worked with my students.

Soft Skills Facilitator

From India, Madras
• To improve your communication skills... try to communicate with others in English as much as u can. It will not only improve your communication but English also.
• Try to speak as much as required. Don’t speak unnecessarily.
• I understand that you from Village and its difficult to cope up with the environment/Surrounding but its only "Difficult" NOT "Impossible" :). Keep your will and you can do any thing...
All the best :)
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ramesh

Please look into carefully about the suggestions given by the HR friends which are of more uselful to improve your communication skills.

First of all, you should have self confidence, self-improvement techniques to catch hold of the communication techniques. Try to build up your self confidence at all levels.

Daily read the The Hindu English daily paper without leaving any part of it. Observe the sentence construction, the way in which the language goes on, the manner in which the author developed the content in general, and the drafting process in particular. Try to talk always in English with your friends, relatives and others. Carefully listen to the radio talk. Especially, don't forget to hear the " Spot Light" programme broadcast in All India Radio daily at 9-30 PM. It is very much impressive to catch the language techniques, the pronounciations, and the way the content developed for understanding easily.

Daily sit before the System atleast one hour, and try to develop your writing skills in english to maintain effectiveness on communicative english and while typing the matter, observe the sentence construction, grammer, content and language so that you can be perfect in Communications.

Suri Babu Komakula
From India, Vijayawada
Congrats! Ramesh... since you are not the first person who would make this quest of conquering a foreign yet global language. Simply putting, once upon a time (2000 AD), I had a pathetic hold over this language. It took me around three years to change it all. I adopted the following strategy:
1. I watched BBC World & read English magazines & books on current affairs (Beware! don't be under illusion that it will also enhance your knowledge about the world. Rather its overdose may increase your ignorance about the world. Use it only to strengthen your command over this language).
2. I bought an Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. I learnt phonetic symbols. Then i started lapping up alphabet from this dictionary. On an average it would take around 15 days for each alphabet. Knowledge of phonetic symbols ensured that I kept on cracking the so-called 'secrets of pronounciation'.
3. Learning words would not really help unless you start using them. So I started maintaining a diary to write my thoughts.
4. I also started writing letters to editors over various issues. There is a catch here... even if you write a superb letter, it still may not find any news print as it may not subscribe to newspaper's ideology. But in general, number of letters getting published will give you at least some idea on where your writing skills stand.

Hi Ramesh,
The best way of improving your communication is by reading and watching all English channels and sit front of the system and Google for grammar test and so on related to communication development.
Thank you
From India, Secunderabad
A lot of members from the fraternity have giving very valuable suggestions and advice.

1. To improve your communication : start by reading english newspapers. Read from the first to the last page. Slowly see the difference in the language used to write different sections e.g. current affairs, business, sports each is written no doubt in english, but the grammer, the tone, the words and the contruction of sentences will be different in each section. If you are not comfortable to start with newpapers then start reading popular children's story books like jataka tales, ramayan, mahabharat. These books use simple words and illustrations to enable children to grasp the words and the meaning. You can slowly move to reading newspapers and then watching BBC news, english movie channels etc. While watching the movie channels, read the substitles and also listen to the actors to know the pronunciation of the words. Forget the story of the movie concentrate only on the pronunciation, phonetics and the subtitles.

2. You talk too much without thinking : Learn the art of listening. Start with someone you trust. Get them to talk and listen what they are saying. Develop listening skills. If you are tempted to butt in, pinch yourself to avoid interrupting.

Now to address your problem of talking without thinking : Whenever someone asks you a question or your opinion / viewpoint on something, take 10 seconds to clear your mind and put your thoughts together. Then answer clearly and precisely to the point.

Helping others is not a waste of time, if they are benefit. Besides my guess is you are doing this because you like doing. If you dont like doing then dont do it rather than saying I am doing but not benefiting. Sometimes in life you do something for your inner satisfaction and not for what you can get out doing it.

Being from a village is no excuse for failure. I have come across so many people who come from rural background but are confidence personified. If you arent confident, then the best way to gain confidence is, watch people around you. How they walk, how they talk, how they carry themselves and learn those mannerisms. It isnt difficult. Nobody is born with the proverbial golden spoon in the mouth. Everybody learns as they go along. How many of us are born with impeccable table manners? Most of us wouldnt have learnt it while growing up. We learn watching our surroundings and in trying to blend with the surroundings, we pick up the traits that are necessary.

I will end with two popular proverbs :

1. Rome wasnt built in a day or for that matter any city so dont expect results overnite

2. When in Rome, do as the romans do. To blend in with city life, learn the traits and before you know you would have blended in well

All the best!
From India, Pune
Dear Ramesh
One of the way to have english speaking girl friend na matter how she looks like at you will learn english in faster way, because you remember all sentense what your first girl friend has spok at least for few days. And to impress her / enjoy her you will learn faster.
try it to succssed.
From India, Mumbai
The excellent suggestion you received from Cite HR friends.
I had improved my speaking by talking on help desk peoples. Like Vodaphone helpdesk as you are little bit nurvous when you try to spak english in front of anyone. When you talk on phone and u dont know who is next to you then you can talk more coftertably also drag the style they ask the question to you. try to give answer in english dont feel it is wrong or right. After you talk 5-6 times you automatically grab and find what is right and wrong. This is one of the good method for finding speaking english environment. Now you feel what I ask to helpdesk people then you call and ask for new plans, tariff, change procedure of changing tariff plan lot of question also from you mobile it is free call.
From India, Faridabad
Hello Ramesh, Can you let me know where are you situated currently, Also provide me your number so that i can call you answer your queries.
From India, Hyderabad
Improve :- You can improve your skills by reading english(accent newspaper) and hear english channels and try 2 see daily 1 hollywood movie.....and next day discuss your past day with ur friends and cllgue with movie story....
From India, Gurgaon
Dear Ramesh

Its good that you came to this plateform with your problems, BUT I can see that most of the POINTS are not your problem but it is your Ignorence which I am trying to explain below

(I am basically from village) You are from a village this not a problem, Every one has his roots in the village. Does some one told you that you are from village that,s why you are not suitable for this job?

(1. my communication problem) ----- Take an english news paper, go to lonely place where no one can hear you, Read the newpaper Loudly so that your sound may go upto 50 meters, Try to bring out the words in the same way as the news reader in BBC. Practice for every single word, After 2 days it will become very easy for you, please try....

(2. i am MBA but i am helping so many people by not take any benifits and by wasting my time so i am as like as MSW so my question is it right by doing this?)----- This point I am unable to understand, Please explain, It seams that this is not a problem

(3. i am talking so much without thinking how can i overcome?)------It is very good that you are talking too much, This is a good thing keep it up, Every one likes talkative persons. BUT

The problem is that you are not thinking, so it is simple just start thinking, I AM SURE THAT WHEN YOU WILL THINK YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK, (In HINDI old peoples say-- Beta jab Sochoge to tumhaaree Boltee Band Hojayegee).

(4. i want to improve my english communication how can i do without wasting of my money ?)--------Read English new papers in the same way as I said before and compare your speaking with the BBC news reader way of speaking.

(5. i am from village due to my enviornment i am not able to cope with that please suggest me.)---------You are from a village this is not your problem, The problem is the peoples around you. Be with the peoples like whome you want to be.

REMEMBER THAT----- If you will sit with a Foundry man, and if you will loose nothing then Also atleast you will get Black smoke, dust and heat. BUT If you will sit with a Perfumer, and you will gain nothing then also atleast you will get the good smell of perfumes.

I Know this is very hard to undersatand but this is true.

Best of Luck
From India, Patiala
Dear Ramesh,
Believe in yourself... English used for verbal communication is very easy. You jus' need to Religiously follow all the instruction given by the flocks who had been givin' ya advices. Wishin' you all the very best for your future endeavors.
From India, Delhi
I am complete agree with your view but tell me one thing, for how long this will continue?
Past '95 the job scenario in India have completely changed. You are quite aware of it I suppose.
Back then a person with an MBA was somebody who did something great!!
Getting a job was a cake-walk for him..
Now, you are the best person to tell how the outlook changed...
Apart from core skills that you already have, you need to take care about your soft-skills also..
English communication is just a part of it...
Go through our company's profile page...
let me know about your further queries..
Team Potentia
From India, Pune
Hi Ramash,
I give you one wonderful example – who you learn Hindi? When your age was 1year your communication likes this “Papa Mamma” and gradually and solely you are perfect in Hindi. Similarly try to speak in English or don’t feel shame because English is not our mother tong language.
So I think you get my point, speak in English only.
All the Best!
From India, Lucknow
Hi Myself Priyanka, U can do one thing there are a lot of website which provides online training to improve your english just go for that u independentaly can do it
From India, New Delhi
You can improve on your own by reading any printed material in english,oN LINE articles,with the help of dictionary and also try to listen the pronounciation of different words.. Listen and Learn..
From India, Kakinada
Dear Ramesh,
Probably this website could be of immense use to u. Check out the below link:
Learning English - Home
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Ramesh,

English is the global language and good command over it is the necessity of times. Ability to express one self clearly and confidently is given the highest importance during the evaluation process in recruitment. A small investment in improving communication skills can enhance one’s chances of selection. But nobody is born with good communication skills- we need to practice to develop our communication abilities. You should sure try out the wonderful suggestions given by fellow members on CiteHR to improve your english communication.

However, it would be wrong to consider 'communication' synonymous to 'english fluency' alone. 'Communication' is basically the art of expression and exchange of information. As an MBA in Finance, there is plethora of job-opportunities infront of you in the form of 'financial marketing / sales' profile. You say you talk a lot and like extending help to people...in such a profile, you can actually make use of these talents and when you'll interact with more & more people, you'll unconsciously improve upon your communication abilities, convincing skills, personal demeanor, self-confidence and on top of that, you would get a hand-some salary and the satisfaction of being self-dependent! To begin with your career ,bag such a profile & put in your best efforts and as you gain knowledge in your domain and self-belief, go for what you like doing best.
From India, Delhi
Hi Ramesh,
Look, there's no any hard n fast rule for learning english. You jst need to improve your confidence level and will power. Do not ever think that due to being a villager, you are having lack knowledge. Its just a matter of 3Cs & they are: Conversation, Communication and Concentration..
I hope you have got my point and will start doing hard work in your weak area..
From India, Delhi
the link is very useful. it is interactive and people who need improvement in English language.
From India, Mumbai
Hi Ramesh From your wrotes i feel you have good knowledge in english. Why you fear with english? you can win with this level. change your attitude with positive. All the BEST

Your English seems to be very much poor. You need lot of improvement on that. We have some excellent training conducted at our institute, so please do write to me personally @
From India, Mumbai
Dear Ramesh,
First thing you keep in mind that whatever is in this world is created by human being so be calm and patient. English is one of the language and to overcome the communication barrier try to understand and learn the tenses like present tense, past tense and future tense from grammer as those are the base of any language communication. To increase your vocabulary always read english newspapers loudly and try to understand the meaning to increase your word power. If you donot understand the meaning of words, try to use dictionery as much as you can. If you have any problems do post on citehr, we are here to help you.
From India, Pune
Dear ramesh,
Dont worry....
There is are so many ways to improve your english communication skills.
I will give you few suggestions how to improve :
1. Read English news paper everyday.
2. Stand infront of mirror and talk yourself continuosly for 5mins in english.
3. Try to talk in simple english with your friends.
4. Search in google for free spoken english
5. Listen english music
I hope these are the easy methods we can improve our communication skills. Even i faced same problem in early stages of my career.
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ramesh,
I think you have already made first step. And success is certain for you.
It would be appropriate for you to listen some English News Channels so as your Listening skill, Understanding Ability, accent (to certain extent) that would help.
For Vocabulary built, you need to go through some simple text to start with "Chandamama", "Twinkle", Malayala Manorama coming out with a Book called "Tell Me Why?" would certainly help you out.
With that base of vocabulary built, slowly but steadily you can go and converse with people and/or write to them.
In that time only, I would suggest to go for some English Communication classes, before that if you go it would be certainly eroding your hard-earned resources, i.e., money!!
Jaikumar Ranganathan
From India, Madras
hi ramesh ,

i can very well understand this situation of yours, i took communication classes for students coming from grass root levels -- the village people as u address it. what i used to make them was to maintain register in which u pick up any paragraph from the newspaper ( any subject that interests u ) .now cut the article out , then paste it in the register, read it , mark the words that u dont know and then look up the dictionary for the meanings. write it down, finally make sentences with them . now internet is a treasure house of knowledge ..make good use of the same. answers.com will help u with the pronunciation too along with the meaning . and yes as the seniors said u should read and watch a lot of English stuff.. i think news papers are the best and cheapest stuff around.just as i was writing this all out to u there's an advertisement in the television-- tata sky active services.so look around lots of resources ..and yes the grammar part can be well practised by the really helpful exercise books of std 6,7,8,9 etc...these books can be purchased second hand too.. thats my practical knowledge that i shared with u .. hope its helpful to u in some way
From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Ramesh
As u have mentioned (written) your problem i dont think u have problem in english. u r very good at english but as far as my opinion is concerned i think u have LACK OF CONFIDENT try to cope up with this problem. Dont think u r not a good communicator think YOU ARE ONLY THE BEST NO ONE ELSE.
All the best!
From India, Madras
My formula for learning any language: First learn to THINK in that language. Do not try to think in your mother tongue and then translate it to English. Many of us make that mistake, thus speaking "butler" English!!!
From India, Hyderabad
RE : English Communication Problem
I understand your problem very well. All the suggestions given so far would definately help you, but my question to you is, IS THERE NO REQUIREMENT OF YOUR ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION IN YOUR HOME TOWN - IF NOT IN YOUR VILLAGE?
Is it important for you to be in the metros? I am sure your qualifications will hold more importance in your home town where language would not be a barrier.
All the best
From India, Mumbai
Dear Ramesh,
Nothing is Impossible Everything is possible keep this is mind. Dont think too much about your communication problem because this is a global problem. few tips to overcome without wasting money here we go.......
-As all said read english newspaper and keep Dictionary with you (so,if you dont understand any new english word spot u can check n learn new words)
-Try to communicate with others in English as much as u can. It will not only improve your communication but English also.
-Avoid regional language as much as u can dear.
-I am sure employer will see your efforts n exprience besides judging you your communication. wish u good luck for ur future.
From India
Hey Ramesh,
I think ur problem is not much of english. Rather its more of self-beleif, self-confidence. I dont think one may get rejected in an interview just because of english. If so every one who can speak english would get selected, isnt it??
Its something to do with the way of talking. Rather then looking for an excuse of not getting selected. Do some home work before going for an interview. Read something. Get urself familiarise with the happening of the world. Know ur self. Sharpen ur axe.
Keep ur self updated with the world. Improve ur knowledge. Impress intervier with ur knowledge rather then impressing with english.
From India, Mumbai
i am MBA but i am helping so many people by not take any benifits and by wasting my time so i am as like as MSW so my question is it right by doing this?
Please don't underestimate MSW.
From India, New Delhi
7 things to improve your English communication

English is very easy to learn .All you need to do is train yourself to speak English as comfortably as you speak your mother tongue. You need certain practice in your daily life. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Make friendship.

Find out a friend who also wants to improve his or her English and have lunch or dinner with them. Make it a habit and utilize the whole time for communicating in English. Introduce penalties if this rule is broken. Of course this will help you to improve your listening and speaking skill. If you don't have enough time to go out and meet people at least you can chat a little by telephone. Play games printed in English which require some knowledge of English Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Dictionary, etc. Before starting, come up with a repertoire of basic commands for playing, and encourage the other players to speak only English. If you do like this no doubt you can improve your English speaking skill, what you want to do is keep on practicing.

2. Read English books like comics, magazine, entertainment

Comics are always full of idiomatic language and are very easy to understand, but some are very difficult to understand the jokes and dialogue. So try to choose comics carefully. Usually, serious or adventure comics are easier to understand than funny ones. Which one you feel more comfortable buys them and read. Magazines also useful to improve language and get knowledge. If you can read two versions of the same magazine for example, Newsweek in your language and in English, that will help you to understand easily.

3. Read a translation into English.

Choose a book that was originally translated into English, preferably from your own language. Even if you haven't read the book in your own language, you will find the English is written in a slightly simplified way that is more similar to how your own language is written than a book originally written in English would be. This will be easy for you to understand and learn that language.

4. Watch films in your language with English subtitles.

If you find English films with English subtitles too difficult or you, watch films in your language. This is a best option to understand learn English. Local films with English subtitles can also help you to attain good English language.

5. Watch the same film or TV episode over and over again.

You can learn the language without having to study it. Some comedies can also get funnier the more you watch them, especially if you watch them with no subtitles and so understand a little more each time you watch it

6.Learn and use the phonemic script

There are many sounds in English; if you learn phonetics you can understand these words. By learning the phonemic script you can improve your pronunciation and you will get the idea how to pronounce. It can also make things easier for you by stopping you trying to pronounce different spellings of the same pronunciation different ways.

7. Read a book with lots of dialogue

Dialogue is also much easier to understand than descriptive parts of a book, and is much more like the language you will want to learn in order to be able to speak English.
From India, Solon
This problem is faced by person who belongs to mumbai also so dont think that Mumbai peple do not face communication problem .So dont think negative on that part .You can improve your english by first you have to start reading English news paper initially you will not get anything might be but slowly you will come to know the meanings of words so it will become intersting part & with that plese buy Gala's english Dictionary (English to Hindi ) & than start watching English news channel
Jalpa Mehta
Assistant Manager -HR .

From India, Thana
Daily read the any English news paper and wach the english news chanals. one more importent thing is u have imporeve u r self confidence.

Dear Ramesh!!!
The Best Way to improve Your Communication is reading English newspaper& Novels,First do this for a month.This will make you to know more about the sentence formation and allocating of words with grammer.And after that watch English news Channels, English movies and try to communicate in English.This will improve your vocabulary.. !!! One More main thing is try to think your thoughts in English,this will help you better.
If u have lots of interest to learn u can solve your problem soon.. Its all Depends on your self confidence and interest..
All the best!!!!
Warm Regards,
Nidhin Sathianaryanan.
From India, Madras
Dear Ramesh

The good thing is that you analyze yourself, the negative is that, your perception to realize the analyzed outcomes as problems.

English - communication is not a problem to overcome rather a skill to practice, you don't have to worry that your english communication is not good, since you english is not your mother tongue. Any skills could be achieved through constant practice. So practice.

Rule No#: Right or Wrong Speak, When you are able to communicate through forums like citehr sure you can practice and achieve your english.

To stop talking with out thinking is unacceptable, one cannot speak with out thinking, you are thinking but the problem is not concentrating or going in depth on the subject, right?, The solution is do meditation, search for a Pranic Healing Foundation nearby your area and do they are practicing "Twin Heart Meditation" which is very powerful to acitvate your hear and brain simultaneously therefore you will become calm inside which will give more clarity on your speak.

No need to waste money on learining english there are millions of online sites in which you can get the basic english, search for PDF's online which will help you to the greater extend. If needed post your mail id i will send some basic good materials to practice english.

Select a good group from your villagers and togetherly learn and practice english.

" Life - A Lot When Expressed; Little When Experienced" - Best Regards Fazal
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Listening is the best way to improve your communication skills. listen to english talk shows and surround yourself with all english materials like news papers, magazine another print materials. watch english films with subtitles. research has shown that subtitles help a lot in language learning.

Dear Ramesh,
Stop thinking and start doing.
Half of time you are wasting on thinking.
Mirror exercise is must every day. (Very important).
No need to read whole news paper however concentrate on hobbies and job, current economic situation and markets.
Even start thinking in English.
If you feel your grammar is weak search local tutor preferably catholic one make solid base nothing wrong in it.
Read subtitles on star movies. Watch news analysis and just see expressions of the persons how they put stress on word pause smile and hand movements.
Watch interviews how spontaneously one has to answer in tricky questions.
All the best.
Anila Vanjara
From India, Mumbai
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From India, Chandigarh
my dear friend,
since you are an M.B.A. you must be well versed with english language.
According to me the only problem be the confidence and voice clarity.
I will suggest you to read any english article or anything written in english in front of the mirror vocally( loud ) and record your voice and listen to it so that you can understand where you are lacking and then work on it.

I hope it may be of some advice.
From India, Delhi
Hi Ramesh
This is Sharma, Hope u r doing well. To overcome the communication problem in English I suggest some tips, if u follow that I am sure that u can good at communication skills. The following are the tips to follow.
1. Go through the english grammar books.
2. Make the habit of reading newspaper & books, while reading the when u should understand the meaning and construction of sentences and try to find the meaning of the word which u dont know and know try to make sentences using that word.
3. Develop the habit of speaking in english with others.
4. Involve in some activities like Just a minute topics and Group discussions.
5. Last but not least try to increase your self-confidence, that is the main essence for the presentation.
I wanna see u as a good orator soon.
All the best
From India, Hyderabad
dear ramesh , u can do one thing whenever u r free in ur house stand infront of mirror and think ur image like an interviewr and talk wth him as much u can in english. it helps me a lot whn i was in 12th and i cant speak english . my sir was very annoyed by me for this . i took challenge and prepare my self.
hope my suggestion will help me lot
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ramesh.
First of all i agree to your stament i am in villageans & I also found out mostly villigeans student is week from basicaly Reporting system becuase they are frightend the english langauge is right or wrong so first un started english news paper and rid it shourt out difficult words note it with the help of Marathis dictionary and imporove your vocubalry.
From India, Pune
some imp tips through which i have improved the english
firstly improve on wordstock.
second - read newspaper
third- follow english new
fourth- view some foreign film.
and lastly try to communicate with some one in english if not possible then get some topic and speak at your own in english..
hope this will do
From India, Calcutta
Hi Ramesh,
if you concentrate on aspects like...
1. grammar
2. voice and accent
3. soft skills like assertiveness, interview skills and public speaking
u can get al dis online.. plus u wud need to interact alot with people who are native english speakers.. go for alot of interviews to improve on confidence.. do alot of group discussions and activites in which u hav 2 spontaneous.. so spontaneously u wud b speaking a better quality of english..
need any help buzz me on ..
From India, Hyderabad
First of all You must have to improve your English.
You can read novel of any Indian author or you can read Chetan Bhagat's Novels. But you must also improve your grammatical english also by the book "Super fast English".
Both exercise you'll have to do as your interest. Coz If you want to learn then you'll have to create the interest in that.
From India, Delhi
Hi Ramesh, Do not watch English Movies or English News Channels. Just read English Novels, Story books. It’s my promise you’ll see the result within two months. Try it
From India, Gurgaon
These are some common problems, and it matters all irrespective of people from villages and from urban areas. I would like to share some important suggestions which are great valued for me.
1. Practice make a man perfect.
2. Don,t hesitate or underestimate urself.
3. Be positive always.
4. Give much time to those to whom you feel hesitation.
5. Don,t prefer anyone above you, except some moral issues, Like bosses, Women, Seniors, advices,
6. Prepared and rehearse the activity your going to perform first time.
From Pakistan

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