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Thread Started by #vishal dogra

Hi All,

I want to pose this query in front of honourable senior HR professionals, who have an experience to work overseas. As I am HR fresher, have altogether 2 years of pre MBA experience in admin whereas 8 months of post qualification experience in recruitment and payroll. Recently I am getting mails from some sites regarding opportunities in gulf countries. I've filled questionnaires as demanded by the intermediary site, my current and expected salary(converted into DIRHAM) and after processing my resume and questionnaire they are offering me an opportunity to appear for interviews with four employers(their clients). For this purpose they are asking for certain amount of money as processing fees.

I am very much keen to work overseas in my domain itself, but could not afford to waste my time on fake/irrelavant offers. Pls. suggest the reliable sources(or sites) to apply for these vacancies persists in Dubai or european countries and neccesary steps need to be follow for this process.

Thanks in advance

Warm Regards

Vishal Dogra
30th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
hey vishal, i guess if u wanna work abroad u will surely have invest money as processing charges for visa & other formalities. Even I tried alot for it & approached few consultancies providing abroad recruitments.But it dint really worked. Orelse u can apply for work permit for the country u wish to work for & u can go there & search a job which will be bit difficult. Or call on helpline no. (just dial) & ask for the consultancies providing international recruitments.
All the Best :)
30th September 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
hi vishal i have just seen yours and i'm also trying for that.
mee too got the same but i didnt.
according to my knowledge search for a better consultant (recruitment agent"licensed")
and approch that he does well.
all the best
30th September 2009 From India, Pune
Hi Asnshwish & Jog,
Thanks for your wishes. Actually i am keen to go abroad for work so could invest amount of money as per my budget. The confusion in my mind is that I dont have very rich experience in HR domain, irrespective of that if my profile is getting shortlisted(as per the mails I am getting) it is worthwhile to apply for work permit.
As i am a fresher, I want to get into these procedures only when get confirmation of Job rather than go there and search for a job, as it could hamper my present career prospects. As saild by Anshwish I tried on JustDial but it can help to connect with consultancies working for direct immigration and not for providing recruitment abroad. Is there any platform from where i can get authentic source of guidance as rightly said by Mr. Jog, "Licensed recruitment agencies".
Pls. Guide.
Vishal Dogra
30th September 2009 From India, Bangalore
hey vishal, check out the attached doc with contact nos & addresses which i got through google search.. apart from this attached, go to google & type "recruitment consultancies in banglore providing international jobs".. hope u will get through..
All the Best again
1st October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad

Attached Files
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File Type: doc recruitment consultancies.doc (22.0 KB, 2127 views)

Please don’t entertain any consultancy’s with prepayment of money..In spite of any level of promises they make... ;)
1st October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi Vishal,
You know, this is not so hard to get a job abroad, specially in Gulf Countries. I have one idea, search on internet the list of Gulf's companies of same field in which you do have experience. Call their HR Department and take from them contact details of their Recruitment Agent in Indian Cities. Just get in touch some of them and you will surely get a job within a small period.
Morever, I am herewith attaching Legal Overseas Recruitment Agents Details, which I got from Website of Ministry of Foriegn Affairs of India.

1st October 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Attached Files
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File Type: zip Legal Recruitment Agencies in (219.6 KB, 1691 views)

Thanks alot Mr.Anshwish for the consultant list. I will consult all four consultants right after finishing this reply, and will search in google with the keywords suggested by you.
Mr. Mahesh thanks for your advice because some people told me to make a pre payment as it is mandatory for further process, but now I'll keep it in mind as suggestions from experts in Cite HR like you is always proven reliable to me.
Mr. Rashid the legal agents guideline provided by you is definately helpful and your idea to call companies having present opportunties is also very much feasible and have prospects.
Thanks a ton for all your suggestions, guidelines and support.
Vishal Dogra
1st October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear colleague, Please try to register your resume in reputed portals in the middle east like,Gulf,Clarendon parker,Blessford blake etc. Regards Paulson
1st October 2009 From India, Kochi
Hi Vishal,

even I have almost same exp in HR domain as you and last year I got an Offer from Dubai Metro as HR exe. but as my father worked in UAE for a while he told me about the real working conditions in UAE.

Do not give any money accept for Visa processing.

Do not lend your passport to anybody.

Check on websites about the estimated cost of issuance of Visa

You should have a legal letter, or offer letter that you are going to be appointed there.

Make sure there are no hidden terms and relocating to any other place etc.

Make sure there are no mediators, only employer is directly dealing with you.

If possible try to know that whether you will be on payroll of company.

In my case the salary which they were offering was only 5k dirhams in which they were going to deduct money for fooding and accomodation, that too in a humble low class dormitory. However, my frnd told that actual salary offered was around 10k dirhams.

So i rejected the offer.

If you cantell me more details, may be I can give you a better idea.


1st October 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear Vishal,

Appreciate you for upcoming here to seek advice from experienced.

1. It's really hard to get an opening at overseas for HR & Admin staffs. The system in Middle East is entirely different from what we studied in books and practiced in India. The main area of HR & Admin duties are related to 'Immigration, Labor, Ministry of Health, Insurance, Visa, Labor card' etc... Only an experienced can handle this with the help of local staffs.

2. Official docs for the above said departments are in Arabic. If I dont know Arabic, I will be always the first one who will be removed from the department as soon as an experienced comes with Arabic knowledge. (Sounds pretty insecure, right?)

3. Average Salary of a fresh Admin staff in middle east is around 30,000/- INR. (AED: 2000-2500, KSA pays lesser: 1800-2300 SR, least is paid in Kuwait: KD 140-180) This is after 'recession'. After the recession, plenty of experienced candidates are available in job market; this really reduces the chances for freshers.

4. Never compare salary with Indian currency. The best package you may get in Dubai, the most expensive city in the region! 7 years before my monthly salary is my monthly expense this year!!

5. Find out the company back ground before taking any decision. Check whether they are listed anywhere in internet. If a company doesnt have a website, you can imagine the status of such companies in middle east. (If this company is in UAE, please send me the name... i will help you).

6. If the payment for visa process is asked by company representatives from UAE, NEVER join in that company. You will have to struggle for your salary later! Normally agencies eat a lot. Dont pay more than 35k INR.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further assistance.
1st October 2009 From Djibouti
Hi Paulson & Gunjan,
Thanks alot Paulson for you valuable suggetions, I've heard about bayt and registered and will get with rest of all, whreas also consulting with consultancies mentioned by anshwish.
Gunjan, I am very much glad to have such an insight about working conditions and DO's and DONT's while applying for the positions, Can you please send me a testmail on , I'll revert you with all the communications I got till now. It would be really great to know more, specifically about authenticiyt of offers I am getting. Whereas need more guidance afterwards.
Thanks a Ton to all of you.
Vishal Dogra
1st October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Hi 007,
Bit scary but seems realistic. I've never heard about arabic language knowledge before, as it could be known by one who is working there in real time conditions like you. Pls send me a testmail at I'll revert you with every document I've received till now. I would be really helpful for me to get a clearer picture from all of you.
Vishal Dogra
1st October 2009 From India, Bangalore
It is nice that you looking for an opportunity working in abroad, but you need to be very alert , because there are consultancies (FREELANCERS) registering fake accounts and mailing all the pool of candidates and trap them by levying processing charges. Utter care has to be taken for verifying the employers.
The mails you receive should be in the name of company's domain.
The letter of interview should be in company's letter head.
Contact numbers involved cross check it with the name of the company.
Use internet resources for reliable information.
I recently received Maersk shipping for S.Africa, and to my shock it was fake
1st October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
After reading the offer J I D (Jobs in Dubai) to Mr. Vishal, I understand that it's a TRAP because of many reasons!

Send all other mails from them before a final judgment. I want to alert authorities here in UAE. As per the UAE labor law, it is punishable to charge applicants, even recieving gifts; recruiters lincense will be cancelled!

Your offer is not from any company but from a job portal (I hear this job portal in Dubai for the first time during 7 years career in Dubai). The offer came to you by getting your email ID from another famous job portal. And they request you to register in their site - Another Trick!

Mail came from job portal's Account manager.... I want to LOL! The account manager's name looks like a Keralite. The domain name and the Head office belongs to Canada. An office named "Jobs in Dubai" in Ontario, Canada..... My God, somebody give me kick on my head!!

Their address is like giving a location map. I doubt they put it like that because they wanted to convince applicants they are real. In fact, cany ompany even a small office in UAE give their address like:

Aaa Bbb Cccc (L L C)

P. B. No: 1234, Dubai

U A E.

Ph: 04 - 3456215

Fax: 04 - 3145213


99% of addresses will be like this. Then we have to call to locate their office. Here in your case, they didnt give Fax number. No Post Box Number! Even a small office CAN NOT BE OPENED without Post Box Number in United Arab Emirates!!!

Since I am out of UAE for the time being, I told my colleague to check the given telephone number. He didnt answer yet. Telephone line may answered. When they realize it is an enquiry from inside Dubai, it might be a 'Wrong Number'. Normally it happens like that here. I have previous experience.

You, job seekers understand one thing. After the recession, 40-45% of the UAE employees are on the road. If any company need experienced staffs, plenty are available for less salary requirements.

Still there is chance, only a chance to be this office there. Should be new. They started collecting data. But if they demand fee from applicants, they have to close it TOMORROW! Send all the mails you recieved from them please.

I recieved call from my Dubai colleague now while I am typing this reply. This office is closed (J I D Net Works). Machine is answered. Working hours 9am to 5pm Sunday to Thursday. My friend also told me that there are many "Mushroom" manpower supply agencies appeared after "recession monsoon". Before they are closed by officials, they disappear with poor job hunters savings!

Best Advice: Forget this overseas offer!
1st October 2009 From Djibouti
A hot news:
One of the prestigious companies in Dubai is terminated 40% of employees from their Ajman branch without notice period on 1st October 2009. List is published on notice board on 28th September 2009. All employees have to go and check whether his/her name is there in the list or not.
Dont ask compensation. A single way ticket up to your nearest city will be provided within one week!
1st October 2009 From Djibouti
Mammu, I think you are doing a great job in taking time to check out and helping guys like vishal so that they do not fall into traps like these. Keep up the good work
2nd October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr.Vishal Dogra,
Having read almost all the comments posted here, I have one FRIENDLY suggestion for you.
I feel, alongwith your quest for better jobs abroad, you NEED to IMPROVE your English.
As you know, net is a global community and your good english here, may land you a great overseas job one day.Also learning arabic is NOT difficult, as I have done it from Radio Bhavan, in spite of being a non-urdu(non-muslim).
"Make yourself so good that people should vie to have you with them !"
All The Best !
2nd October 2009 From India, Mumbai
hey vishal, i know u r desperate enuf to work overseas but dont make wrong decisions that u have to regreat later & also i wuld like to suggest you to try for countries like UK, Europe, hong kong etc. Dnt try for gulf countries if possible coz thw work culture is actually not that gr8..
2nd October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Vishal,
I run a Recruitment consultancy, since 20+ years, and we specialise in Jobs abroad.
We do not take any processing fee from the candidate, and like to work for clients, who would not only pay us, but also take care of all expense pertaining to cdts travel, visa, stay etc.
As rightly pointed out by Mammu, HR people, specially freshers, would not find relevant jobs for themselves, as their education, is relevant only in India.
Really appreciate, the efforts by Mammu, on finding out about the offer you had.I also get many such people with fake letters, even from names of renowned companies, like SHELL.
My advise to you is to take some good experience in India, maybe specialise into training , and then venture out , for a job abroad.
Nisha Kapoor
2nd October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
:)Dont mention thanks....please. I consider it as my duty as an Indian to another Indian. I really dont want get people in trouble.

There are some spesific positions which is seldom recruited candidates to that position directly from other countries without experience in Middle East. Administration staff is one of them.

It is said companies don't charge visa. If it is known by authorities company will be in trouble. Still, you readers should know what is happening in real. When employees / labours required in bulk, authorised person (normally admin manager of the company) contact the local manpower supplier. This supplier should have contacts in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka & Pakistan etc...

Company representative (admin manager here) contacts local agent and inform that they need 50 unskilled, 25 skilled labors and If this order gives to this specific agency, how much they can pay to him! Normal offer is AED 4000-5000 for each unskilled visa, AED 2500-3500 for skilled labors. Local manpower supplier will contact overseas manpower supplier with a demand of AED 500/- extra for each visa. Manpower supplier overseas demand double or even triple time of this amount from the job applicant!! (The best price for visa paid from Bangladesh, 300,000/- to 500,000/- DAKA is paid by the job seeker for an 'HELPER's visa!)

After all of these bargain, the local manpower supply agent arrange the travel arrangement for company representatives to conduct interview (normally 3 persons, 3star facility stay in city, including Airticket is offered by overseas agent). Overseas agent will conduct all formalities. Only final interview is done by company representatives. Money will be collected by overseas agent. They will transfer the amount to local agent later.

This is how the visa is getting expensive!

Normally these are unknown to companies' owner. There are very crook minded company owners who knows this trick. They directly demand visa fee from suppliers.

Actually the total cost of VISA + LABOR CARD + HELTH CARD + INSURANCE for one person for 3 years is AED: 3150/- in UAE in from 2009 March.

I described above the recuitment process of skilled & unskilled labors from overseas.

No company charges visa fee for staff catogories. They are normally recruited from local markets after conducting minimum 2-3 interviews. All expenses born by the companies.

Please feel free to contact me if anybody need further clarification in this regard!

BEWARE! If anyone of your unskilled relative wants to come to Middle East with an 'Helper' visa, please dont send him. That will be his journey to SLAVERY!:(
2nd October 2009 From Djibouti
Hi Vishal,
u can mail me on , I may help you some way out, but as I myself have not visited UAE, i dont have very deep insight into this "kabootarbaazi".
may be people like Mammu can mentor you.
3rd October 2009 From India, New Delhi
Hey Mr.Anshwish, can you suggest me with some good consultancies in Hyderabad for the job search in overseas.
3rd October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Nisha, Do you have any openings, abroad for 2yrs exp in HR field. can you pls give me your mail id so that i can forward my resume to it. Thanks, Mateen.
3rd October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Nisha, Do you have any openings, abroad for 2yrs exp in HR field. can you pls give me your mail id so that i can forward my resume to it. Thanks, Mateen.
3rd October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Hi Vishal,
Other members have shared really good information on Thread.
Itís true fresher would most probably be offered Administrative job in the Gulf & UAE regions.
As Mammu007 (nice Takhallus Ah!!) has mentioned, Administrative work is major part of HR Department in these regions. The only reason is that major percentage of their workforce is foreigners. Knowledge of Arabic would not be MUST but for sure itís DESIRABLE requirement.
In fact for any country or state in India, HR personnel with knowledge of local language is preferred J
Visa processing and all these basically admin work not HR. Thatís why HR Administrative job title is very common here (major administrative plus HR job activities)
However, experienced HR professionals are being offered other than Administrative jobs too (Training, OD etc.). Its all about oneís past experience. In fact itís the same kind of practice in India. HR theories are same all over the world and so HR practices and initiatives with little local impact. Only the differences are in local labour law requirements and some administrative practices.
Well, itís true agents do charge or collect money job offers and visa in these regions. However, its for unskilled, semiskilled or labourer jobs. In fact the some companies ask their recruitment partner to collect it specially from Bangaladeshi and Nepalies, as workers from these countries have shown practice of running away back to their country or to another companies and work illegally. However, companies pay them back the collected amount on their completion of 1-2 year in the employment.
Companies have practice to bare all cost of visa, traveling and relocating for staff category employees. You being MBA graduate, you would be in this cadre. I suggest, you should not pay any amount to for such visa. Company would take care the visa process, travelling arrangements. Unless, as mentioned by somebody earlier that you can get your free visa (same like HSMP for UK, H1B for USA or PR for Australia), get into the country and search for job.
Having own visa rather than company sponsored is generally a better deal and brings you more opportunities too. As sometimes companies may not be in position to offer visa (their approved visa quota get finish too), or they can avoid visa cost, save visa processing time and can get candidate who is already familiar with local culture. So in such cases having own visa bring you more opportunities.
In fact, this is my third oversea country and third continent too. My experience says companies are always willing to pay for visa and all other cost as long as they are getting the right personal and their countryís Labour ministry a lot Visa. My first jobs after completing my MBA was an oversea job and have not paid any amount for visa for any of these jobs.
Itís true, I had lost good opportunies for not having own visa or permission work in ďthat countryĒ , but one can always find another company from another country to offer you. It all about how flexible one is.
It generally takes 2-4 months time to search such job. I would suggest you; be persistent for searching your oversea dream job and sooner or later you will get it. At least such persistent search had worked for Mee J .
Please remember, for fresher getting job within India is not that easy. So searching FIRST oversea job may be tougher experience for fresher. I feel its relevantly easier for technical job than management.
Once you have oversea job experience stamp on you resume, it should be easy for you to get attention of other foreign employers. For experience, you can also try oversea long term (min 1 yr)paid INTERNSHIP. Companies do appoint fresher under this internship programs and than offer them long term and fast track career based on their performance during internship. Actually, companies treat them as equivalent to other employees and offer challenging assignments. You may search on internet, nowadays its much easier to find internship than 5-6 yrs back.
For searching job in Eurpore, knowing local language would be very much desired with having own visa. Rest other develop countries too, they can get foreign candidates with work visa available locally (like uk, usa) than why company would go expensive visa processes unless you have some very special skills, competencies to offer. However, Internship program can help you to enter in those countries easily J
Ohh!!! Long posting Ah J Hope I could give clear views on your all queries and confusions.
Amish Bhatt

3rd October 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
This thread deviates from its root!:huh: The starter should have tired reading replies. By the way, "The free Visa system" is not applicable in UAE.
3rd October 2009 From Djibouti
hello mirza, 1st of all i am not Mr. I am Ms. but no worries many have the same impression. Well find attached the doc for recruitment consultancies. All the Best
5th October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad

Attached Files
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File Type: doc recruitment consultancies.doc (228.5 KB, 139 views)


Pardon for the late reply due to long weekend. I would like to thank all the HR fraternities who are replying to this post and helping inexperienced professionals like me. I am specially thankful to MR M. Sadiq (Mammu007) whom i sent the mail, and after his cross check and evaluation the outcome on offer helped me to escape from this trap. The explaination of the fake offer is really very useful to others who are getting same kind of mails. His informative post i.e. "Why Visa getting expensive?" really gives an insight what is happening behind the curtains. Definately this would help to spend our hard earned money wisely.
Ms. Anshwish I am glad you understand my keen interest to work abroad and even I am convinced with your and others suggestion that expertise is the key to venture oversease. Working conditions in differnt countries should also be taken into consideration while making a blue print of future plans.
It would be really great if we get more details in this post, regarding working conditions, information needed and formalities persist in various countries.

Thanking all who've replied and expecting some more knowledge regarding this issue.


Vishal Dogra
5th October 2009 From India, Bangalore
hi vishal,
i just see your post. i hav no idea abt and i thnk it easier for you if you know some bdy who live ther .M agreed with u that its difficult to recognize the fake companies so i suggest you can find and contact some HR consultant in dubai or any country and take some advice from them also u can search the compnay from search engine and check thier profile etc.hmm for visa process i thnk the compnay sould bear the expenses.
5th October 2009 From Pakistan, Karachi
Hi All,
Thanks again for your valuable suggestions, so as thanking you syma. Detailed and knowledgable post by Mr. Amish bhatt has already cleared an option of own or company sponsored visa. I am going by his advice to have an experience first and than apply for the same whereas I want to eqip myself with all necessary details before hand. I would like to request Ms. Nisha kapoor to send her mail ID so that I and others can get benefited with reliable guidance on overseas opportunities for desired Job profile.
Requesting seniors to provide some more details on different variables in different countries in addition to valuable information provided by MR. Amish.
Vishal Dogra

5th October 2009 From India, Bangalore

It is my pleasure to help you any possible ways in this regard.

Laws are almost same in any countries in middle east because all of them stick in to 'Sharia Law'. K S A is with the toughest ONE! A non-muslim will find it's really difficult to proceed a normal life there.

In Bahrin & UAE you will find more freedom. U A E locals behave very decent with expats, inspite of K S A and Kuwait.

Bahrin has changed their Visa sponsorship rule in the month of August 2009. It's called "A REVELOUTION" in the region. (please google to learn the details).

"Own Visa" is not exactly exist anywhere in GCC. There will be a sponsor in your 'Iqama' (Residence Card). In KSA they allow (not by law, authorities close their eyes towards this actually) to work under another employer who is not your sponsor. But you even cant imagine this type of practice in UAE or Kuwait. If any employee found working under another employer (which is not mentioned in his 'Bataqa Amal' - Work Permit), 3 (three) people will be fined. Employee - AED: 3000/-, current employer AED: 10,000- 50,000- , and the original sponsor AED: 25,000 - 50,000!


As Mr. Amish told, HR & Admin is always a single department in this region. It's also called PRO (Public Relation Operation). U A E has implemented a new rule last year that the PRO representative to goverment offices should be a local (emarati).

Hope you can find an Admin Assistant job in any of good companies. Start from there. Gradually you will learn..... May be you will say yourself after years "Oh these were those systems Mammu wrote me in citeHR!"

Don't give up. It may take a little more to clear up this recession section.

Wait and see.... Good day to you,

5th October 2009 From Djibouti
Hi Dr.VSRege,
I would be thankful if you you provide me more info about Radio Bhavan for learning Arabic language.
Thank you :-)
Dear Mr.Amish,
I completed my Diplome in Arabics from Radio Bhuvan ,Arthur BUnder Road,Colaba,Mumbai on a One to One basis , way back in 1990s.Since I was a Professional,working Full Time,I opted for a ONE-to-ONE option. I DO NOT want to advertise any institutions here and hence suggest to you that you may look for ANY suitable well known school in Arabic Learning closer to you.
In case you need Radio Bhavan's info Just Dial.
Let me assure you all- learning Arabic is NOT AT ALL difficult,on the contrary it has been an Enjoyable learning experience for me which brought me a Lot of Success in dealing with Arab clientele from All the Arabic countries.You would be surprised to know that though the basic Arabic is the same its dialect changes with the countries and good news -Dubai arabs speak pretty good HINDI.
All the Best to you.
7th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Vishal,
I agree with Mr.Amish that knowledge of Local language goes a long way not only in HR but also in your overall personal & professional developement.
I am sending you a ppt which I downloaded from this site posted by Lalitha. If you wish to go to that basic thread pl type 'GRAMMAR' in the search on this cite and lo ! you will get a lot of info pages on grammar.
My dear Friend,PLEASE NOTE- I am doing this to HELP you in your future life and NOT to criticise your english as I have NO authority to do so.
Wishing you success ,ever.
7th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Vishal, Sorry I could NOT upload that Grammar ppt. but please do download it from this site. regards Dr.Rege
7th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
hey vishal, there is no need to say thankz for anythg.. this cite is to help everyone with their experiences. Afterall we are Indians (far but always togeather).. well I think if you will take some more exp in the professional world you will surely get a good opportunity abroad, have patience & keep trying.. all the best.. chhheeerrrrrrsssssssss
7th October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi All,
Mr Mammu would definately like to say myself after years the knowledge you provided to me.
Very well said Ms. Anshwish, this sense of belongingness pushed me to post over here so that I can clear my doubts on this critical issue. As the decisions made during this process can change one's life.
Dr.Rege I am thankful for your deep concern about my erratic language. As I told earlier I am a fresher, so prone to make mistakes. even in this reply i would've commited so many. Though I've downloaded the PPT. Criticises gives a room to improvement, so thanks again.
Thanks for your wishes
Vishal Dogra
7th October 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dr.Rege, Thank you for your reply and information. I agreed your point of not advertising any institue here. I will take forward from here :-) Regards, Amish Bhatt
8th October 2009 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear All,
I have done my MBA from SCMS Cochin , specializing in HR .
I am interested to work in UK even though I am a fresher !!!
Would really appreciate it if someone could show me the ropes for the same .
My email ID is
22nd January 2010 From India, Bangalore
I am trying to find a job in NCR Region in Business and market research domain but unable to get anything significant. Even i have taken the resume service from Naukri, but still did not recived good responses. Can any body help me for the same.
23rd June 2010 From India
Hi Vishal,
This is Sudhir i have four years experience in Domain and now i got an opportunity to go for overseas and i got the offer letter and there is no Charges and this is direct recruitment and your resume should be strong in the alignment initially dont expect salary than only you get exposer on work.
Sudhir Kumar
15th August 2012 From India, Visakhapatnam
HI Vishal & all you guys kindly send your resumes to me i will do my best to find you a great assistance for your desire i have expertise in Singapore if you wish i can do for you or if any other country you want then let me know & check what option are open just i need your resume and scan copy of your valid passport and if any travel history you have then please mention it send me your resume on

6th March 2014 From India, New Delhi
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