:)Dont mention thanks....please. I consider it as my duty as an Indian to another Indian. I really dont want get people in trouble.

There are some spesific positions which is seldom recruited candidates to that position directly from other countries without experience in Middle East. Administration staff is one of them.

It is said companies don't charge visa. If it is known by authorities company will be in trouble. Still, you readers should know what is happening in real. When employees / labours required in bulk, authorised person (normally admin manager of the company) contact the local manpower supplier. This supplier should have contacts in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka & Pakistan etc...

Company representative (admin manager here) contacts local agent and inform that they need 50 unskilled, 25 skilled labors and If this order gives to this specific agency, how much they can pay to him! Normal offer is AED 4000-5000 for each unskilled visa, AED 2500-3500 for skilled labors. Local manpower supplier will contact overseas manpower supplier with a demand of AED 500/- extra for each visa. Manpower supplier overseas demand double or even triple time of this amount from the job applicant!! (The best price for visa paid from Bangladesh, 300,000/- to 500,000/- DAKA is paid by the job seeker for an 'HELPER's visa!)

After all of these bargain, the local manpower supply agent arrange the travel arrangement for company representatives to conduct interview (normally 3 persons, 3star facility stay in city, including Airticket is offered by overseas agent). Overseas agent will conduct all formalities. Only final interview is done by company representatives. Money will be collected by overseas agent. They will transfer the amount to local agent later.

This is how the visa is getting expensive!

Normally these are unknown to companies' owner. There are very crook minded company owners who knows this trick. They directly demand visa fee from suppliers.

Actually the total cost of VISA + LABOR CARD + HELTH CARD + INSURANCE for one person for 3 years is AED: 3150/- in UAE in from 2009 March.

I described above the recuitment process of skilled & unskilled labors from overseas.

No company charges visa fee for staff catogories. They are normally recruited from local markets after conducting minimum 2-3 interviews. All expenses born by the companies.

Please feel free to contact me if anybody need further clarification in this regard!

BEWARE! If anyone of your unskilled relative wants to come to Middle East with an 'Helper' visa, please dont send him. That will be his journey to SLAVERY!:(

From Djibouti
Hi Vishal,
u can mail me on , I may help you some way out, but as I myself have not visited UAE, i dont have very deep insight into this "kabootarbaazi".
may be people like Mammu can mentor you.

From India, New Delhi
Hey Mr.Anshwish, can you suggest me with some good consultancies in Hyderabad for the job search in overseas.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Nisha, Do you have any openings, abroad for 2yrs exp in HR field. can you pls give me your mail id so that i can forward my resume to it. Thanks, Mateen.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Nisha, Do you have any openings, abroad for 2yrs exp in HR field. can you pls give me your mail id so that i can forward my resume to it. Thanks, Mateen.
From India, Mumbai
Hi Vishal,
Other members have shared really good information on Thread.
Itís true fresher would most probably be offered Administrative job in the Gulf & UAE regions.
As Mammu007 (nice Takhallus Ah!!) has mentioned, Administrative work is major part of HR Department in these regions. The only reason is that major percentage of their workforce is foreigners. Knowledge of Arabic would not be MUST but for sure itís DESIRABLE requirement.
In fact for any country or state in India, HR personnel with knowledge of local language is preferred J
Visa processing and all these basically admin work not HR. Thatís why HR Administrative job title is very common here (major administrative plus HR job activities)
However, experienced HR professionals are being offered other than Administrative jobs too (Training, OD etc.). Its all about oneís past experience. In fact itís the same kind of practice in India. HR theories are same all over the world and so HR practices and initiatives with little local impact. Only the differences are in local labour law requirements and some administrative practices.
Well, itís true agents do charge or collect money job offers and visa in these regions. However, its for unskilled, semiskilled or labourer jobs. In fact the some companies ask their recruitment partner to collect it specially from Bangaladeshi and Nepalies, as workers from these countries have shown practice of running away back to their country or to another companies and work illegally. However, companies pay them back the collected amount on their completion of 1-2 year in the employment.
Companies have practice to bare all cost of visa, traveling and relocating for staff category employees. You being MBA graduate, you would be in this cadre. I suggest, you should not pay any amount to for such visa. Company would take care the visa process, travelling arrangements. Unless, as mentioned by somebody earlier that you can get your free visa (same like HSMP for UK, H1B for USA or PR for Australia), get into the country and search for job.
Having own visa rather than company sponsored is generally a better deal and brings you more opportunities too. As sometimes companies may not be in position to offer visa (their approved visa quota get finish too), or they can avoid visa cost, save visa processing time and can get candidate who is already familiar with local culture. So in such cases having own visa bring you more opportunities.
In fact, this is my third oversea country and third continent too. My experience says companies are always willing to pay for visa and all other cost as long as they are getting the right personal and their countryís Labour ministry a lot Visa. My first jobs after completing my MBA was an oversea job and have not paid any amount for visa for any of these jobs.
Itís true, I had lost good opportunies for not having own visa or permission work in ďthat countryĒ , but one can always find another company from another country to offer you. It all about how flexible one is.
It generally takes 2-4 months time to search such job. I would suggest you; be persistent for searching your oversea dream job and sooner or later you will get it. At least such persistent search had worked for Mee J .
Please remember, for fresher getting job within India is not that easy. So searching FIRST oversea job may be tougher experience for fresher. I feel its relevantly easier for technical job than management.
Once you have oversea job experience stamp on you resume, it should be easy for you to get attention of other foreign employers. For experience, you can also try oversea long term (min 1 yr)paid INTERNSHIP. Companies do appoint fresher under this internship programs and than offer them long term and fast track career based on their performance during internship. Actually, companies treat them as equivalent to other employees and offer challenging assignments. You may search on internet, nowadays its much easier to find internship than 5-6 yrs back.
For searching job in Eurpore, knowing local language would be very much desired with having own visa. Rest other develop countries too, they can get foreign candidates with work visa available locally (like uk, usa) than why company would go expensive visa processes unless you have some very special skills, competencies to offer. However, Internship program can help you to enter in those countries easily J
Ohh!!! Long posting Ah J Hope I could give clear views on your all queries and confusions.
Amish Bhatt

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
This thread deviates from its root!:huh: The starter should have tired reading replies. By the way, "The free Visa system" is not applicable in UAE.
From Djibouti
hello mirza, 1st of all i am not Mr. I am Ms. but no worries many have the same impression. Well find attached the doc for recruitment consultancies. All the Best
From India, Ahmadabad

Attached Files
File Type: doc recruitment consultancies.doc (228.5 KB, 143 views)


Pardon for the late reply due to long weekend. I would like to thank all the HR fraternities who are replying to this post and helping inexperienced professionals like me. I am specially thankful to MR M. Sadiq (Mammu007) whom i sent the mail, and after his cross check and evaluation the outcome on offer helped me to escape from this trap. The explaination of the fake offer is really very useful to others who are getting same kind of mails. His informative post i.e. "Why Visa getting expensive?" really gives an insight what is happening behind the curtains. Definately this would help to spend our hard earned money wisely.
Ms. Anshwish I am glad you understand my keen interest to work abroad and even I am convinced with your and others suggestion that expertise is the key to venture oversease. Working conditions in differnt countries should also be taken into consideration while making a blue print of future plans.
It would be really great if we get more details in this post, regarding working conditions, information needed and formalities persist in various countries.

Thanking all who've replied and expecting some more knowledge regarding this issue.


Vishal Dogra

From India, Bangalore

hi vishal,
i just see your post. i hav no idea abt and i thnk it easier for you if you know some bdy who live ther .M agreed with u that its difficult to recognize the fake companies so i suggest you can find and contact some HR consultant in dubai or any country and take some advice from them also u can search the compnay from search engine and check thier profile etc.hmm for visa process i thnk the compnay sould bear the expenses.

From Pakistan, Karachi

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