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Lateral Thinking Puzzle: 3
There are 3 switches outside a windowless opaque room. They are connected to 3 light bulbs inside the room. How can you determine which switch is connected to which bulb if you are allowed to enter the room only once?
Please note:
You don't have to use any other person, friend, relative, etc. You are alone & you have to determine it on your own.
There is no way to peak in the room since the room is window less. And is not made of Glasses "OKAY"
Think out of the box.. and you will be able to solve it.. the solution to this puzzle is not a conventional way.
Himanshu Dhaga

From India, Mumbai
Senior Analyst - Talent Management
Training, Operations, Risk Assessment, Whs
Hr Assistant


Switch one light on for sometime, and switchoff & switchon another one. Go in to the room and see the warmth of the off bulb. The warm one is connected to the first switch, the on bulb is connected to the second. And naturally the third without warmth is...
From India, Mangaluru

Perfect Answer!!! by Daniel....
And guyz keep posting such makes you think in a variety of ways.
and does not matter in which section...
the idea is everyone should get a chance to read....

From India, Hyderabad

Hey friends,
Reply sent by Daniel. Alvares is perfect. The answer to the puzzle is that.
Congratulations DANIEL.
"Switch one bulb on for sometime (5-8 mins) now switch it off. Switch on the other bulb and get in the room. Touch the bulbs and feel the warmth of the off bulb. The bulb which is hot is the bulb corresponding to the first switch that you turned on and the bulb which is ON right now is the one corresponding to the switch turned on. And naturally the third one is off."
Learning: When we are stuck with a problem, most of the time our tendency is that we try to work around the problem and try to arrive to a solution. But there are times, when a problem has to be segregated from it's module and one needs to think of a strategy which would not involve conventional methods. And the solution which arises after a creative and strategic thinking process is the most innovative and appropriate solution.

From India, Mumbai
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