Hi All-
I am trying to develope a calendar for both "Employee Engagement" and "Employee Recreational" activities.
Request you all to pen down activities you are currently conducting at your end. You dont have to necessarily categorize aginst engagement or recreational. So be free to express your opinion.
Warm Regards
4th August 2009 From United Kingdom, London

Hr And Operations
Autumn Jane
Workplace Happiness
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hello trinity,
you could conduct some employee engagement programs like asking them to do some chart work about the occassion celebrated or may also involve employees in spot quiz which could be work related and gift them .As for employee recreational progams you may do some thing like arranging bay decoration, online cross words,haloween day,thematic day(same coloured dress across floor ) and so on.I too am looking out for some more ideas besides these
4th August 2009 From India, Madras
Thanks Pavithra.... I have got the basic list up n running....but i am looking for more additions.... variety is what i am looking for ... :D Trinity
5th August 2009 From United Kingdom, London
Dear Trinity
Did you company recently conducted an Employee Engagement Survey, with results highlighting to engagement issues that now requires you to design and run employee engagement programs?
Autumn Jane
5th August 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
No we havent done yet. And we woudl like to keep it that way for now. However, do let me know if you have anything on your mind. I somehow hate beaureaucracy and survey is a part of it. I dont mind doing a esat, but for smaller issues i stick to things are workable. :)
Trinity - Morpheus

6th August 2009 From United Kingdom, London
My question is is not about beaureaucracy. It was more on "prioritizing targeted improvement" initiatives accordingly to the survey result. When such survey is properly designed, you would be able to identify what factors are working well that improves engagement, and vice versa. For factors that are hurting engagement, you will then administer the relevant programs to tackle the issues accordingly. E.g. if Comp & Ben was an issue, you might have to participate in an industry survey for benchmarking; if it was communications, then you would have to improve on your communications; if it was work-life benefits, your might have to implement flexi-working arrangements, etc. In OD, the next 52 weeks after the conduct of such survey is most critical to optimize the result.
Autumn Jane
7th August 2009 From Singapore, Singapore
Dear Autumn-
Even if i dont do a engagement survey - i ensure that the best practices are followed be it C&B, RnR, PMS etc.... as far as the the core areas are concerned we are considerable stable and that has reflected in our annual ESAT conducted 3 months back. What i am trying to understand in this forum is:
a. wether i can introduce something new... meaning is there a new benchmark?
b. can i do something which could add to the internal cultural / extracurricular activities etc

7th August 2009 From United Kingdom, London
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