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I m doing MCA final year through distance education and also working as a Accountant in Telecom Company . I like do to MBA in part time. whether It will be useful for me?. Otherwise full time is better for me. I didnt attend the entrance exam. Realy i like this HR position. Always I like to interact with people. MBA is a broader range of learning,management skills are valuable to a lot more companies when compared to Technical fields. If it is IT field we have to update our programming language according to the new languages invented.
shall i do MBA now or not? which MBA field is better for me?. really i am confused.
Pls tell me ur kind advice, afterthat i can take correct solution.
Thank u so much

From India, Bangalore
Human Resource
Balaji Rao03
Aviation Logistics, 3pl Regional Head
David Haynes
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Dear Sarobina,
MCA is Masters in Computer Applications, and if your are really interested in making your career in IT field, then I believe you should go for MBA in 'Systems;. However, the hot selling MBA degrees are basically, Marketing, HR and Finance.
It all depends upon your interest, I would recommend that you directly talk to some MBA coaching institues and they will give you the best counselling regarding this. Career Launcher and TIME in Delhi are some of the good ones.....:)
HOD-Human Resource

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
balaji rao03

u r in the east and want the west. by doing mba you can become a manager of that fild,.
but my frend. let me tell u.
these days continuous upgrading can only keep u alive & competetive in any field. u just cant sit back and relax for life time after joining any job. any way if you want to do MBA,
u can do it in hr or finance as your MCA may help with Managing optly.but for gods sake dont think other than IT fields there is no updation knowledge required. that's wrong idea.

From India, Madras
Pallavi Sajanapwar
Hi sarobina,

I can understand your dilemma. You have said that you are doing MCA through distance education and also working as a Accountant in Telecom Company. You can think on following points:

1) I think MCA is a post graduation. It will enable you to work in I.T. If you do MBA (other than systems specialization) then your MCA knowledge will not be useful. It will be a total loss.

2) Also instead of part time MBA you should prefer a full time MBA. It will be beneficial for getting a job.

3) You are working as accountant in Telecom Company. In your company also you can interact with people who are in Finance, HR or Marketing. Understand their roles and then make a decision in which department you would like to work.

4) As far as MBA admission is considered with out entrance you are not eligible for majority colleges offering Full time course. So you can try for the next year.

5) Also there are some MBA equivalent courses offered by few universities. Like Master of Personal Management (MPM) or Master of marketing Management (MMM).You can enquire about it in your place. You can take admission to it also.

I hope this will help you.

All the best.


From India, Pune
Hi Saro,
As suggested by sunita its good idea that you do your MBA in Systems as it gives you an extra qualification and you can learn management skills as well as you can learn the business skills if you think of any business in future.
By doing MBA people like you can excel any where in any industry,as you already an MCA.
But my sincere suggestion is go for a fulltime by taking a break from your current job and do it as it will fetch you a lot in enhancing your skills and knowledge which will not be there in distance education.
Go to Career Launcher centre in Cannught place whre you will get a proper guidence and then you can take a decision.
Adding an extra qualification is not a bad thing and if you have that calibre there is no wrong in taking up both East and West into your hands.
All the very Best.

From India, Gurgaon
Hi Saborina, I think you should go for MBA in IT & can do corespondence course
From India, Pune
as you r already wrking in the field of finance so continue with ur wrk nd earn experience. wat u can do is u can do mba part time with any institutes or university. there's a job scarcity in the market so mve ahead with ur wrk. moreover u r already a pg so no such compulsion with mba. every second person is mba, and if u r going 2 do regular mba u have to strart ur wrk with scratch.and this will add confusions fr u.
i.e. after 2-3 years u will analyse wat u did 2 urself. mca, job exp in finance, intrest in hr or if u r fond of studying then only go fr mba part time. in case of any strong plans fr regular mba go fr 'A' or 'B' grade b-schools only.
all the best

From India, Delhi
hi sarobina......
As u have mentioned that you are in a accountant job and interested in MBA i would suggest tha MBA with finance as your specialisation woud greatly help you ...But pls dont do it part time as MBA is a course which needs lot of practical exposure its not that you mug upfrom the books and write something in the exams...Its a practical learning of management skills..
it would be really interesting pls go on but pls prepare well for the entrance exams and choose a good standard college ....
GOOd Luck

From India, Coimbatore
hi, management is an art!!!!!!!! so it is not necessary to study MBA and learn that. better you can learn the system approach of mangement fron your company in which u are working.
From India, Namakkal
we completed MCA but i do HR Payroll job how is it?Actually i have some health problems and am not suitable for night-shift jobs so am unfit to IT software job so i decided to do a payroll job please give me u r valuable suggestions

From India, Calicut
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