Dear Fellow Recruiters
With around 3 years in the Recrutiment industry as a consultant, I have always had a strong feeling that the Corporate HR somehow look down upon the consultants.
They look at consultants as low brows, mindless & un intelligent creatures who they can play around with and take advantage of.
Some of them have a hard time hiding how much they despise the consultants!!
Any ideas as to why they so much dislike the Consultants?
Perhaps some from the corporate can look inside and come out with some truthful answers...please!
I wonder how many of the corporate HR professionals keep in mind the "Human" factor while dealing with consultants and respect dignity of labour.
Perhaps it is time we have HR profesional taking a Hippcaratic oath a'la Doctors...Any opinions?
Good HR Associates

From India, Chandigarh
Divya Chandarana

I do agree with what you say.A lot of time people in corporates look down on consultants.Most of thet themselves have moved from consultancies to corporates.I am working in a corporate as a HR.I have also moved from a consultancy.Hence i try to understand the minds and point of view as a consultant.Corporate definently have a lot of poressure but yelling at people ,throwing attitude does not make them work.

From India, Madras
It happens because they feel that ball is in their court, I am also working in a corporate and understands the way of treatment.
Not only corporate HRs but even the candidates(who you call for discussing the opportunity) refuses to listen to you untill you don't say that you are calling from a company and not from a consultancy...I feel anybody who is from consultant's background can understand the recruitment challenges better than anyone...
Go-on,All The Best. :)

From India, Madras

Dear All,

I feel we should not generalise. Let's take it with a pinch of salt.

1. The number of people who have replied here are the ones who have jumped from Consultancy HR to Company HR but not vice-versa ? Why ?

2. If anybody is a smart MBA graduate, he would have started his career with a "company" and not consultancy. Obviously what does this mean ?

For me, this means that Company HR has the upper hand... Let's be graceful in admitting this...

@ Good HR Associates:

1. The question is not about Dignity of Labour. If that would have been the case, over 60 % Factory HR professionals would have had to face a strike from the unions.

2. I feel there is a backdrop in your case, which may not have been mentioned here. This is ONLY your side of the story.

For eg: Have you ever tried to cross the channel of communication by going to the top HR boss of your client company rather than approaching the executive level personnel, who does this work ? My experience is that some "smart" people try to do such stuff, hence the adverse reaction.

I am not favouring anybody. Pl take this positively. It's just my personal thought.

Shaunak Marulkar

From India, Mumbai

i agree with the point , i am HR in a company from last one year. i worked for 1 month in a consultancy for my last sem project, so i can understand the pressure on them.
But when i after completing my education i got opportunity in company, so i can feel the difference , even the candidate s give respect to corporate HR rather than a consultants,. I think its becoz now any graduate can enter in the consultant field only he should be smart enough to handle the project. But in case of Corporate we need MBA only.
so this difference is created by us only
1. Education wise
2. All consultants after gaining experience look forward to corporate only, this means they them self give priority to it even if they are MBA, so this make consultats less valuable than corporate HR.

From India, Gurgaon
Divya Chandarana

Hi All,
According to me at anywork place top priority is given to the potential and smartness of the candidate.Holding an MBA does not mean that the person is superior to others.As far as consultants are concerned they get a wide exposure in terms of a variety of requirements,dealing with different clients etc.
Both have their positives and negatives.It depends on the way we look at it.Whether we see the glass half empty or half full.

From India, Madras
Ash Mathew


I have been both a consultant and a Corporate Recruiter.

One thing that everyone must accept is that - consulting business has become more like a rat race. The one who gets the right candidate gets the money. So keeping the "hire and money" factor in mind - the consultants are forced by their team leads for target achievements, and trust me - most of the time ridiculous targets. Sometimes when there are no positions existing at all - the recruitment consultants are asked to create database by doing head hunting and simply calling leads and asking if they are looking out in near future. The result of the above:

a) No passion within the recruitment consultant while making a call. It becomes irritating for the candidate.

b) Corporate recruiters get bugged with the resumes just being dumped. - cant help because the consultant is forced to delievr on time, and the corporate recruiter is forced to get back with quality - else just be insulted by the department / technical heads.

c) Bad consultant creates bad image for the corporate client. They forget that they need to maintain a standard while representing a corporate.

d) The corp. Recruiter has not just one or two positions...but a 100 of them (and a limited budget). In the middle of this - the consultant calls a 100 times to follow-up. Literraly a few of them suck the life out. And they speak with a scripted tone - all the 100 times.

Its not that you are looked down upon purposefully - most of them have behaved that way that the very word "consultant" can itch many at the wrong place.

But there are a few who a Corporate Recruiter would always prefer working with - because of the way they professionaly carry their business, and represent the company.

There was an instance where - in my previous company, I spoke to a candidate and when I mentioned the name of the company - he was suprised. He said an IRRITATING consultant with an artificial slang called and discussed abt the position, and never called back. On enquiring I learnt that it was one of the consultant we hired. The candidate was finally selected.

So you see - its really not beneficial most of the time and can spoil the image of the company if the Consultant is not doing his part well.

From India, Madras
Tony John

Hello HR Associates,
You've already got great replies and views from others. I am just sharing my thoughts here. Like any other slogging recruiter, I too am one of them. I understand your feelings about the treatment recruiters receive at the hands of Corporate HRs.

It’s just the human tendency to be egoistic and have that false sense of pride that you are something else when others depend on you for something beneficial for them. Here the clients, corporates, have different options for fulfilling their manpower requirements. If its not you, they have so many other consulting firms waiting to serve their requirements. This big gap in demand and supply is the major reason behind the behaviour in question.
Of course, we cannot generalize here; but most of the cases are no different.

We just have learn to live with it; there’s no way out.

From India, Kochi
I strongly feel that Consultants have an upperhand over his corporate counterpart, We get more chance to work with various domains and technologies. We get the chance to interact with whole lot of candidates who have worked on variety of technologies, Domain, Functions...etc...We are the face of market, we get the first hand information from market....So y feel inferior...feel good that we are far betta than what they are...We have the better chance of learning than our coporate counterpart, So i guess bottom line is that...."Don't bother about what they think, just be confident and positive in what eva u do" il reach pinnacle of success for sure... so keep rockin guyz... all the best....

From India, Delhi

Today's situation is such that every tom dick and harry are consultants. The experience faced by corporates is generalized bcz of the doings of the consultants themselves. There is no professionalism left in consultants.
I agree that its a tough task but one shld prove onself to be diffrnt frm the rest. Most of the consultants are inexperienced which forces the corporates to build up an img. of a consultant. Everybody has to suffer due to few.
Ppl will nevr be treated the way they want to be treated.... instead, stand out among the others and see how you change the thinking of corporates

From India, Mumbai
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