Can anyone please help with the KRAs of Admin Manager, Accounts Manager, HR Manager, Resource Manager?
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The KRAs development must take into account

-corporate mission

-corporate objectives

-corporate strategies

-corporate management directions


-job descriptions

-job roles





-take your own job descriptions/ job roles

-develop KRAs for each position


================================================== ==============

Administration Manager

Primary objective

Direct, control and co‑ordinate the activities of a range of diverse administrative or staff functions, including finance, human resources, information technology, planning, supply or other corporate services.

Specific accountabilities

Direct and oversee the efficient operation of allocated functions such as finance, human resources, information technology, planning, supply, transport, financial, legal and public relations, taking account of the organisation's operating environment.

Provide advice and assistance to senior executives in operating divisions through specialised. service departments or functions.

Participate in the determination of corporate plans, budgets, workforce development plans and management policy and approach.

Ensure records and reports required by the Chairman, Chief Executive, Board of Directors and shareholders are prepared in an appropriate form and on a timely basis.

Direct and plan appropriate changes in staffing and reporting relationships within the area; and control the selection and training of administrative staff

Make policy decisions and accept responsibility for operations, performance of staff, achievement of targets and adherence to budgets, standards and procedures.

Depending on the functional areas controlled by the position, some or all of the following accountabilities may apply:Direct and review the organisation's financial activities, policies and practices to provide timely and accurate financial information to the Chief Executive and the Board.Direct corporate planning and development activities to ensure achievement of organisation objectives. Prepare and monitor plans and advise the Chief Executive and/or Board of changes necessary to acliieve business objectives.Direct and control the organisation's information technology operations.Plan and direct human resource activities to ensure the availability and effective use of human resources.Direct and maintain a corporate workforce plan and initiate appropriate action in relation to the organisation's optimum use and development of employees.Ensure the organisation's purchasing activity is conducted effectively to opfirnise resource use, rninin­iise costs and efficiency of supply, warehousing and distribution ft~ictions.Develop and manage the organisation's public relations/corporate affairs activities to improve public understanding of the organisation's objectives and achievements.


KRA #1. Effective and Efficient delivery of Organization Work Advocacy

1. DEVELOP / DELIVER PRINTED Information Materials Development

2.DEVELOP / DELIVER Multimedia Information Dissemination




1. Database Build-up Program

2. Research Program in Support of Policy and Programs Development

3. Continuing Review of Policies, Rules and Regulations

4. Implementation Review to Identify Gaps Requiring ACTION.



1. Effective and Efficient delivery of Administrative Services support to operations.

2. Effective and Efficient delivery of Financial/Budget Management

3. provide continuing interventions of Human Resource Development

4. Effective and Efficient delivery of Continuous Service Improvement Program

5. Effective and Efficient delivery of Property Management Program


KRA 4. Environment Management

• Manage, implement and continually improve ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

• Maintain Standards to ISO 14001:2004 accreditation

*Provide Support during EMS audits and reviews


KRA 5. Training & Development MANAGEMENT

• Identify, develop and implement programs.

• Maintain Training records


KRA 6. Administration / Record Keeping

• Provide Administrative support to the Departments as desired

• Maintain documentation .

================================================== ========

================================================== ===================================

Human Resources Manager

Primary objective

Plan, develop and direct Human Resource policies for the organisation and implement procedures to achieve the most effective use of human resources to acl‑iieve profitability and business objectives.

Specific accountabilities

Plan, make recommendations and devise personnel and industrial relations policy, in consultation with other senior management.

Establish and direct the organisation's HR procedures and strategies, taking account of the operating environment.

Develop, and direct the setting of performance targets, and participate in business planning and strategy determinations to ensure HR specifications meet the business objectives. Prepare budgets, and other management plans.

Monitor industrial relations developments to prevent and settle disputes. Direct negotiations with unions, industry groups and industrial authorities to determine agreements and minimise the possibility of industrial dispute.

Control and co‑ordinate activities such as personnel administration, staff selection and training, employee relations, wage and salary administration, security, health and safety, employee benefits and remuneration strategy.

Direct and maintain a corporate workforce plan and initiate appropriate action in relation to the organisation's use and development of employees.

Represent and direct the organisation in dealings with other organisations, employer groups, industry associations, unions, government authorities and other relevant bodies as required.

Control the collection, maintenance and interpretation of management information and records to monitor performance, control the preparation of reports (including Affirmative Action) and authorise the release of information.

Ensure the organisation's training activities are planned to meet current and future organisation and employee needs, and satisfv

I government training requirements.

Review regularly the organisation's remuneration policy, including its market competitiveness, benefit and reward structures, and internal relativity and equity.

Make policy decisions as appropriate, and accept responsibility for operations, performance of staff, achievement of objectives and adherence to budgets.

Establish lines of control and delegate responsibilities to subordinate staff; control the selection and training of staff. May train and advise other managers in Human Resources or industrial relations matters.

Ensure all activities undertaken by Human Resource department employees comply with relevant Acts, legal demands and ethical standards.


KRA 1 Recruitment / Selection

KRA 2 Workforce Planning and Diversity

KRA 3 Performance Management

KRA 4 Reward Management

KRA 5 Workplace Management and Relations

KRA 6 A Safe and Healthy Workplace

KRA 7 Building Capabilities and Organisational Learning

KRA 8 Effective HR Management Systems, Support and Monitoring

================================================== =======================================

================================================== ==================================


Primary objective

Administer and manage the general accounting activities and the preparation of reports and statistics reflecting earnings, profits, cash balances and other financial results.

Specific accountabilities

Formulate and administer approved general accounting practices throughout the company to ensure accounting, financial and operating reports accurately reflect the conditions of the business and provide reliable information for control and management purposes.

Participate in or direct the development of accounting methods and administer approved accounting procedures.

Review financial and operating statements of divisions and subsidiary organisations and prepare reports for management review.

Supervise the maintenance of company general ledgers; prepare departmental, divisional and consolidated operating and financial statements.

Oversee maintenance of the accounts payable ledger and, as required, supervise banking and cashiering activities. Responsibility may extend to cost accounting, maintenance of accounts receivable ledgers and preparation of invoices, sales statistics and stock records.

Maintain pre‑paid and accrued insurance, check insurance invoices, review tax records.

Provide functional supervision over divisional branch accounting, including material stores accounting if relevant.

Ensure all accounting and office staff are trained and competent to achieve position objectives and demonstrate initiative in the conduct of assignments.

Co‑operate with and assist external auditors as required.

Control the selection and training of accounting and clerical staff.

Prepare special accounting reports and cost statements as required.

Ensure activities related to the function comply with relevant Acts, legal demands and ethical standards.

================================================== ===============


budget management

Maintaining financial and accounting standards, principles, and practices

Development of appropriate management and other reports for internal and external customers

undertaking research and analysis.



Formulation business/operational strategy consistent with organisational vision, purpose and business objectives;

Lead and manage people;



Communication clearly verbally and in writing and Presentation

Representation of the Comcare with credibility and professionalism on financial, business and/or accounting matters.



managing financial, business and/or accounting projects, organise information, monitor progress and meet deadlines;

provide professional/specialist/technical financial, business and/or accounting expertise and knowledge.



managing the delivery of quality /TIMELY client service;

working effectively and making contribution to both the formulation and achievement of team, business and corporate goals.



Developing innovative and creative approaches to addressing issues and challenges in the work group/business unit/organisation;

manage own ongoing learning and development.

================================================== ==============

================================================== ==========================================

Resource Manager

Responsibilities Programme and Project Delivery:

Efficient and accountable management of the implementation of all project portfolios; including sound administrative, financial and logistical management of company's project portfolio bent to achieve planned programmatic results;

Elaborating financial, budgetary and narrative reports of different natures corresponding to different needs of projects;

Coordination of programme portfolio, streamlining best management practice and adapting project management to meet challenges;

Overall supervision of over staff members and ensuring result oriented planning and performance;

Ensuring constant flow of communications between offices and units to enhance best programme and projects results delivery;

Developing working relationships to coordinate projects and promote smooth implementation of programmes .

Responsibilities Operations Management:

Managing, supervising, and promoting the performance of the client services (operations) team, implementing performance-management systems including staff development.

Supervising the provision of effective procurement and logistical services .

Supervising common services organization and management, establishment of partnerships with other Agencies;

Organization and maintenance of the coordinating machinery among agencies to ensure integrated activity on issues related to conditions of service, security, support services, privileges and immunities;

Supervising common premises management, focusing on proper achievement of set work plans for common premises management and maintenance;

Development, implementation and monitoring of work plans for services provision, maintaining the integrity of organizational support systems, as follows: human resources, information communications technology management, financial & budgetary, client and administrative;

Guidance of management, staff, and the agencies on the application, interpretation and adaptation of corporate rules, procedures, and guidelines governing the above systems;

Ensuring strategic resources management including planning of available resources, tracking/utilization of financial resources, maintenance of a strategic reserve, proposing cost savings and (administrative) resource-mobilization strategies including cost-recovery initiatives;

Acting as Manager to improve business results and to services;

Leading the cash management and acting as a member of the bank signatory panel;

Overseeing the financial management system, ensuring maintenance of financial controls;

Matrix-management of implementation of strategies; overseeing the implementation of corporate systems and applications;

Advising management on the application of contracting modalities for the staffing of posts including temporary assistance and consultants; on benefits, entitlements and separations structures, including eligibility requirements, processing procedures, and application of leave policies;

Monitoring and assessment of trends in occupational patterns, competencies, and projects future demands including budgetary implications;

Advocating for, and ensuring office compliance with HR policies (including gender, sexual harassment, career development, learning management, etc.);

Representing the company in the provision of administrative services to external clients and partners, including the promotion of service delivery assets to mobilize external resources;

================================================== ==========

KRA 1.Provide strong leadership in resource allocations and policy development within RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.


KRA 2. Manage operations and resources for cost effective achievement of Department /PROJECT goals.


KRA 3.Manage and coach for optimal individual and team performance to achieve Department strategic direction

in resource utilization .


KRA 4. Establish and manage financial budgets within the Department


KRA 5. Contribute to the achievement of project outcomes.


KRA 6. Manage relationships effectively and productively across the projects.


KRA 7. Conduct ongoing reviews, simplification and streamlining of administrative processes and systems, and implement recommendations arising from reviews.

================================================== ============

================================================== ==============



From India, Mumbai
Dear Leo, Thank you very much for sharing best knowledge & beautiful explanation which makes understanble to every one. Keep posting Thanks & Regards Deepak.S
From India, Bangalore
I would like to know the KRAs for the following -
1) Senior Finance Manager
2) Manager Finance
3) Manager - Audit / Budgeting
4) Manager -Accounts
5) Purchase Manager
Please help me.
Sheela Sirish

From India, Hyderabad
we are having aopening for Admin manager for a MNC company ..for bangalore location..if u have somebody in your mind please let me know...

Role: Admin Manager

Job Location:Bangalore


The role is similar to that of an administrator or senior secretary. As a manager would be expected to carry out a range of administrative and IT-related tasks. Organize and supervise all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office.
Responsible for the supervision of the office, records management and general business administration.

You will also contribute to the team through: Your ability to find solutions to almost anything. Being a port of call for all staff members. A genuine desire to make the office environment better. Consistently high performance. A willingness to ‘get things done’. A confident approach with a team of strong personalities!

-Manage and maintain the physical office space including space planning, maintenance, safety, housekeeping, supplies inventory, equipment. This may also include research and analysis related to procuring additional and/or alternative office space as well as management of any physical office moves.
-Manage most aspects of Human Resources/Personnel functions such as maintaining personnel files, orienting new employees, obtaining and/or completing all personnel-related documents, monitoring staff absences, processing payroll, administering benefits, and monitoring compliance with local, State labor and employment laws.
-Manage and maintain the Office Manager's annual budget.
-Manage office staff's general administrative needs and provide support in completing and maintaining general office paperwork and documentation.
-Develop administrative systems to increase efficiency, including the maintenance of all key files.
-Implement office administration policies as required.
-Other tasks and duties as assigned.

Desired Candidate Profile

-Office management experience, with a strong proficiency in dealing with the public.
-Strong written and verbal communication skills.
-Client relations skills for contact by phone, email and IM.
-Self-motivated and able to work independently, but also good at collaboration, taking direction and working with others
-Proficiency in the English language
-Advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Minimum 1 year’s experience of everyday use of Excel.
-Must be able to adhere to deadlines, complete projects independently and manage costs and budgets.
-The ideal candidate will be creative, highly motivated, and able to operate effectively.

Please send in your CV to

From India, Bangalore
Weather Admin officer and Public relation officer posses the same KRA. Regards Daisy prakash
From India, Madras
this is very helpful and comprehensive information. it helped me alot. weldone and appreciated

From Afghanistan
I am joining New IT company I need to make total strategy Plan for Administration dept please send me the plan
which include everything all admin activities currently the headcount is 350 and soo they will be 550 so I have to prepare strategy plan please guide me
Priya Akolkar

From India, Pune

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