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It is a must to issue him a reliving letter, resignation acceptance letter, experience letter as per your co.'s exit policy.
It is a must.
It is not a good practice at all to mention that you have been terminated. Atleast be empathetic to the person we are in HR. I hope he must not have done any malpractice hence he is being terminated.
As a practice if he is confirmed employee you have to give him a notice pay also as a good practice or as per the company policy.
Feel his feelings if I am at his place I would never speak good about the company in future.
Take a wise decision, and be supportive to the resignee.

The employee is not meeting your expectations and requirements but he may flurish in other organizations. A fair example is that in GE every year a 5% of bottom line performers will be relieved, he may be performing @85% but they are the bottom line in the entire organization hence they are relieved and one of these type of person joined in some other company and he is now after 8 years he has reached No.3 position.
Coming to experience letter, you should not mention that he is terminated as suggested by Mr. Malik silent on the same and issue the letter or else obtain a resignation letter from the employee which will be safer for both sides and issue the relieving and experience letter. We should not be an obstruction for the employee who served for the organization and leaving with a good note ie., except performance no negative note and as I mentioned earlier his knowledge, performance may be useful in any other organization.
regards - kameswarao

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Seniors
just wanted to confirm is there any rule for comp off.i m in to hotle industry and one of oue employee was asking for a comp of for a NH, and she was alredy on her week off on that it fine?

From India, Delhi

Dear Ambersaleem, Please updated us with the decision you made in reality and consequences of the same. Which is vital for all HR members. Regards, shiv
From India, Bangalore
Shabbir Ahmed

If any body requests/insist for issuing an experience certificate or releiving letter we may issue same to him.

Normally we write

This is to certify that Mr. has worked with this Org. from--- to ---. He has ;left the services of this org. on his own accord and he has been relieved of his duties. His last assigmnent at the time of leaving this co. was (Designation).

You may also mention the brief of hsi duties.

During his association with us we found him ----

We wish him all sucess in his future endeavouir.

Head HR

But since the employee is terminated due to his poor performance
You may only write as:

This is to certify that Mr. has worked with this Org. from--- to ---. He has been relieved of his duties. His last assigmnent at the time of leaving this co. was (Designation).

We wish him all sucess in his future endeavouir.

However it is always advisable to pusuade or convince people to resign and then handle the exit as it were the case of routine resignation.

Termination is advisable once a proper enquiry is conducted, allegation proved and proper opportunity is given the the deliquent employee.

From India, New Delhi
You can go ahead and provide him with the experience Letter and the Relieving letter. Just to be on the safer side ask the person for the resignation letter and keep it in the employee case if any file audits happens in future.

From India, Bangalore

Dear Ambersaleem, It is must to mention for what purpose you are relieving the person from his chair. But its not good when you decide bec of the Performance. Regds, M.S.R.M
From India, Dindigul
hi all,
as per my understanding,
1. Relieving letter means that the person is relieved from his current organization and can join any other company. Relieving letter generally has details like name, designation, duration etc, as mentioned by Mr. Malik
2. Experience letter is more or less technical and detailed letter. It reflects on the areas the person worked, responsibilities taken etc.
The person terminated as in your case can be issued relieving letter and experience letter.

Gauri Kulkarni
Dear Ambersaleem,
According to me, if the employee has been terminated on performance grounds, there is no need to mention that in any of the letters issued to him.Poor performance can be on many accounts , some of which like no proper induction in the project, skills mismatch etc -somethings for which the employee cannot be blamed. In this case, mentioning the term"termination" is not going to help the company nor the employee. In the interest of the employee, you could have a feedback session with hi, and appraise him of why the decision was taken and the improvement areas he needs to focus on.
But if termination was on account of disciplinary reasons like ---some fraudulent reasons, this can be mentioned in the termination letter.This will ensure that the companies where he tries to get a job , do a through check.

From India, Pune
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

the HR Person who has done this posting has to do a reality check

He did not come out openely on wat basis the termination was done based on performance

the Person is happy with the views of the members who has made his Job easier.

The member has not come out in full about the happenings that led to the termination

we have got only one side of the information

From India, Coimbatore
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