Hi All
I have pecular problem. I am having lot of fear and inferiarity complexity.
Due to this i am unable to talk and give presentations in my office.
Basically I am from telugu medium.
Please suggest me to improve my english, aviod fear.
Thanks and regards

From India, Bangalore
Getting over the fear of speaking in public is not very difficlut. YOu have mentioned office presentations where you get toungue tied. I'll suggest a few things ; Firstly, since you are talking about you work you stand a lesser chance of being jacked and judged about your english. Master the topic on which you are speaking, emphasise more on facts and figures, style your presentation in an informative and interesting way so that minor flaws in the language (if they exist) are overlooked. SEcondly,Practice each presentation in front of a mirror several times over.Thirdly, you would feel less nervous if you don't get distracted by looking at the eyes of the memebrs sitting in the room, You can just try to casually gaze around while talking instead of fixing your eyes on the bosses.
Friend, take every oppurutnity to talk in public. Trust me after a couple of presenations you would be so much at ease that you'd never imagined.
Good luck!

From India, Pune
Hi Sekhar,

Relax..!!..no worries..need not fear..its jus another language like ur mother tongue.Imagine how did u learn to spk telugu.cos it was done rightt from ur birth n d ppl around u spoke d same language ryt?exactly now this is what shud be done ...make it point that u'll converse only in english with most of the ppl around u(its ok evn if u go wrong..but jus go on..practice gives perfection n cn learn).but spk slowly.if there r kids at ur plc spk with them in english..it wl b easy..another way is watch english channels,listen to english songs.try to repeat a word after them.Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes.use a walkman for this and u can play it on the way to ur ofc.etc.try this it really works.then slowly try to avoid the inluence of ur mother tongue in english.and be patient..u can do it.

And for the presentations..Adding onto zeal's (mirror really works) suggestions keep in mind that U CAN DO IT..U WILL DO IT..n be happy that u r chosen to do d presentation and the others are not able to do it.So u r the ruler there.(boost urself)..begining u can have small piece of paper with short points written in it on what u have present which u can have a look in2 when needed.

Never feel inferior friend.Infact be happy that u have the guts to come out speak.Its U.Jus keep that in mind..Rest will happen..jus enjoy evrything...relax..dont forget to wear a little smile!!!!!

We are not completely dressed until we wear a smile:icon1:

From India, Mumbai

HR-Manager, Trainer, Writer
Dear GVN Sekar,

I fully read your question. This language problem is not only with you, but exists with all Telugu speaking people. I have quite a few of them in my office and I corrected them to some extent through training and language labs.

The general flaws that they make is much applicable to you also.
1. Don't use SMS English while writing a letter or text. This wrong spelling becomes a strong habit.
2. Concentrate in grammar, tense, singular/plural, clauses and sentence formation.
3. Main error committed is in using the wrong past and past-participle in a sentence.
4. If it is written English, learn to apply punctuation and this would naturally be reflected in oral also. Even a blind man should be able to punctuate a sentence when you speak, i.e., the spoken version should reflect the presence.
5. Keep learning and writing as regular habit. Have dictionary when you do this.
6. Have somone who is strong in your circle to rectify when you speak. Do a group discussion regularly. Ask him to monitor the dialogues.
7. See to that your English phonetics shouldn't sound with telugu phonetics. (Eg: often pronunced as 'syllabus-su', 'book-su',). Avoid mother tongue influence.
8. Concentrate phonetics of 'z', 'sh', 'pa', 'pah', 'pe','pey','pay'... etc. Telugu friends pronunce 'Paper' as 'Pah-per', 'xerox' as 'gerox', 'zero' as 'gero'....)
9. They create new plurals like 'People-s', 'Police-s', etc. There is no plural form for this.
10. Avoid watching Telugu films, books and change your vision to readable English books. Try cross words, sudoku, scrabble, etc. You can try school non-detailed books, story books to understand the sentence formation.
11. Owing to these, you tend to have a fear of expressing thoughts into words.

Meeru nenu cheppinatuga thappakonda follow chesthey Englishlo matladi, chadivi, raasethaniki osthunthaiya. Idhi okattiyum brahma viddha kaadhu. Nenu writer, poet, authorga unnaanu. English kurinchi advice chestenum, meevariki telugulo oka maata cheptheyne naaku thrupthi.

At college, teachers would have taught you English through Telugu and the whole purpose is not served. When I visited some of the colleges there, I noted this.

Keep learning.


From India, Madras

Dear sekhar
Your problem is very common, so is the solution.You should subscribe to a good english newspaper.Read the editorial aloud and record the same in tape recorder.Then replay.You will notice the defects in your pronounciation,voice modulation etc. This can be repeated for few days.Day by day your performance will improve, including the
quality.Since you are doing this in isolation, there is no one to discourage you.After gaining confidence,you can enter in to simple conversation with your sympathetic colleagues in english.You should also practice writing editorial each day.You will come across new words and your written english will also improve.

From India, Pune
Ability to communicate in English is an essential skill. Its absence can create a sense of inferiority. It should be obvious that there are no short term solutions. If such a short term solution existed, everybody would have mastered English communication by now! There are many websites and self-help aids available for improving English. However, the only sure way is to keep practising. You should also enrol yourself in some English language courses. Any money you spend on improving your communication skill is not an expenditure but an investment. Best of Luck!
From India, Madurai
shikha kaushik
Dear Sekhar,
Its very common problem :huh: and needs a continous practice. You can search for english improvement courses available on on-line classes, even you can try BBC english learning classes as audio and visual lessons are availble there.
Just try this site and enjoy your learning!!!
Best of Luck!!:-P
Shikha Kaushik

From India, Udaipur

Its not poor communication skills which is creating problem in your life but its your fear of getting embarassed among your colleagues b'coz of poor comm skill. th moment you overcome your fear , you will be appeared as a confident person. Be confident while addressing the crowd.
I had one class mate in MBA who had quite poor communication skills but one thing which he had was his confident. He used to be very confident while speaking. So as a audience we always used to be very attentive to his speech and ignore his grammatical mistakes. Its not like if I dont have good communication skills means I can not generate good ideas... High thinking always matters irrespective of any language.......
As far as improving your english is concerned so read english newspaper LOUDly it will improve your pronounciation and improve your confidence level. Try speaking to your friends and family in english. Watch english news channels etc

we are Indians we have to learn this language as it is not our mother tongue and believe me once you consciously and firmly decide to improve your english speaking skill. you can do it in a very short period of time. It is not difficult....
GOOD LUCK....:!:

From India, Mumbai

Creativity.....Creativity.....Creativity....Its not my job..my passion...my strength...my hobby
Dear Friend,
All the above suggestions are very good it will really help u....
1. Try to read English news paper...Read loudly
2. Try to get some english converstaion audios..listen 2-3 times..try to speak in the same way after that
and all....
My wishes and prayers...

From India, Mumbai

Human Capital
Sekhar, Hope you are already improving your English. Please keep in mind that it is not necessary to get educated in English medium for speaking & writing good English. There are many great Indian scholars who studied in their “Mother Tongue” & faced the World with vigor without even giving anyone a chance to question which medium they were studied in...

It is really not important what medium you have studied in to be a good speaker. You need to be confident about the fact that you know your business. Using simple English you can explain what you need to say. One very important thing that often cause inferiority complex in us is the fear of others, how others will think about me if I make a mistake & how they will react...and we keep on losing our confidence thinking about those useless - WHAT & HOW!!!

My friend you need to think how you can improve your situation and not how others will think if you commit a mistake ~ because that thought will make you weak! So, start now to think what you want from yourself & not let others rule your thoughts any longer.

All the Best & Good Luck my friend!

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