Dear Members,
I am a new working HR Professional. During a telephonic interview one company asked me to brief myse lf. What to say there. I will tell about my scholing, working details or about my hobbies, my career objective.
Pleas e reply me soon.

From India, Calcutta
Try to speak in a manner that is relaxed, confident and enthusiastic, remember that in a telephone interview it will be only your voice that can communicate who you are. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. You can cover topics like education, work history, and recent career experience. Emphasize this last subject. All the very best!!
From India, Mangaluru
During a telephonic interview make it a point to be precise yet careful about not missing out on any required details. Apart from mentioning your professional goals and strengths, you can add on a little bit about the work culture that you would prefer to be a part of. The person taking a telephonic interview would have definitely gone through your it is advisable to mention your qualities as well as expectations that are not mentioned in your resume.

From United States, Fremont
Hi Madhu,

We dont tend to take the telephonic round of interview as serious as the personal round of interview. Since the telephonic round is the gateway to get into further rounds, we shoud give much importance to the prescreening telephonic round. The questions to expect are, Give a brief introduction of yourself, what do you know about our company? what would you like to know about us? Which companies have you worked for earlier?

Given are few points which can be considered before, during and after the telephonic interivew.

Before taking up a Telephonic interview
  • Keep your resume in front of you.
  • Keep all of your employer research materials within easy reach of the phone.
  • Have a notepad handy to take notes.
  • Turn off your stereo, TV, and any other potential distraction.
  • Warm up your voice while waiting for the call. Sing an uplifting song to yourself.
  • Have a glass of water handy, since you will not have a chance to take a break during the call.
  • Do take telephonic interview as seriously as a personal interview.
  • If the call is unexpected, ask for a reschedule. It is always OK.
  • You need to have enthusiasm and sound confident while answering the questions.
  • Always put across the details on your experience, skills and your strong points.
  • Answers need to be precise to the questions asked, at the same time do not miss out to list out your strengths.
  • Avoid / Minimize distractions. Always take a telephonic interview in a quiet place.
  • Avoid using mobile as there can be some signal problem and it may be problematic.
  • If using a mobile do not switch on the voice message.
After Telephonic interview
  • After a phone interview, send a thank-you note by email that recaps your best selling points.
  • You can also follow up to know the result of the interview.
Hope these points will be useful to you as well as other members...

All the best!

From India, Pune
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From Vietnam, Hanoi

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