I got an assignment from my reporting officer to collect complete details of how to implement a medical insurance coverage in a company.ours is a US based company and in our branch 25 employees are working. So far, we had medical reimbursement along with the salary split up of Rs.800. Now we are planning to introduce medical insurance coverage in our company. So please seniors please help me in implementing the medical insurance coverage .....please provide me the "A to Z" details of implementing it.
Wating for the reply:unsure:

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
18 viewed and no reply.....come on yaar dont be so cruel hearted people:huh:...please reply HR’sssssssssssssssssssssss:(
From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Hi Nancy,
You can contact a life insurance agent, like HDFC Life Insurance Agency or LIC and get an appointment with them and then tell your requirement and they will come out with the beautiful presentation and solution...its the best way go and hunt...i did that way in our company
All the best...

Hi Nancy,
I suggest you contact Oriental Insurance, fix up an appointment with their advisors and take it forward.
You can first decide on the amount for which you need the employees to be insured for. Generally the Sum Insured will be decided on their Salaries. Once you have decided on the Sum Insured then the Insurance Compnay will give you an estimate of how much it would cost to cover all the employees.
You can then increase or decrease the amount by customising the Insurance Scheme. You may add options like coverage for Pre-exisiting diseases, Maternity coverage etc if your company has the provision of paying a little more. Then if all goes well, you can get the insurance going.
We have our medical insurance with Oriental and its working fine.

From India, Bangalore
Thanks Rajesh..........:icon1:
Thanks Prince.......:icon1:
i will try to do the way which u people advised.:-P.....i will get back to u..if i have any questions.:confused:....ok...Buddies thanks once again...:icon1:.

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
It's a good thing that your firm wants to cover the employees under the
Medical Insurance. It shows they care for the employees and you should be
happy to be a part of such an initiative.
1. First of all you should have complete data regarding your employees.
i.e. employees and their dependents
dependents will be parents, spouse and children in case they are married.
Data should cover the following -
1. Name
2. Age
3. Relation
Ex:- Incase of an employee named Kevin George you should have the following
1. Name - Kevin George
2. Employee Code - 001
3. Age - 25
4.Date of Birth - 1983
5. Father - Mr.aaa
6. Father's DOB - ....
7. Father's Age - 55
8. Mother - Mrs.bbb
9. Mother's DOB - ...
10. Mother's Age - ...
Collect the same information for spouse and children in case they are married.

2. Invite agents from Insurance companies to come and tell you about their
policies. It depends upon the management of your firm whether they want to
go for Family floater policy or individual coverage policy.
Collect the details regarding the premium that will be charged per employee.
The premium amount charged is different for different age groups.
Then you can calculate the TOTAL PREMIUM AMOUNT of the employees.
EX:- For all 25 employees, all of them 25 yrs age, premium amt for age group
between 20 to 25 = 1250Rs. TOTAL PREMIUM = 31250Rs.
If dependents are covered, then you have to find the premium for dependents too.
3. You can also get tailor made policy for your firm since its a small firm.

4. Finally you can get it approved from the management.

5. The agents from the Insurance company will guide you as per the policy taken.


From India, Bangalore
Hi Nancy,
I can provide you contact no. of the person who deals in the Mediclaim policies, I have also got policy from the same Guy, they can tell you in detail, what you require? His details are as follows:-
Mr. Rajbir Singh, Contact no. 9873989200
You acan give my reference to him , My self Navneet Singh

From India, New Delhi
Hi, If you based in kerala, then call up Insurance Company at your place and get the contact number of the agent and ask him to come down to your office.... That’s it :icon1:
From India, Bangalore
Hi Nancy, Pls find the attachment. Regards, Anandh. E
From India, Madras

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Hi Nancy, Pls find the attachment for mediclaim policy. Regards, Anandh. E
From India, Madras

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