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Thread Started by #rajamsu

Dear friends,
I am working in a MNC for 1year as a confirmed employee. now i am changing my career in another same domain MNC. Shall i transfer my PF amount from my old company to new one? if yes, what are all the formalities should i take ?
17th November 2008 From India, Tirunelveli
Dear Raja,
For Transfering your present PF to the new company you need to get in touch with your new company HR, they will give you the relevent forms to transfer the amount to your new account. Usually you will have to fill Form 19 and Form 10c.
17th November 2008 From India, Bangalore
Procedure to transfer the pf amount
step.1:You can download withdrawal form in Form 13 from the website EPFO.
step2: you can fillup all the details about your pf account with previous employer, name & address of the previous employer and SIGN
17th November 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Raja, you can transfer your PF account from one company to other company through Form No. 13 with duly all required informations. Rgds Bhagwan Tolani AM HR 9968737796
17th November 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Raja Transfering of PF account to new company kindly fill the Form 13 (Revised) and forward it to concern PF office through new employer. MANOKAVIN
17th November 2008 From India, Coimbatore
Dear Friends,
In case of inter city - eg Delhi to Mumbai RPFC , I have a very painful experience and my PF transfer is stuck for last 4 years. Dont attempt it and withdraw is the suggestion I have. There is no accountability in RPFC offices.Such a pain I can tell you,no one responds.
17th November 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Raja,
Yes you can transfer your EPF account, you have to fill up the Form No-13(Revised) as well as form No-5 (EPF) and get it attested from authorised person (present employer) and submit it to EPF department.
17th November 2008 From India, Jaipur
Dear Raja, for PF transfer you need to fill PF Form 13 (Revised) and summit to your accounts department. Same we do in our company. Regards Richa
17th November 2008 From India, Bangalore

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Form No-13.pdf- Transfer.pdf (26.3 KB, 1006 views)

Dear Raja,
The process explained above by Mr. Ramachandran to make use of form 13-C (get it from EPF Office or down load) complete the same giving details of your PF memebership account No obtain from your previous employer or the one printed on PF annual statement given to you by the previous employer and submit through your present employer who inturn is required to send to concerned EPFO indicating your PF account no. in the current organisation for effecting transfer of account.My expereience show that this continuous follow with EPFO through your current employer.
Hope this is clear.
17th November 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Raja
The form 13 sent by Madam Richa is exactly the same. Fill in with all correct details
and submit through your new employer who in turn indicates the detials and send to concenered EPF Office.
by GLN
17th November 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hello Raja, Form 19, 10C is for the withdrawal of PF funds. Form - 13 is for transferring the PF account from once company to another. Regards Jennifa R
18th November 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Raj, While posting please take care to provide the exact details.Form 19 and 10 c are the PF With drawal forms.
18th November 2008
I agree with Aseem, It's always advisable not to transfer your PF but to withdraw the same and apply for the fresh one when you join a new company. If you are going with the transfers, you never know how much time it will take, I have seen cases which are pending from last 3 years or so.....
18th November 2008 From India, Pune
Dear Raja,
For transferring of PF amount from one company to another company you need to fill up the Form 13 ( it is avialiable with ur current employer or RPFC) and send it to your ex employer thru your current employer.
Venkatesh N
18th November 2008 From India

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Form 13 Revised.pdf (24.2 KB, 236 views)

Dear friends,
While transfering the PF Account we do not get the approval from previous employer,But present employer should be accepted to continue the previous employer alloted PF number.
18th November 2008 From India, Bangalore
simply fill form 13 duly attested by current employer and submitted the same to attached EPFO or trust.
18th November 2008 From India, Ghaziabad
Dear Mr.Raju
While leaving your present company, you require to get form 3A( which consist of your current contribution details) form 10 deleting you from the present company rolls.
the above foms you would require to enclose with form 13 ( application for transfer of PF) and submit to your present employer. They will forward your application to PF office and it would take minimum 2months.
18th November 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Raja You can download Form 13 from the website or collect from PF Office and you can fillup all the details of previour employer then submit your present employer regds S.Vadivelu
18th November 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Raju
Please use form 13 for transfer your PF amount from old company to New Company. But Your old company should submit your total PF details (i.e Form 3A & 6A(annual returns) and Form 5 & Form 10 (your joined and resigned dates) to the PF office. Then only PF authorities can easily transfer your amount.

18th November 2008 From India, Gurgaon
You should feel Form No 13 (Revised) which containt both your previous concern and your exsisting concern details. Appart from this you have to produce Form No. 3A and 6A under your previous employee code, you can contact with your previous concern about this form, and also feel the details about you and your family in Form No 2 (Revised) under your existing concern and you have to submit all the data to the present company's local office. As soon as your accumulation transferred you will received a confirmation letter from your previous local office. In this regards you need to be get in touch to your previous local office and give them your present whereabouts.
Thank you
Debajit Roy
18th November 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear All
Cite HR Reader,
I need help regarding Industrial Orientation. I have to prepaire a report on Industrial Orientation, so, I need your guidence regarding this.
Please discuss about this topic at the earliest.
Thanking you
Debajit Roy
18th November 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Friend, Yes, You can transfer you PF account for this You have to fill Form - 13 and submitt to your present company which intern will do the rest formalities. Regards Ketan Dalki :!:
18th November 2008 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Friend,
Fill form No. 13A Revised which is for transfer of PF accumulation from previous employer to present employer PF Account.
The same can be submitted by your present employer for further processing of the same.
With regards,
18th November 2008 From India, Pune
Dear friend, Pls find the aatachment
19th November 2008 From India, Madras

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Transfer of PF 13revised.pdf (24.2 KB, 629 views)

Dear Friends
Its always better to withdraw the PF money if you are changing the account. Especially in case of intercity. Neither previous employer nor current employer are responsible if your money doesnt get transferred.
Better is to withdraw & invest some where so that you can get good amount of money as return.
19th November 2008
Dear Raja,
you can transfer your PF accumulation from old company, PF A/c No to New Pf Account No. which will be alloted to you at the time of joining in the new company . Simply Fill up Form 13 duly filled in and signed by you and your present employer's authorized signatory and submit to current O/O Regional / Sub Provident Fund Commissioner office. you have to regularly follow up whether your PF has transfered or not. Generally if you are transferring one state to other state it takes long time but if it is in same Regional Commissioner office , within 2 month it will be transfered . 2nd Option is withdrawal, which can be done by filling up Form 19 and 10 C by your previous employer and to submit in same PF Regional Commissioner office.
Pramod Pandey - 9833722600
Head - Pers , Admin and HR
19th November 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Raja
Before transfering the PF A/c to other company, inform the present company that you want to utilize it for further.
And then once you join new company just fill Form no 13 ( PF Transfer form) and remaining steps will be followed by Finance or HR department to get it done
Warm Regrds
Ramu A

19th November 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear Friends
We can easily get pur PF transfer from one company to another through Form - 13.
But i would like to share one important aspect of PF i.e any employee can take loan against PF. This is possible only when there is continuation of PF for seven years.
Therefore friends its better to transfer the PF from one to another company.
Pooja Gupta
20th November 2008 From India, Delhi
Dear PBS KUMAR, Can we do e - transaction , i.e can we fill the forms through online and send it across for the further procedure....?
28th November 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Everyone,
I have filled the Form 13 for PF Transfer. As my current company requested other Forms including Form 3A, i have obtained the same from previous employer.
But when i verified the Form 3A, my father's name was mentioned wrongly but all other details are correct.
I heard that PF office will looks whether all details like Name, Fathers Name, EPF NO. Amount contributed, Signature etc.. would be verified. Will it get transfer with the wrong Form 3A if i proceed.
Can someone help me. I dont know what is the next step should i need to do in this case.
Any clarification is really appreciated
1st December 2008 From India, Madras
Hi, You just need to fill up a Form 13 and send it to your previous employer. They will transfer it to your existing PF account. The Form 13 will have all the details. Regards, Roopa
30th April 2009 From Sweden, Örebro

I am concerned about my PF transfer. Earlier I was employed in bangalore. I moved from one company to other in Oct 2007 in bangalore itself. But my new employer did not initiate the PF transfer process for the first 6-7 months as the HR person was not aware of the process(he was super dumb). Then later we pushed him to initiate the process, he took the forms from the whole lot of us and submitted it. But its been over 2 years now and it's still not transferred and I have now left that company also. I am going to join a new company in Mumbai. Now that I will have 3 PF accounts, will that be a problem? Can I withdraw the PF from both these organisations now?
PLease advise.

1st June 2010 From India, Mumbai
Your new Company HR Department can fill up Form 13 (APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF EPF ACCOUNT) and send it to concerned PF authorities of your region. PF authorites will confirm the particular of previous employment from previous Employer and transfer the previous account to your new account. It will take two to three months time.
2nd June 2010 From India, Coimbatore
can some one please tell step wise whats the exact steps for transfering the PF amount
query 1- after filling form 13 whom to give present company or previous company?
query2 - its the responsibility of present /previous employer or employee to attach the form 3A,5,10 along with Form 13.
query3- whom the Form 13 to be given later after attaching the form 3A,5,10 ? and whose duty is to collect all this forms. (present employer or employee)
this are my major question if someone could answer my question it would be helpful for me to understand the process better.
14th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Friends,
By Submitting Form-13 you can transfer your EPF amount to your new EPF account. However the EPS amount will not get transferred.What is the procedure to transfer the EPS amount to my New EPF account.
There are some informations that by submitting form 10C we can get the scheme certificate and to be used.By collecting the scheme certificate what we should do next.Also if my service in my previous employment is less than 6 months.Shall i get a scheme certificate.
Is there any minimum limit (i.e period of service) to collect the scheme certificate.
Please respond
Nagamohan M
26th October 2012 From India, Bangalore
PF transfer is very simple
The Form 13 Should fill and take present employer signature and submit through present employer.
should ensure the following documents :
1. your previous employer code no. & your PF No.
2. PF Regional Office correct address
3. break in particulars of your previous employment
if you not submit your break in service PF authorities return your Fomr-13 to your previous employer
So you will obtained break in service particulars
V K Rao
29th October 2012 From India, Guntur
simply fill up form 13 duly singed by you and ur present employer and submit to current PF asstt. PF commissioner. pramod
27th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear sir I want to transfer my PF Account No to my new company. But there is a time to start recovering the PF from me in new company. Whether any effect will happen to my PF transfer. PRATAP
4th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
We have to fill up Form - 13 (R) to transfer our PF accumulations to one Organization to another Organization. Form - 19 and 10-C we used to withdraw the accumulations..
4th March 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Raja,
For PF transfer from one concern to another concern you have to fill the form 13 you can get the form through EPFO website and fill the necessary details, and NCP details of the previous concern and also Form 3A last year these details are essentials to transfer the PF Old account to New Account.
4th March 2013 From India, Coimbatore
3rd April 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Seniors,
Many of the services is now can be done online, so is there any change in process for applying for transfer of PF from one company to another. What is the maximum time required for transfer of PF.
25th July 2013 From India, Shillong
Can some one tell me that ,I have submitted only form 13 to transfer old PF account to new account.& came to know that only PF contribution has been transfered what about the share of pension fund .The pension fund amount not transfred till date .What I will do further please explain .
18th December 2014 From United States, Troy
I worked with AF Ferguson for 2.5 years and left there in 1998 without serving the notice period. I do not know the PF number. Since then I am working
with a MNC in Noida.
Is there anyway that I can find out the previous PF number and get that transferred to my current PF?
Thanks and regards,
23rd July 2015 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mini,
Greetings for the day,
As you said that you 'r working with multinational company , the salary slip must be provided to you and in that you will pf number must be quoted please go through it.
Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Kumar Saxena
30th July 2015 From India, Ghaziabad
How To Transfer PF Amount From One state to other state same company, company having a new PF registration no.?
9th January 2017 From India, Gurgaon
use this portal with your current UAN, registered mobile, and employment details
after login, you can add all your back accounts here, for consolidation with current UAN
if department will find eny error, they would call you back for clarification
One Employee One PF
9th January 2017
In order to transfer PF from one company to another company then we need to fill PF transfer form 13 and submit it to respective regional PF office through your present or previous employer, Download sample filled epf transfer form 13 @ Sample Filled EPF Transfer Form 13, How To Fill PF Form 13
24th February 2017 From India, Hyderabad
Good News, now EPFO online transfer claim portal is working again, now every one can transfer their PF amount from one company to another company in online , know entire PF transfer process at Online PF Transfer From One Company To Another Company
17th March 2017 From India, Hyderabad
Step-By-Step Guide for Online Transfer of PF Funds

Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can log into the EPFO portal and facilitate the transfer of your PF funds from one employer to another.

If you have already been assigned a Universal Account Number, you can transfer funds easily. Ask your employer for UAN, if you haven’t got it.

Go to the EPFO website at and create your UAN based login ID.

This will take you to a page where you have to enter your UAN, mobile number and details of current employer like state, establishment number and account number.

Then you need to check if account is eligible for a transfer on the EPFO site. You need to fill in the state where the employer was located and search by name or establishment number from a dropdown menu.

After you have filled in the details, click on Check Eligibility.

The site will then let you know if your account is eligible, or not. If it is, then you can register on the EPFO website.

You have to submit a valid photo ID such PAN card, Aadhaar or driving licence. The website will also send a PIN to your mobile which you have to verify.

Submitting the PIN successfully will give you a confirmation message. Continue further.

This will take you to the EPFO Member Claims Portal, To log in you have to provide the document ID and phone number. After signing in, you can see all options.

Go to the top tabs and click on Request for transfer of account.

You can now access and fill in PF transfer form. It has three broad parts:

First, you have to enter personal information in the first part. Other than your name and email you have to enter IFSC code of the bank and your salary account number.

In second part, fill in details of your old PF account

In part three, fill in details of current PF account.

The claim can be attested by your previous or current employer. It takes some time for their end to do it.

After the form is correctly filled in, you can click preview to see if the information is correct. Or else modify.

After ensuring all the information is correct, enter the captcha and get PIN. Also click “I Agree”.

After entering the PIN, the claim transfer is initiated.

You can also check the status of your funds transfer through the portal. In case of any hitches you may enquire at the previous/ current employer end or write to EPFO directly.

This is how easy, the funds transfer of PF has become through the online portal.
18th March 2017 From India, Chandigarh

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