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Dear Mr. Rashid!!

I am sure that you havenít come a cross that kind of people thatís why you have that type of mentality or may be you always worked with small Ė small organizations where this kind of people hardly have.

And Mr. Rasid this is not a HR failure because at the time of hiring no body knows that candidate will pretend like this, and one thing more if the senior management want to pick the candidate HR has no right to deny (till then the major issue).

This kind of pretending people harass the other employees and sometimes become the cause of attraction.

If you are in the senior position and found this kind of people then you can do what ever you want to do with them, but, if you are not in a senior position then what will happen??
If he make your picture negative in front of the management then??, if he gets the promotion / increment instead of you even after doing nothing then ??

Donít think about your own position and reply. This is a common problem faced by lot of employees and we are here to have views and suggestions.

Please donít discourage anybody.


Pankaj Chandan

Dear Guys

I am not completely in favour of all the entries which says that only people who loose talk and butter their bosses survive in an organisation .
I too when joined new in my company many people tried bullying me , pulling me down ...but i continued to work with all my sincerity and hard work and slowly i could see taht the asme people who had displayed resistance were showing admiration and rsepect towards me ,

guys , trust me nothing speaks louder taht your work ......yes i agree that in all organisations loose talks , gossips . bitching , backbiting etc is there's part of organisation culture today but..but important thing is there are two types of peolpe involved in this actegory is that which creates thse trash talks nad other is who circulates it further in the org. so eventually what happens when it reaches the managements ears ....all people involved in both categories are projected in a bad light in front of them .....

my advice to all who want to fight this is just do your job with honesty , sincerity but whenever anything wrong you hear happening around give a first hand info to your boss .. he will simply like your straight forwardness no matter how bitter the truths may sound . this will consolidate your position and no tom , dick or harry can put u out of your comapny

thank you guys for making this site such a wonderful platform to learn and excahnge views


I do not agree with the opinion that by and large people pretend to worry about work. Such generalizations can only come from empty minds who cannot match up in terms of integrity with those who possess them.
Integrity and passion about our jobs is an important contributor to success in career. If the company's / department's march forward is riddled with problems, then honest employees WILL WORRY.

Dear Chandan & Pankaj,

You Are Getting Emotional On This Subject, Nepotism, Faveratism, Bias, Partiality, Regionalism All Are Social And Psychological Terms.

Office Is Place Where You Encounter All This. What Is Importatnt Is To Focus On Your Job And Not To Watch What Others Are Doing.

We Are Paid For Our Job And Our Job Is At Stake Only For Our Performance Or Non-performance.

We Should Not Display Our Frustration And Displasure About Others Activities. Its There Fate And Destine What Freedom And Liberty They Enjoy.

We Should Not Except Employees At Work Contineously Engage On Working And Except Work Do Nothing Is Bad Thinking. Office Does Not Mean Only Workplace Its Place For Socializing And Greetings.

Many Employees Are Cheerful And Jolly In Personlaities We Must Acknowledge Their Presence And Not To Jelous Ofthem. Just Because They Are Happy.

In Life You Meet People With Diversed Personalities Thats What Makes Life Beautiful. Do Not Be Jelous Of Others Happiness And Freedom Or Nature Of Jobs.

As Far As My Experience Is Concern Over 21 Years Worked In Different Organizatons In India-worked For Bse Listed Mnc In Mumbai. Public Sector Companies (govt Of India Undertakings), Then Worked In East Africa As Head Of Hr Function And Now In The Middle East With Western Oil & Gas Company Which Is Worlds Major Leading Mnc.

I Travelled Extensively To Africa, Europe And Indian Sub-continent.

Please Do Not Mind If Something Bothers You. Feel Free To Exchange Your True Insight.



Dear Mr. Rashid,

I request you to read the main topic once again. This is not all about jealous from the happiness of the others. This is to discuss how to deal with the particular kind of person and how to survive in that environment. As you are that much experienced, instead of giving suggestions you just try to scold and stated that ďthis is a HR failureĒ.

As far as my concern I am a Professional not emotional. I am here to have comments from seniors and professional that how to handle the situation and what to do. Lot many employeesí faces this type to problem but they donít know how to tackle. Only because of this I post this topic to have views.

Hope you understand the same.

And one thing more my name is Pankaj Chandan not Chandan & Pankaj.


Pankaj Chandan


My apologies for addressing your name wrong.

Basically, this subject is brainchild of sick mindedness. We HR are suppose to create a working enviornment to build organizational capabilities and promote best talent in the industry by attracting, rewarding and retaining strategies.

Apart from above we have to create a good haromoneous work culture which promote creativity driven commerce in addition to the commerce driven creatiity.

This is achieved through building intellectual capabalities by acquring intellecutal capital into organization through various means and methods.

We should not focus on negative agenda for few advantegous people in the organization. Let me share my valuable experience to advise you that you will not be rewarded or appreciated for targeting such parasites in the organization at the end of day nor you will be remembered for removing them. You will be rewarded for doing good things with positive frame of mind.

Employers generally do not appreciate HR to become myopical and cynical.

Best approach is to contribute positively not by thinking negatively.



Dear Rashid Ji, It is very hard to make you understand. I WANT SUGGESTIONS THAT WHAT TO DO IF WE ENCOUNTER WITH THE PROBLEM?? Please understand the topic Regards Pankaj Chandan
The Best Suggestion Is To Ignore This Kind Of People Find In Every Organization. They Are In Minority We Cannot Scrutiny And Define Every Employee.

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