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I hope you all will like it.

# What are the characteristics of an effective, dynamic presenter?

5 Truths about presentation:

1. There is no one “right” way to create/deliver a presentation.

2. You know more than your audience.

3. There are “need to knows,” and there are “nice to knows.” Focus on the “need to knows.”

4. Making a presentation is an art, not a science.

5. The best presentations are those you are passionate about.

5 characteristics of an effective presentation:

# RElavant target contents

# Dynamic delivery

# Coherent organisation

# Staying within the time limits

# Adapting to audience.

* Effective presentation starts with effective planning:

1. Know your purpose.

2. Know your audience and its needs.

3. Know your subject.

4. Craft your presentation.

5. Choose your audiovisuals.

6. Practice, practice…and then practice some more.

Four methods of delivery:

1. Impromptu

-- No notes, no preparation

2. Reading from a Manuscript

-- Presentation is written out word for word

3. Reciting from Memory

-- Memorizing whole speech

4. Extemporaneous: practicing enough that you need minimal notes, allowing you to sound and look natural, conversational

# Your Physical self:

- Attitude

- Be positive

- Be engaging

- Listen, be open to comments, questions

- Appearance

- Dress (appropriate for occasion/audience)

- Grooming

- Body Language

- Posture

- Movement

- Gestures

- Emphasize key points

- Demonstrate passion for topic

Identify Purpose:

What is the subject of your presentation?

What is the purpose of the presentation?

How many people will you be presenting to?

Is this a stand alone meeting, or is it part of a larger meeting?

What room/location are you presenting in?

What time of day are you presenting at? For how long?

What equipment will you need? What back-up can you use?

Rest in next one.



From India, Delhi
sawan kumar
hi dear :) its sawan i am doing pgdbm in HR . i like your topic about PRESENTATION it was really good . i need your help regarding one of my assignment. i need salary structure of one top level executive and one lower level employee .

This on is a really gud one...It will help out the Budding Managers to be Effective in the Future Business Deals & other day to day interactions. Looking forward to have such informative Articles & also help this site to be more Interactive..


HI BAssy, Welcome to the forum. Sure we will look forward for more interaction on this site.
From India, Delhi

Dear Archana & Other Members.
The details mentioned by you are very informative. I would like to add few more points in the continuations-
A. Managers should be given brief overview about What is Good Slide & Bad Slide.
B. Color usage, Fonts.
C. Placing the contents on slides.
D. Usage of metaphors, rather than putting whole contents.
E. Usage of Charts, Graphs & Animations.
F. Posture of Trainer- Body Language Etc.
G. Usage of one liners and fillers.
H. Usage of Pointers.
I. Technicality of PPTs.
J. Usage of tongue twisters for effective pronunciations of contents.
K. How to open the talk and close the talk.
Plz revert me in case of points to which you have disagreed.

From India, Mumbai
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